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Ridho Nastainullah

Pinned Review

Ridho Nastainullah,
My first ever time in website hosting company, and I don't think I could choose a better option. Masterweb has successfully provided a very good customer service that has been really helpful in taking...Read More care of problems, 24/7. Never once a problem I encountered lasted more than a day, since it's quickly handled by their support team. I have no doubt in choosing Masterweb for my future web-hosting needs.Less


Ted Hilbert
Ted Hilbert from Hong Kong,

very unreliable

The Masterweb service is becoming increasingly unreliable. Currently there is an outage every 2nd day, some outages lasting for several hours. Support is quick to respond, but very slow to fix their server issues, and does not pro...Read Morevide updates, not even notifications if they have a known outage. I would really not recommend Masterweb to host any important websites or business critical services.Less
Nabila Kirana
Nabila Kirana from Indonesia,

Good Price & Very Reliable

I only bought a domain in Masterweb because it was relatively cheaper than other registrars. I was confused to setup so that my domain was connected to GitHub, but thanks to the help of the customer service, especially the Technic...Read Moreal Support section, my website was finally accessible as well, and I got new knowledge. Thank you for the helpLess
Rizky Andrea
Rizky Andrea from Indonesia,

Reliable Hosting

CS is fast response and 24 hour stand by so if there is trouble or want to ask questions on our website there is always support. Hosting Masterweb is so fast and reliable for business website, I recommend this cheap hosting for you. Success for Masterweb and keep it on.
Dedi Hidayat
Dedi Hidayat from Indonesia,

Good Hosting

Masterweb provide a good service for a newbie user that want to develop a website. Hosting Masterweb is really fast and reliable. The customer service are also helpful, they are online 24/7. I recommend this hosting provider for y...Read Moreou to create great website. Success for Masterweb, keep it on. Many Thanks!Less
Reza Suranto
Reza Suranto from Indonesia,

The Best Hosting Provider

Hosting provider of choice for now and hopefully in the future too. It has been used since 2 years ago and is able to solve the problem well. Thanks Masterweb, more success, blessing and growing bigger.
Andi Mahesa
Andi Mahesa from Indonesia,

Best Hosting I've Ever Used

Fast response, fast services and best support. Over 2 years using my website powered by Masterweb. Everything I get problems Masterweb's staff can handle that. Masterweb has fast hosting at low prices. Success for Masterweb, Thanks
Bima Angkasa
Bima Angkasa from Indonesia,

Good VPS For Business

Excellent service, fast response to handle customer problem. Stability bandwidth and domain. Recommended hosting provider. Masterweb VPS hosting is so fast, i am very satisfied using hosting in here. Keep it up and Success for Masterweb
Regi Kurniawan
Regi Kurniawan from Indonesia,

Good Company

Already going to enter the 3rd year using Masterweb service, the waiter is very good, if there is a CS problem very responsive and quickly serving, in this year I plan to move office web hosting from the old provider to Masterweb thanks to Masterweb and be the best.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Largest Hosting Company in Indonesia

Masterweb has been in business since 2004 providing reliable hosting to customers in and around Indonesia.  They offer shared hosting, VPS solutions, dedicated servers and colocation services to their customers.  In addition to the hosting, they also offer online marketing services, website builders, domain name registration and more.  The site is written in Indonesian and while it is possible to translate it, the result is not that great.  Things are still difficult to read, which makes it so those not from Indonesia may want to look else ware for hosting.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Limited Information on Stability

When looking through their site I couldn’t find much information about the stability of their services.  They don’t have an uptime guarantee that I could find, and most of the package details didn’t include hardware names or other details.  I didn’t find anyone complaining about the hosting being unstable, but this could be due to the language barrier since most users who write reviews for Masterweb would do it in Indonesian.


Simple Hosting Options

You’ll find that this company likes to keep things simple.  When looking at their shared hosting options, for example, there are three total choices and they only list a few features for each one.  Things like unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, limited options for disk space and free setup.  If you want more information, you will need to scroll down for a more detailed guide of what they have to offer.

When you move up to their VPS solutions you will have even less information in their main section, but it is available closer to the bottom so you can get it if needed.  The VPS solutions can have 10-30 gigs of disk space and 128meg to 1 gig of RAM.

Their dedicated servers are more powerful than the VPS, though not really by too much.  Oddly, they provide less information about their dedicated servers than they do their shared or VPS options.  Each server really just states that it includes unlimited bandwidth and the network connection speeds.  To get more details you have to go through the ordering process, which is somewhat inconvenient.


Easy to Reach Tech Support

From what I have been able to gather, this company offers easy to reach tech support that is there for you 24/7.  They really seem to care about their customers and getting them the help that they need.  Whether you’re just starting a personal blog or you need to run a site for your small business, this company can certainly help you along the way.


Prices in Native Currency

All the prices are listed in the native currency of Indonesia.  When putting them through a currency converter you will find that the prices are quite competitive.  Many packages are actually very low cost and the entry level hosting option is actually free (though you only get 1 meg of disk space).  No matter which type of hosting you need, you’ll find that it is very affordable.

User Friendly

User Friendly Hosting

The hosting with this company is going to be easy to understand.  Most of what they offer is shared hosting that can be set up and running in just minutes.  The higher end hosting options are also easy to understand, even if they don’t always provide you with all the information you would like.  Most people don’t necessarily want to know the technical details of their hosting so that may not be a bad thing.


Good Indonesian Hosting

The hosting with this company is pretty good overall with some minor concerns.  They have become the number one hosting company in Indonesia, which is a good indication of the quality of their hosting services.  If you’re looking for hosting in Indonesia, this is a good option to consider.


  • All Types of Hosting Available
  • Nice Extra Services
  • Free Hosting Option


  • Limited Information on Packages
  • No Very High End Hosting

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