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VPS.NET Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Cloud Hosting $17.00 - $119.00

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Jared Smith
Jared Smith from United Kingdom,

Dire support

Been a customer for over 7 years now, at the beginning their support staff were happy to help. Now they seem to be sales agents for getting you to sign up to the useless premium support. I have tried complaining before about the c...Read Moreomplete disregard for help but the management aren't interested. The only way to show companies like this is to find another provider. Sad really. I am trying out Linode after 7 years with VPS.net.Less
Michel louis
Michel louis from France,

VPS.net expensive and unreliable

I opened an account in 2013 after several server issues i decided to close my account in September 2016.
I spent 3 years with "vps.net" and during that time i got at least 6 to 9 issues per year.

During those years my log from...Read More my "vps.net" account would show a lot of "REBOOT" and "RESET" because for some unknown reason my server kept on shutting down on its own or was inaccessible.

The longest streak of month with server issue was 7 month back in 2015 (Feb to Sep).

When contacted tham on their online chat platform i was always asking the same question:
1) Why was this happening so often or is this something normal?
Their usual answer: No it is unusual and they will make sure it won't happen again.
2) What is the cause of my server not being accessible?
Their usual answer: Our tech. team is trying to found out...., we suggest you to reboot the server.

I spent a total of three years with them paying over $70/month and every week i check to make sure the server was online and every thing was working properly.

I did wanted to switch to another host provider for a long time but never had the time to search, compare and test them so i don't end up in the same situation as "vps.net".

In Sept. 2016 the same month i quit "vps.net" i went with another host and so far i haven't had a single issue and the fees is very cheap compared to" vps.net".

By the way i would like to point out that "vps.net" at the time i was signed up i chose the cheapest plan but they told me that i need to upgrade to the next more expensive plan because i was running low on memory which i found very suspicious since i was not using that many space.

Another thing once i closed my account with "vps.net" i had 2 weeks left (since i paid for a full month of service) before the end of the month well i could not get access to the account anymore after i let them know that i won't renew my subscription.

I hope my experience will help other.

Daniel Messano
Daniel Messano from United States,

Solid and mature now

Been with VPS.net for close to 6 years now.in the beginning it was rough and full of problems. The past 3 years however have been real stable and solid. The prices are a little high. But the support and free ssl certs almost make up for it.
Ryan Breen
Ryan Breen from Canada,

Worst provider I have every used

I've been a VPS.net customer for over a year now. And it's really unfortunate that I did. I've just reviewed my support ticket log, and I can't find one month where I didn't have a scaling issue. 9 out of 10 times I scale a server...Read More to increase or decrease resources it'll fail and lock up. I've talked to management multiple times about this and they've ensured me the issue would be corrected...

Failed for the 3rd time just this month.

I've contacted them again today, still haven't sorted out several billing issues as well. I'm cutting my losses at this point, and would strongly advise others to pick a different provider.
Eliran Ouzan

Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan


VPS.NET Cloud Hosting: Great Hardware And Add-Ons

VPS.NET offers great public clouds. They provide each and every customer with solid hardware features at reasonable prices. However, they have only monthly offers, and their customer support is lacking. Cloud plans by VPS are extremely flexible. They have a very particular auto-scaling feature that lets you relax as the resources of your server will grow gradually as the need arises. Another advantage of VPS.NET clouds is large amount of free outbound traffic included in each package, which will cut your extra expenses. Why Choose VPS.NET Cloud Hosting?

  • Auto scaling technology
  • Great hardware at attractive prices
  • Outbound traffic included

Want to know if VPS.NET Cloud Hosting is right for you? Let's check it out.

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Rated by Eliran Ouzan
  • User Friendly
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Uptime & Reliability

Good Uptime And Elastic Network

VPS.NET guarantees 100% uptime. If this seems too good to be true, it is—at least if you peruse user forums and catch a glimpse of the many complaints registered regarding the VPS.NET “100% uptime guarantee.” However, the host site does provide an extremely elastic cloud structure and high speed disks. They also make regular hardware and network improvements, so make sure you will get really great cloud service—it seems that downtime occurs regularly due to this frequently scheduled maintenance. Regular backups are available at $5/month as an extra fee. To extend server uptime and performance of your cloud hosted by VPS.NET you can choose a datacenter that will be located closer to your target audience on all continents (except for Africa). However, the list of VPS.NET's security options is short; other cloud host companies will provide you with improved network stability, load balancers, and some other tools not offered by VPS.NET.


Good Servers for Their Prices

Some of the basic cloud servers offered by this web host may not seem appealing, but when you see the prices charged (starting from $15/mo.), you understand that it’s an adequate virtual rack for its money. In any case, the clouds offered by VPS.NET are highly scalable, so you will get a decent package of reliable services. Outbound traffic is also included in the cloud plans, so users need not worry about extra fees. The set of free additional features is also impressive: HostBill license, SSL, ISPmanager, codebase account, and some other options. Web masters will be happy with DNS and IP management. The choice of 12 OS's also adds more points for this cloud hosting company.

Feature Description
Disk Space The basic rack has 10GB storage, and you can scale it by increasing the number of racks.
vCpu 1 x 1.2GHz is what you can multiply up to infinity – just purchase more virtual machines.
Public Bandwidth You will get at least 1TB for public traffic with VPS.NET servers.
Internal Bandwidth The internal bandwidth is not counted, so you can transfer as much as you need within your cloud.
RAM 1-10 virtual servers will give you 376MB-3760MB RAM, but you can get even better operating memory by purchasing more racks.
Control Panel They provide a user-friendly custom console, but you can also get cPanel for the standard license fee $10/mo.
Operation System You are offered 12 options including Linux and Windows distributions. Still, the latest version of Windows Server is not available.


Good Options, Bad Service

VPS.NET offers customer support via live chat, email, or phone,which seems great until you actually have to contact them.  A quick browse through the web will lead you to loads of complaints about VPS.NET’s customer care. In general, users claim that it takes a lot of time to get maintenance response from them, and they tend not to read full text of the tickets. One major advantage that VPS.NET has going for them is their social networking activity-- you can access representatives via Twitter or Facebook and receive a more efficient response and solution than you might get from more traditional methods of reaching out to customer support.

  • Live chat, phone, tickets
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Toll-Free number
  • Blog
  • Long response times
  • No knowledgebase
  • Poor Wiki


Great Discounts for Multi-Server Purchases

Well, the pricing system of VPS.NET varies like night and day: on one hand, they don't have an hourly payment system, yet they offer great monthly prices and good discounts for multi-rack purchases. They sometimes give serious discounts if you order a VPS.NET cloud for one year. It's up to you to decide if the monthly system is convenient for you, but if you are not planning to spend much time on hosting management, look for a different cloud hosting company with hourly billing system.

User Friendly

Great Tools for Efficient Clouds

The website of VPS.NET could have been better. Some pricing options may seem messy at first sight and they don't provide any in-depth details regarding their hardware and additional services. However, complicated website navigation is fully compensated by high attention to your needs as evidenced by the convenience of install-ready software items, custom control panel, and many additional services. VPS.NET is also web developer-friendly:  you can install multiple coding and project management tools, development platforms, CMS's, CRM's, and even business tools with just one click. Apart from their custom console, you can also get a cPanel license at the regular fee of $10/month, but make sure the custom VPS.NET tool will give you all necessary functions for free. + Customized console + Install-ready apps and tools + CPanel available + Developer-friendly


VPS.NET will provide you with a flexible and highly scalable cloud with install-ready software and a custom control panel with intuitive interface. However, the numerous complaints about customer   the fact that you can only purchase their servers on monthly basis might deter you from VPS.NET. Pros

  • Outbound traffic included
  • Convenient custom console
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Low prices and good discounts
  • Lots of free software templates


  • Poor support
  • No hourly pricing
  • No Windows Server 2012
  • No mobile app
  • Limits on how many domains you can host
  • regular server downtime due to SAN problems

VPS.NET Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
1 10 GB 1 x 2.00GHz 512 MB 3 TB $17.00 2.8 Details
2 20 GB 2 x 5.00GHz 1 GB 6 TB $34.00 4.9 Details
3 30 GB 7.00GHz 1.5 GB 9 TB $51.00 6.4 Details
4 40 GB 10.00GHz 2 GB 12 TB $68.00 4.9 Details
5 50 GB 12.00GHz 2.5 GB 15 TB $85.00 4.9 Details
6 60 GB 14.00GHz 3 GB 18 TB $102.00 4.9 Details
7 70 GB 4 x 17.00GHz 3.5 GB 21 TB $119.00 4.9 Details

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