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Customer score for PRO ISP

  • Reliability
    10 / 10
  • Pricing
    10 / 10
  • User Friendly
    10 / 10
  • Support
    10 / 10
  • Features
    10 / 10

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Sofia Pettersen
  • Reliability10
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly10
  • Support10
  • Features10

Got my website up in one day

Service used: Shared - Pro Start
I am not so technical but I can atleast share my good experience.
I needed a blog with possiblity for ecommerce, with good reviews on Trustpilot I went for PROISP. Called up, nice and friendly sales agent, I felt that it was a ho...Read More
Christoffer Jansen
Christoffer Jansen
  • Reliability10
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly10
  • Support10
  • Features10

Perfect services!

Service used: Shared - Pro Premium
All I need in one place! Best staff and best with excellent service.
I don't regret 1 bit that I left my prior hosting company, this has been an "Deluxe upgrade" choosing Pro ISP!
The GUI is 100% functional and integration with ...Read More
Ronny Thomsen
Ronny Thomsen
  • Reliability10
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly10
  • Support10
  • Features10

Best host in Norway

Service used: Shared
You really need to fix the information about the prices PRO ISP deliveres. Its not 99$ in setup fee. Its more like 11$ first time in setup fee.
They have Cloudlinux, cPanel and Litespeed servers. Everything you need in a great host. And great service and people working there :)

Typical PRO ISP Prices

Service Monthly Price Range
Shared Hosting $1.88 - $151.96 6 plans
VPS $11.78 - $381.34 7 plans
Website Builder $7.07 - $9.42 2 plans
SSL $22.38 - $34.16 3 plans
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PRO ISP Expert Review 2021

Written by: Michael Lavnduski

PRO ISP Rating

  • Reliability
    9.5 / 10
  • Pricing
    6 / 10
  • User Friendly
    8.5 / 10
  • Support
    9 / 10
  • Features
    8 / 10
Rated by Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

Quickly Growing Hosting Company

Pro ISP has been in business since 2002 and is one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the Norwegian area.  They offer a variety of quality hosting services to their clients and are looking to expand into the greater European region. They say that they are interested in keeping the quality of their hosting high while still growing to serve more customers.  This can be a difficult balance, but so far they seem to be doing a good job, with some exceptions.

Uptime & Reliability

Very Stable Hosting

The stability of this company's hosting does seem quite good.  They don't seem to have a uptime guarantee that I could find, but their reputation is good for stability.  They even are respected for having fast load times no matter what type of hosting you choose to go with.  It is unlikely that you'll run into any issues as far as outages or anything like that.


Some Concerns with Features

At first glance there are some concerns with the hosting features they provide.  Most of what you see is fairly standard, but then they have a variety of problems.  First, their entry level shared hosting service is missing a lot of the key features.  They only have 1 gig of space, limited to 1 domain, don't offer priority support or space on their pro server.  They also don't provide the LiteSpeed web hosting, which is a nice and fast hosting option. It would really be better if they didn't offer this level of hosting at all if they can't provide the quality experience their customers will want.  To make it worse, the price isn't very low for the entry level hosting so it really isn't worth it at all.  When you move up to higher hosting options the services do get quite nice and they should be able to handle just about any type of site, save for large enterprise pages.


Quality Tech Support

The support team with Pro ISP is helpful and responds fast.  I didn't find anyone who was complaining about the service they got from their tech team.  If you run into any type of issue with your hosting, just reach out to them and they will help you get it fixed.


Prices are Too High

The prices with this company are too high for just about every hosting service they offer.  First of all, even for their traditional shared hosting they charge $99 for a setup fee.  Very few hosting companies charge setup fees anymore, and when they do it is really only for dedicated servers.  To me, having this fee in place is a deal breaker and I wouldn't go forward at all if it were for my personal sites. Second, the entry level option is $10 per month for a very limited hosting package.  For a premium (shared) hosting service you have to pay $99.  If you want a VPS the prices start at $104 and go up significantly from there.  No matter how you cut it, their prices are just too high.  There is a 14 day money back guarantee though, so at least you can get the money back if you want.


Good Hosting - For a Price

The hosting with this company is going to be quite good.  You have to be careful to select the right hosting package since some of them don't have much to offer, but the quality is there.  If you don't mind paying extra, this hosting company may be good for you. Pros:

  • Good Uptime Reputation
  • Growing Company
  • Good Quality Hardware


    • Prices are way to high
    • Some limitations on hosting packages are too low


Read the full expert review Visit PRO ISP See Plans & Pricing

PRO ISP Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price Score
Pro Start 1 GB Unlimited $1.88 10
Pro Medium 30 GB Unlimited $7.66 10
Pro Premium 100 GB Unlimited $16.49 10
Enterprise 10 10 GB Unlimited $45.94 10
Enterprise 30 30 GB Unlimited $76.57 10
Enterprise 60 60 GB Unlimited $151.96 10

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space RAM OS Price Score
VPS 1 25 GB 1 GB $11.78 10
VPS 2 50 GB 2 GB $20.03 10
VPS 4 100 GB 4 GB $37.70 10
VPS 8 150 GB 8 GB $71.41 10
VPS 16 200 GB 16 GB $119.08 10
VPS 32 400 GB 32 GB $238.30 10
VPS 64 600 GB 60 GB $381.34 10

Website Builder Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Features Price Score
Website Lite Unlimited $7.07 10
Website Pro Unlimited $9.42 10

SSL Plans

Plan Name Features Warranty Price Score
Comodo PositiveSSL
Site seal
Secure when ordering
61% saved compared to provider
$10,000.00 $22.38 10
Starter SSL (RapidSSL) certificate
Extra support for mobile phones
Site seal
Secure when ordering
50% saved compared to provider
$10,000.00 $25.92 10
Comodo EssentialSSL
Extra support for mobile phones
Supports domains with special national letters (IDN)
Daily scanning of website*
1 year free PCI scanning of website*
Site seal
Secure when ordering
71% saved compared to provider
$10,000.00 $34.16 10
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A few words from PRO ISP

PRO ISP has since the inception focused on delivering high quality web hosting for affordable prices. We utilize the latest technology in our services and we are able to cater to most of the needs any web hosting client might need. We have very affordable web hosting in datacenter in Norway, along with other locations around the world.

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