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Николай Шустров

Pinned Review

Николай Шустров,
Когда выбирал хостинг для своих сайтов, в первую очередь обращал внимание на наличие службы поддержки и в целом на клиентоориентированность компании. Прочитал много отзывов и поспрашивал знакомых, кот...Read Moreорые разбираются. Итого, выбрал Reg.ru. За 2,5 года сотрудничества с ними еще ни разу не пожалел о своем выборе. Хвалю и люблю! А то, что тут дороговато - это факт, но, как говорится, бесплатный сыр бывает только в мышеловке.Less


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Ольга Винтяева
Ольга Винтяева from Russia,

3 года на этом хостинге, полет нормальный

Почти 3 года назад я стала клиентом этого хостинг-провайдера, перенесла свой интернет-магазин на эту площадку. Конечно, переносила не сама, не без помощи своего сисадмина и техподдержки reg.ru, переезд был в моральном плане сложны...Read Moreм, сперва было сложно привыкнуть к новому сайту, личному кабинету и панели управления. Первое время меня все смущало и были даже мысли перейти на другой хостинг) Но потом привыкла и все пошло, как по маслу. Все устраивает, простои сайта бывают крайне редко и максимум на 30-40 минут, на мой бизнес это не влияет. Рада, что когда-то выбрала именно эту компанию для размещения своего онлайн-проекта.Less
Николай Шустров
Николай Шустров from Russia,

Благодарю за хорошую службу поддержку!

Когда выбирал хостинг для своих сайтов, в первую очередь обращал внимание на наличие службы поддержки и в целом на клиентоориентированность компании. Прочитал много отзывов и поспрашивал знакомых, которые разбираются. Итого, выбра...Read Moreл Reg.ru. За 2,5 года сотрудничества с ними еще ни разу не пожалел о своем выборе. Хвалю и люблю! А то, что тут дороговато - это факт, но, как говорится, бесплатный сыр бывает только в мышеловке.Less
Игорь Ивановский
Игорь Ивановский from Finland,

4 года являюсь их клиентом, всё хорошо!

Знаком с этим сервисом не первый год, размещаю сайт на самом простом тарифе виртуального хостинга. Выходит относительно не дорого, зато мой сайт всегда доступен и клиенты могут там оставить заявки. Нравится, что здесь есть круглос...Read Moreуточная служба поддержки. Отвечают в среднем в течение 30 минут на тикеты.Less
K A from Greece,

support is not helpful

i am 10 years with reg.com. when it runs it is very smooth, but if you have a problem the support needs 24-72 hours to respond. what you get is mostly one sentence. if you have the next question you are waiting again. that made me...Read More leave after 10 years. the next thing is you receive every email in russian.. so you have to work always with the translation. after 10 years it becomes very tiring. c'mon reg.com you can do it way better!!! the rest is awesomeLess
Felix V.
Felix V. from United States,

I love this hosting provider

When I signed up for this hosting provider it was on the recommendation of a friend. I have to say, I am glad I took their advice. This hosting is great and I won't want to switch. If you need hosting of any type in Russia or the surrounding area, I would say give them a try.

Expert Review

Max Ostryzhko
Max Ostryzhko
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Top Domain Name Registration in Russia

Reg.ru is the most popular domain name registration company in Russia, with more than 3 million domains registered through this company. In addition to domain name registration, they also offer web hosting, website building help, and other web related services, which makes them an easy company to work with because they keep everything you need for running your website in one place.

This company has an overall positive reputation for the quality of their hosting as well as the other services that they provide. When browsing through their website (which is all in Russian) you will see that they provide lots of information about the services they provide, the datacenter where they house their equipment, and much more. All this should help you to feel more confident that you’re getting a great overall level of service that you will be happy with.



Rated by Max Ostryzhko

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Uptime & Reliability

Quality Hardware for a Stable Environment

One of downsides of Reg.ru is that they don’t offer uptime guarantees, which are really the standard in the industry today. Despite this, however, it is clear that they have good quality hosting services, and almost nobody complains about outages or other stability related issues. This is because they use high quality hardware throughout their datacenter. Equally important is the fact that they provide automatic protection against things like DDoS attacks, which are becoming quite common today. To further keep your data safe and stable, they scan all websites for viruses and other potential issues.


Full-Service Web Company

Looking through the features from this company, it is clear that they are more than just a hosting provider. They offer hosting, website building software, SSL certificates, domain name registration, and more to all their customers. The domain name registration is clearly their top service, but web hosting is not far behind. You can choose from shared hosting, VPS solutions, and dedicated servers, each of which are quite impressive in terms of the actual services you get.

The shared hosting all comes with solid state drives, which is ideal for speed and reliability. You’ll also be able to host an unlimited number of sites, databases, and traffic without any trouble. Another nice thing is that you can choose from either Linux or Windows at the shared hosting level. The VPS servers they offer are also going to be good quality. They offer solid state drives here too, and have the option to add a traditional hard drive for additional storage if you choose. The disk space at this level is limited to 10 gigs for the entry level, and it goes up from there.  Finally, the dedicated hosting servers provide users with a free SSL certificate, installation of any OS you want, and much more.


Professional Support Options

Looking through the different support options, it is clear that they are there to help you when you need them. They break things up based on the type of service you are using, which will help to ensure you are getting help from someone who knows exactly what you are doing. They are responsive to requests for help, and can solve just about any issues very quickly.


Prices All Seem Reasonable

The prices with this company are all listed in Russian currency, so unless you are familiar with that, you’ll need to translate it into the currency of your choice. All the price points are right in line with what you would expect to see for the types of services they are providing. Most people will like that they have lots of options for adding additional features, for a price. This helps you to control the total price you’re paying, without sacrificing on the quality of the hosting you are provided.


Fast Network Speeds

Reg.ru offers a fast network speed to help ensure your visitors are getting to your site without delay. In addition to providing a fast network environment, they also use quality hardware to ensure fast response times. The solid state drives, which are available for all hosting packages, help to ensure data is transferred at the best possible speeds. Advanced DDoS protection will further protect you from delays caused by an overloaded network.


High Quality Hosting in Russia

If you are looking for hosting in Russia, this provider should certainly be on your short list. They have a lot to offer in terms of the types of hosting you can choose from, and all of it is of the highest quality. As the country’s leading domain name registration provider, they are clearly here for the long haul and will be able to provide good hosting for years to come.


  • Lots of Service Options
  • Automatic DDoS Protection
  • Solid State Drives


  • No uptime guarantee
  • Primary service is domain name registration

REG.RU Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Host-Lite 7 GB Unlimited 15 $2.37 7.7 Details
Host-Unlim Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.11 10 Details
Host-0 13 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.57 7.0 Details
Host-1 27 GB Unlimited cPanel 15 $3.89 7.1 Details
Bitrix Host-1 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited $5.98 8.7 Details
Host-3 40 GB Unlimited cPanel 30 $9.33 9.8 Details
Host-2 7 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $7.18 9.4 Details
Bitrix Host-2 7 GB Unlimited Unlimited $7.18 8.7 Details
Bitrix Host-3 40 GB Unlimited 30 $9.33 8.7 Details
VIP-1 15 GB Unlimited 30 $9.35 6.0 Details
VIP-2 25 GB Unlimited 40 $15.59 10 Details
VIP-3 50 GB Unlimited 50 $23.39 10 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
H-VPS-1 20 GB 1 x 2.00GHz 256 MB $2.50 8.4 Details
SSD-VPS-1 7 GB 1 x 2.00GHz 256 MB $3.48 10 Details
H-VPS-2 30 GB 1 x 2.00GHz 512 MB $4.18 8.7 Details
WIN-1 15 GB 1 x 2.00GHz 512 MB $6.40 8.7 Details
SSD-VPS-2 10 GB 1 x 2.00GHz 512 MB $6.96 8.7 Details
H-VPS-3 60 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 1 GB $8.36 8.7 Details
WIN-2 25 GB 1 x 2.00GHz 1 GB $11.22 8.7 Details
SSD-VPS-3 20 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 1 GB $13.93 6.0 Details
H-VPS-4 90 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 2 GB $19.52 8.7 Details
WIN-3 50 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 2 GB $22.46 8.7 Details
SSD-VPS-4 25 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 2 GB $27.90 10 Details
H-VPS-5 120 GB 4 x 2.00GHz 4 GB $36.27 8.7 Details
WIN-4 100 GB 4 x 2.00GHz 4 GB $43.32 8.7 Details
SSD-VPS-5 40 GB 4 x 2.00GHz 4 GB $54.41 8.7 Details
WIN-5 200 GB 4 x 2.00GHz 8 GB $88.24 8.7 Details
WIN-6 400 GB 8 x 2.00GHz 16 GB $176.52 8.7 Details
WIN-7 500 GB 16 x 2.00GHz 32 GB $320.96 8.7 Details

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