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RackNerd LLC is a premium provider of Dedicated Servers, VPS, and Colocation, with decades of experience in managed services, data center operations, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Our team is fully committed to achieving our mission: to introduce infrastructure stability to our clients around the globe through our world-wide data centers.

Founded by an industry-veteran ...Read Morewith a customer experience driven approach, Dustin B. Cisneros, RackNerd has an intrinsic focus on client success and growth. RackNerd continues to grow globally while maintaining high-quality hosting services at a competitive value.Less
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VPS $1.82 - $36.59
Dedicated Server $79.00 - $229.00

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Eric P

Pinned Review

Eric P,
I moved over two droplets from DigitalOcean over to RackNerd, both instances riding on 4 gigs of RAM, one in Amsterdam and the other in their Chicago location. Uptime and reliability has been very solid. Performance is better than DigitalOcean, not to mention the better cost savings for my wallet.


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Jeremy Rynca
Jeremy Rynca from United States,

IP Address Kept Getting Blacklisted

I understand with reseller hosting the IP address is shared, but most hosts have policies in place to keep the IP address from being blacklisted. However, RackNerd does nothing to prevent IP blacklisting. When I tell them about it...Read More - they tell me they use Mailchannels and the IP address blacklisting doesn't matter. However, my clients are receiving e-mails saying their email is undeliverable because of the IP address has been blocked. When I complain to RackNerd, they always tell me they use Mailchannels - UGH! They finally remove the IP address from the blacklists - and it's blacklisted again within 24 hours. I asked them about a dedicated IP and it was never offered - until I told them I wanted to cancel my service. They will not provide a refund either.

The price is good if you just need a place to park your websites. If you or your clients want to send email, you will probably want to look elsewhere as it will most likely be blocked because the IP address has been blacklisted.
Dune Media
Dune Media from United States,

Good network peering

I live in a remote area where internet connectivity (peering) is mediocre, Racknerd was one of the very few hosting providers I’ve found to have a stable connection to my location with no packet loss even after a sustained connect...Read Moreion. Their Los Angeles location to be specific, has worked out well for my needs and seems to be well connected in terms of networking. I’d recommend!Less
Michael B.
Michael B. from United States,

Easy to Use, Great Service

I originally found these guys from a promo they were running, a “March Madness” promotion. Originally started off with a 1 gig ram server. After a few days I decided to upgrade that instance to 3 gigs of ram, their agent helped me...Read More process the upgrade in a matter of minutes.

Over the weeks I fell in love with their platform, ease of usability and their fast customer support. Everything works seamlessly, which honestly is a refreshing surprise in this day and age of IT… (cough, platforms like AWS are so complicated to use, cough)

Keep up the good work nerds! I’ll probably be moving over more workloads soon (if I can find the time..)
Harshit Peer

cPanel account deleted when migrating other accounts

I asked the support team to transfer 5 of my cPanel accounts.
Apparently, one of the usernames that I was using in my existing Reseller account was conflicting with the username of one of the 5 accounts to be imported.

The su...Read Morepport person didn't check and just DELETED the existing account without even asking or confirming with me.

They're not able to even restore the deleted account now.

And I've attached the screenshot of the support ticket as well, to show you the way their support crew acts.

Moral of the Story - Be ready to go through a painful process if you choose to go with RackNerd
Hi Harshit -- Thank You for being our valued customer!

After a detailed review of your ticket, we believe this is a simple misunderstanding, and nothing beyond that. You had specifically asked for us to restore 5x cPanel backup...Read Mores for you and that is exactly what we did for you. Additionally, a review of your account also shows you have had other support tickets with us in the past which were handled in a similar way, without any issues.

In this particular case, it seems you were expecting for us to have caught your oversight, but from our perspective, we simply did what we were asked to do, which was to restore your provided cPanel backups. With all due respect, we respectfully disagree that this represents a “painful process” by going with RackNerd, as we only did what the customer asked for us to do, and handled the ticket very promptly for that matter. We have earned a solid reputation as a company and are known for taking good care of our customers, we certainly wouldn’t be in the position we are in today if we treated our customers the way you described.

I do think it’s important to point out, this customer has had half a dozen other support tickets with us in the span of under a couple months, some of which were similar requests, which were handled the same way - promptly, efficiently, and competently. A review of those tickets shows this customer was happy with our handling of such requests, with responses such as “awesome,” and “thank you.” We respectfully believe this particular review was written out of a simple misunderstanding as the customer made an oversight from his end, yet, we only did exactly what the customer asked for us to do (similar to what we have done for him in the past in his other support tickets, which he was happy with).

We are always available 24x7, and here to help if there are any additional questions or concerns. We sincerely appreciate your business and hope that despite this, we can move forward and continue working with you for many years to come.
Harshit Peer
Harshit Peer,
You are the expert and NOT the customer, which is why customers came to you for hosting the sites.

If a restore is going to impact the customer's existing accounts, it is YOUR responsibility to let the customer know the implica...Read Moretions of restoring the backup, which was NOT done! A simple warning before making any restoration could have saved time for all of us, and we all could be living a happy life in our own way, but unfortunately, that didn't happen!Less
Hi Harshit -- appreciate the response, and I do understand your perspective as well. In this particular case you had specifically asked for us to perform a restore (and you provided us with a download directory link consisting of ...Read Morethe 5x cPanel backups you wanted for us to restore). In addition to this, the fact we did this for you this exact way before, which you were happy with. I'll definitely speak with the team and evaluate where there is room for improvement/further clarity, I do agree there is always room for improvement, and that is something we always embrace and welcome. Embracing improvement and understanding that we're not perfect but yet being open to changes, is how we continue to evolve as a company, and earned the positive reputation and global client base that we have today.

We sincerely appreciate the business and look forward to moving past this, and continuing to grow with you.
Harshit Peer
Harshit Peer,
Now, that's the kind of response I was looking for. We all screw up (that's okay), but the acknowledgement of making the mistake and then improving on that is something that I was looking for.

I'm happy to see that response an...Read Mored I will think of trying your services probably next year, with hope everything goes well!

Thank you!
Darrel Bull
Darrel Bull from United States,

Rolled the dice two years ago. Happy I did!

I rolled the dice and gave Racknerd a chance two years ago, and time does fly! I started off with a single 512MB VPS box with them which I used to host one of my DNS servers (you'd be surprised how much a 512MB RAM linux box can h...Read Moreandle if properly optimized and setup...)

Blasting forward to today, I now have a total of 7 services (5 VPS and two shared hosting services) with them, and all my websites (even the ones for my company) are now hosted with Racknerd.

Alot of hosting companies tend to lack on the customer experience. That is one thing Racknerd does well, whenever I talk to them I feel like they don't treat me like "just another customer" and the support is fast and helpful. No passing around or useless replies, they are all about helping and every staff member I've interacted with there is quite personable, which is something I really like in a hosting provider and is something I can relate to as its the same way I would treat my customers at my business. It feels good to know that they care about my stuff just as much as I do.
Calvin Benham
Calvin Benham from United States,
Moved from Vultr

Production suitable, great reliability

My company is using a RackNerd VPS to host all of our sites (it’s about 35 sites) for over two years. Today we just renewed our service for another year with them. What I like the most is that their prices are more than fair, and ...Read Moreunlike other providers they do not raise rates upon renewal. I am still paying the same rate that I signed up with two years ago.

Whenever I needed something or have a question it has never taken more than 15 minutes for customer support to get back to me, which is something I appreciate too.
Ali Afshar
Ali Afshar from United States,

They run a great ship.

I have a VPS in Racknerd’s ashburn server center for a bit over a year now and today just added my second server with them in their chicago server center. Literally the only time my server rebooted was when I myself rebooted it as...Read More a result of a kernel upgrade. Never had any unexpected outages with them and support has always been there to help whenever I had any questions. What I like about their VPS servers the most is the solus control panel they provide it allows me to reinstall and reboot my server instantly, without having to contact support. The other provider I used before Racknerd (who should not be named…) was lacking this feature, plus Racknerd’s performance absolutely blows their’s out of the water !

I am a happy customer, and will be for as long as this excellent performance and uptime continues… Thank you nerds!
Mark Morphew
Mark Morphew from Philippines,

You get what you pay for!

You get what you pay for! They will suspend your hosting accounts without informing you first. Then try to upsell higher-priced services.

Their offerings might be suitable for small websites which you don't really care for, bu...Read Moret they can't be trusted if you host anything business-related that needs to be accessible 24/7.

In almost 15 years of hosting websites with various providers, this is the first time any of my websites has been "suspended".

If you want reliable hosting for your business I would not recommend RackNerd. Spend a little more on your hosting elsewhere so you can sleep easy at night.

RackNerd Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
LEB NEW YEAR – 2GB KVM Flash Sale 25 GB 3 x 2.40GHz 2 GB $1.82 10 Details
1 GB RAM 50 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 1 GB $8.59 6.8 Details
2 GB RAM 75 GB 3 x 2.40GHz 2 GB $12.59 10 Details
4 GB RAM 130 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 4 GB $18.59 10 Details
6 GB RAM 170 GB 5 x 2.40GHz 6 GB $27.59 10 Details
8 GB RAM 220 GB 6 x 2.40GHz 8 GB $36.59 10 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 258 IPv4 SPECIAL 1 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 16 GB $180.00 9.4 Details
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 8x 3.30 GHz 480 GB 4 x 3.30GHz 16 GB $79.00 9.4 Details
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660 v2 40x 2.20 GHz 4 TB 20 x 2.20GHz 128 GB $229.00 9.4 Details

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