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We know that email reliability is paramount to any business. Most businesses these days not only rely on email to archive the most important documents, but they also use email to schedule appointments, set calendar reminders, invite groups of people to meetings and keep track of tasks and notes. On top of that it is also the law for some organizations to keep a secure backup of...Read More such documentation. This is what makes our email system a must have solution for any business. We are continually updating our product offerings to give our customers the very best in email and web hosting technology.

We build the best tools around for domain name management and email to make your life simple. We are continually updating our product offerings to give our customers the very best in email and domain technology.
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Dedicated Server $99.95

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Ted Walker

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Ted Walker,
I have been with Thexyz for over a year and host my email with them. The reliability is unmatched and the product seems to be getting better an better.


Jay in Arlington VA
Jay in Arlington VA

Terrific customer service

I've had my biz email through GoDaddy (as part of their web hosting service) for about ten years or so. They recently decided to end their webmail service, and pushed everybody to Office365, which of course is an additional charge...Read More. I've had it "up to here" with Microsoft so I decided to look for another webmail service. I did a bunch of searches and (oddly) I found Thexyz in a comment that somebody wrote in reviews of another service. He said that he'd been using their webmail for years, and found their customer service top notch. I sent an inquiry through their website, and got a reply pretty fast. I had a couple of rounds of follow up questions, all of which were answered quickly and professionally. After signing up, I had concerns about migrating my email away from GoDaddy/Office365, so asked for their assistance with the process. Perry (the head honcho, no less!) called me and helped me through the process from his end, and the migration was completed painlessly. When trying to set up my mobile phone to receive/sync I ran into issues, sent a note, and Ryan replied quickly, and pointed me to a page in their website about setting things up. Success! From initial inquiry to responding to requests for help, both Perry and Ryan were terrific. Major kudos to both of them, and so far so good with the webmail. Two thumbs up, and a hearty recommendation to Thexyz for anybody reading this.Less
Mo Khan
Mo Khan from Canada,

The go-to host for secure, private mail

The go-to host for secure, private, practical email/calendar/contact hosting especially for group/family accounts. Share contacts and calendars and email aliases with the family but still enjoy private email and contacts. Ideal so...Read Morelution for modern family not willing to let global corporations mine your private data. We've been subscribed for private email hosting services since more than 10 years.Less
Riven F

I prefer thexyz to protonmail

I have had thexyz for years. I love it! This beats all other emails ive used out of the water. Plus gmail gets things in spam that are not spam. This is a hassle anyway. I love that i get secure contacts and calender. I like that...Read More i can use any email client on any device i want. This is better than protonmail . I like that i can opt for the amount of encryption i want. If i choose to opt to force tls then the emails are encrypted in transit as well as on the server. I love that thexyz is cheaper. I love that i get unlimited free email aliases with my account. Its cheaper than protonmail but, i feel better. Protonmail wont let you use your own email client . If youre a premium subscriber? Then you get protonmail bridge. And last time i checked you cannot create an email to automatically go into a folder. Love that its under EU GDPR privacy laws. Love the security. Do yourself a favor and try it.Less
Dax W
Dax W from Netherlands,

Best Email/Calendar Service. Ever!

My aim is to be free of the big tech. And if I could de-google the phone I would. So, trying to find an email/calendering service has been a challenge. I tried Tutanota and Protonmail but without IMAP one has to rely on their soft...Read Moreware. Then I discover TheXYZ....awesome! I shall be keeping XYZ running indefinitely. I might distro-hop occasionally but I believe my email/calendaring life is sorted. Cheers TheXYZ.Less
Paul Vriesacker
Paul Vriesacker from United Kingdom,

Not flashy but is very configurable

Thexyz has been my primary email account for over 2 years. I made the switch from Gmail after my "free" account was compromised. Google locked me out and there was no recourse. Is Thexyz as flashy as Gmail? Probably not, but it is...Read More very configurable (spam, aliases, etc). I also know that my emails are not being scanned for targeted advertisements unlike the big guys. After 10 years, I have come to trust Thexyz with my private information and know that my account is secured.Less
Jessy Anderson
Jessy Anderson from Canada,

Take control of your email

Overall, I’m very happy with Thexyz. A paid email service isn’t for everyone, but if you really want to own and take control of your email, then you should give Thexyz a look.

I have been moving away from a mix of Gmail and web...Read More host email offerings, and for what I was looking for, their premium webmail plan is perfect for me. I get to use my own domain and create as many email aliases as I want.

Every mailing list and company gets its own unique email address alias, I also set up a throwaway alias every month. When one of these aliases is sold on, taken in a data breach or otherwise misused, I can immediately shut it down.

Even those clever companies that block Mailinator addresses can’t do anything against this.

The web interface is good, it has a few visual flourishes, but it’s nothing to get excited about.

Support has been helpful, I’ve had a few queries and suggestions and they have all been well answered and in a reasonable amount of time.

And I haven’t even explored their other services yet, there’s Cloud Drive (something like Dropbox or Google Drive), Notes and Calendar.

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Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Intel Atom D525 500 GB 2 x 1.80GHz 4 GB $99.95 9.7 Details

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