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Panthur Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Jason S.

Pinned Review

Jason S.,
I had been loyally with a local Perth-based web hosting company since 2005, which progressively was bought out by larger and larger companies over the years, with service, reliability and support degr...Read Moreading greatly over time. The last buy-out and their completely botched attempt at migration to new servers finally forced my hand. I moved everything across to a reseller account with Panthur. Their top-notch support is really the gold-standard, and their servers rock solid. I can't fault them, and I am one happy customer. I've been with them 3 months now.Less


Giles Smith
Giles Smith from Australia,

Hopeless - avoid at all costs

Unlike very other domain registrar its almost impossible to actually manage your own domain, A records, www and MX seem inaccessible. That means you have to call support. Then when you do they don't listen and make blanket changes...Read More that affect either multiple records or even multiple domains. Changes that would take minutes even on systems like godaddy take hours of stuffing around, on hold and unhappy clients. infuriatingLess
Shane Herring
Shane Herring from Australia,

I've had enough

After 5 years with Panthur, I've had enough. Making changes that affect how my business operates and not telling me. 24/7 support is a joke. They've severely fallen behind the times in how a site can be managed. I'm glad they beca...Read Moreme so bad as I've found a service provider that I know will keep my business for years to come.Less
Michael Witten
Michael Witten from Australia,

Absolutely Shocking!

Panthur used to be great, but there are more and more issues starting to come up. I currently have an issue that has resulted in domains being down for 5 days so far (they were being moved from one account that was deleted to anot...Read Moreher and there is a bug in their script removing them from their DNS servers). They said it could not be looked at today either as its a public holiday.

So unless your happy for sites to go down for up to a week at a time, don't host with Panthur!
jack flemming
jack flemming from Australia,

Unfortunately getting worse

Since Panthur sold to Hostopia, things are not going well. On a re sellers account, sometimes website loads are ok - but often not. During the day you can see the cpu load at 100% (actually sometimes 300%). If your thinking of usi...Read Moreng panthur wait until the dust settles - at the moment if you have clientele that depend on reliable services you will be putting your neck on the chopping block.Less
Dave M
Dave M from Australia,

Panthur has gone downhill rapidly

Since the takeover by Hostopia, Panthur support is next to non existent, if you are lucky enough to actually have a call answered they are at a loss to help, online support tickets not actioned, support tickets closed when issues ...Read Morehave not been resolved, botched migrations to new servers, servers downtime on the rise, etc. In short Hostopia have succeeded in ruining a once good brandhosting service.

I solved my issues permanently by migrating all my hosting elsewhere, now have great support and have also saved some money as well.
Grant D
Grant D from Australia,

Was great, now not so much.

Long time user with Panthur, was awesome when it was run by Adam, now Hostopia is in control, things have gone to the crapper. I'm sure Adam would be upset to see his hard work destroyed so quickly. Tickets times are around 1 hour...Read More 30 mins, use to be 2-20 minutes at most once. Was also very fast, now its average to poor. Likely still ok for maybe a personal blog, but anything else it's not as good as Panthur use to be and i would go elsewhere.Less
Ronald Colijn
Ronald Colijn from Australia,

Going downhill rapidly - used to be good.

I am sure I am not the only one which is complaining about Panthur at the moment.

I am moving away rapidly to a better provider, ticket systems are more often than not down, phone support takes a long time to get back, and now ...Read Moretheir "server migrations" are causing my sites to stop serving on a batch basis. This lovely email I got an hour ago without any prior notice:

"The migration of your reseller account will happen today. We will be sending one email when the migration starts and one when it is finished. Between these two emails, please update the A records for the below domains to point to the new server vmres07.web-servers.com.au ("

Its about 20+ sites.... They will be down when the migration is finished, which they could not give me an estimated time for as well. Response from Panthur is "if you would host with us we can make these changes....", I was moving away due to hosting issues but kept my domains only with them, now my domains are not even safe with them as well....

For anybody looking for reseller hosting I sincerely suggest to stay away from Panthur...
Robert J
Robert J from Australia,

THE Worst!!!

Since being acquired, their quality has dropped dramatically. I've been a customer for a very long time and now they are absolute rubbish. Couldn't pay for a invoice, cpanel not working, emails not working, horrible DO NOT USE

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Quality Hosting & Excellent Support in Australia

Panthur has been offering good quality, shared hosting services to customers since 2009. They were in business prior to that, but not offering the hosting to the public but rather just to a fairly small number of customers. Since they have opened up their services to a wider audience they have been growing quite significantly due to the good quality hosting they offer. One of the founding principles that they had, and still follow, is that of transparency. The company lets people know what type of servers they are on, how to get in touch with them, and much more without restriction.

Panthur is also focused on customer service. They are staffed 24/7 and respond very quickly to emails about any type of issues that customers are experiencing. In addition to fixing problems that occur, they will also explain to customers what is going on and how they can prevent this type of problem in the future.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Little Information – No Reason for Concern

The hosting with this company appears to be very stable. There aren’t too many current or former users who have written about their experiences, but nothing that is out there suggests that there will be any stability problems. They don’t, however, offer any type of uptime guarantee, so if the system does go down you won’t have that to use to try to get a discount or refund. Based on their hardware, transparency, and history though, it is very unlikely that there will be any type of issue.


Typical Shared Hosting Features

The features offered by Panthur are not really going to stand out from the crowd. As a shared hosting provider, they are primarily going to be used by individuals and small businesses that need a website. They break their hosting packages down into three categories, economy, business, and stealth. In each category they have several different packages to choose from. In the economy packages you can choose from 1 to 5 gigs of disk space, 100-500 gigs of bandwidth,  and all packages have unlimited email accounts and SQL databases. For those who need something more powerful, the stealth packages operate similar to VPSs. You’ll get dedicated disk space, CPU power, memory, and more.

You’ll also get solid state drives for the higher end packages. These drives are configured within a RAID environment as well, for added stability. There are backups of all the data, and the backups are stored for 90 days, which is longer than most hosting companies provide. If you already have hosting with another company, you can get one of the technicians from Panthur to handle the transfer on your behalf when you sign up with a new hosting account.


Easy to Reach Technical Support

The technical support teams are staffed 24/7/365 to help you whenever there is an issue. They can be reached via phone or email, and in either case they will take steps to fix any type of problem right away.  They could make things easier for customers if they published some helpful documents to address common issues. Without that, those who want to do some troubleshooting on their own will have to do their own research to try to figure things out.


Mostly Reasonable Pricing

Most of the packages are priced right in line with what you would expect to see from other companies. At the entry level packages you can get hosting for $5, $10, or $15 per month depending on the amount of disk space and bandwidth you require. When you jump up to the stealth packages, the prices are significantly higher. At this level the packages are $50, $100, or $150 per month. This is too expensive for what you’re getting. With a little shopping around you could find a decent dedicated server for that price, which would give you better overall performance. If you pay for 1-3 years at a time you can get up to 20% off the prices too, which may be a benefit for some customers.

User Friendly

Very Simple Hosting

Even those who don’t have much experience with web hosting won’t have trouble using this system. They use standard software, and it is configured in such a way that everything is pretty intuitive. If you need help choosing a hosting package, their sales team is easy to work with and they will provide advice based on your specific needs. If you are just looking for good standard hosting options, this company can definitely work for you.


Good Quality Hosting Services

The hosting with this company is easy to use and powerful enough to satisfy most any individual or small business. Even many medium sized companies will be able to use the hosting available here without a problem. While there isn’t too much about this company that really stands out from the crowed, they also won’t let you down in any specific area.


  • Plenty of Hosting Packages to Choose From
  • Entry Level Hosting is Very Affordable
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Higher End Packages are Overpriced
  • No Dedicated Servers


Panthur Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Mini 1.95 GB 97.7 GB cPanel Unlimited $6.00 6.2 Details
Advanced 5.86 GB 244.12 GB cPanel Unlimited $11.00 6.2 Details
Professional 9.77 GB 488.24 GB cPanel Unlimited $16.00 2.4 Details
Bronze 19.5 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $21.00 4.4 Details
Silver 58.6 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $31.00 2.8 Details
Gold 97.7 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $61.00 6.2 Details
Puma 24.4 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $50.00 6.2 Details
Leopard 48.83 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $100.00 6.2 Details
Panthur 73.24 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $150.00 6.2 Details

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