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Written by: Michael Lavnduski

myNET Rating

  • Reliability
    8 / 10
  • Pricing
    6 / 10
  • User Friendly
    5 / 10
  • Support
    9 / 10
  • Features
    6 / 10
Rated by Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

Reasonable Hosting & Lots of Extras

MyNet Internet Solutions is a full web services solution that has web hosting as one of their options.  They have high end data centers to house their hosting services, and they also offer the option to place your own servers or other items in their data centers, which is a nice extra option.  Their team of IT professionals is available for consultation if you’re looking to learn more about the industry or get advice on any of the IT areas that they specialize in.

Uptime & Reliability

Limited Information on Uptime

I couldn’t find any type of uptime guarantee with this company.  In addition, it was difficult to find much helpful information from actual users of this hosting company.  This is likely because the customers would not write in English.  Based on their high quality data center it is likely that the power and network connections are going to be extremely stable.  They also use good hosting servers from Dell so that should provide some comfort to users.


Limited Hosting Options

When looking at just the web hosting you may be a little confused at first because of the way this site is laid out.  It is likely just a translation issue from their native language into English, but when you look under Cloud Services they have web hosting listed with just four options.  You have to look under managed server/VM for additional hosting options.

For the main hosting options, however, you will have four fairly decent packages to choose from.  They range from 1 gig of disk space up to 10.  Unfortunately, they don’t really give many more details on what you will be getting at this level.  These shared hosting packages are clearly intended for fairly basic sites so if you need faster or more reliable options, you should either move up to a higher level option or another company.

If you move up to the managed servers/VMs from this company, you will see that they have four additional packages.  They have two virtual machine options and two full dedicated servers.  The servers are from Dell and use Intel Xeon processors, which are plenty powerful enough to run most mid-range sites.  If you are looking for a high end hosting solution, however, they don’t really offer it.  What they do offer, however, is the option to put your own server in their data center, which will allow you to use their high quality data center with your own custom web server.  Of course, this will require your own support teams to manage the server.


Tech Support is Friendly and Helpful

If you run into any trouble with your hosting you can get in touch with the tech support teams quickly and easily. They are a full IT services company and they have the ability to handle just about any type of issue you may be running into.  They also monitor their data center at all times so they will often find problems before they impact your site and get them fixed.  When looking at self-help options on their site, they really don’t have much to offer.


Hosting Packages Are Slightly Overpriced

The pricing with this company is really more expensive than it should be.  The entry level shared hosting package is just 4 Euro per month, but you’re only getting 1 gig of disk space.  Even at the highest end shared hosting option you are only getting 10 gigs of disk space, but you have to pay 10 Euro.  While not the worst prices I’ve ever seen, they are certainly costlier than they should be for what you are getting.  If you are using some of the other services from MyNet then it may make sense for you to pay the higher prices, but if you’re not then you will likely want to go with a company that doesn’t charge quite so much.

User Friendly

Difficult to Use Hosting

Trying to figure out what hosting features you need and what you are getting is really not too easy with this company.  They have things laid out in a clean chart design, but they don’t really give you enough information to really determine what you are getting.  If you want more details from them you need to reach out to their sales team, which should not be necessary for buying hosting.


Good overall company with some things lacking in their hosting services.

MyNet has a lot to offer their clients, but they really don’t specialize in hosting services.  There are a lot of little things that just don’t work well when looking at their hosting options.  If you can get past these items up front, however, the hosting itself is likely to be stable for most types of entry level to mid-sized sites.


  • Great Data Centers
  • Lots of Extra Services Available


  • Over Priced
  • Limited Hosting Options
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