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A few words from Quick Click Hosting

Providing an affordable, robust worldwide hosting infrastructure, managed 24/7, allowing for a solution so clients can grow while offering a platform to work with our customers to make the web a more open and beautiful place.

We put user experience and support at the top of our list. We have built up over the years an incredible shared infrastructure to easily manage web hosting services including Linux, VPS, PBNs and Reseller. We are also an online privacy advocate and provide a no logs PN service.
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Free domain
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $2.99 - $7.49

Data Centers

Natasha Mcguire

Pinned Review

Natasha Mcguire,
Great service, great hosting. Really impressed with the speed of the site and the fantastic customer support.


Cristian Popa
Cristian Popa from Germany,


this buy from this guys, i have 1 server from them its down now for over 1 week and they dont even botter to answer my tickets !!! they close the tickets after 72 hours.
Mats Anderlind
Mats Anderlind from Afghanistan,

NOT RECOMMENDED - No reliability, no support

Nowadays there is zero support, was "ok" till 2019. The company don't care about their customers, at all. Zero reliability and zero support.
A few days all 30 account on hosting aren't work! Support not answer on tickets!
Mats Anderlind
Mats Anderlind,
Was exactly the same here. I closed the account myself and will never look back. A disgrace.
ProFragHosting .Com
ProFragHosting .Com from United States,

Worst provider I have ever worked with

Terrible experience, never even got any services up, was never refunded even after being PROMISED a refund in the ticket, now I also get no support in the tickets as they just leave them to be closed. I keep repling every month or...Read More so to make sure they know I have not forgotten about their tricks and how they left me and my company out to dry while they took my money and ran. Like I said, I have never experienced a worse off provider, this is just what you are weary of when finding new providers, this kind of crap...I hope you guys dont let them take your hard earned money like I sadly made the mistake of.Less
James Leverek
James Leverek from Czech Republic,

NOT RECOMMEND this hosting company

The support non-exists, if you are lucky then you can receive response upon your ticket, but the careless team will work on your issue more time which is accepted, possible not fix the issue anyway.
They have a lot different phon...Read Moree numbers on different websites BUT no one exist anymore.
They website's chat ALWAYS offline, you can reach them only over ticket system over days.
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos from Portugal,

Do not recomend

If you value reliability and support stay away.
I had a really bad experience with Quick Click Hosting, found them at WebDigitalTalk with a really nice promotion so decided to give them a try.
Constant downtime, like Friday nigh...Read Moret the server stops working and the ticket got replied Sunday afternoon. Did not get a single explanation for why the server was down, always downplaying the financial lost of every time the server was either down or incredibly slow. They made it hard to me to get my money back and once i decided to stop opening tickets and just apply for a PayPal refund, in less than one hour they shut down the server, deleted my account and dispute the refund.Less

Quick Click Hosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
5GB Hosting Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.50 2.0 Details
PROFESSIONAL HOSTING 7 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.99 4.7 Details
BUSINESS HOSTING 20 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $7.49 10 Details

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