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MassiveGRID Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from MassiveGRID

MassiveGRID’s Innovative Infrastructure Architecture allow us to offer true High Availability Services regardless of service, server type or operating system.

100% Uptime:

With MassiveGRID you’ll stop worrying about Downtime, for life.
Our hardware redundancy generates a no single point of failure architecture that guarantees your project’s solidity.

Cutting Edge H...Read Moreardware:

We constantly upgrade our servers with high-end solutions, for free.
Your project deserves to run on the fastest, most reliable enterprise-grade hardware available on the market.

Instant Activation:

Server setup is instant and automated for our High Availability Servers and Private Clouds.
Operations Center engineers are available 24/7 and handle any issue on the spot.

State-of-the-Art Data Centers:

We exclusively work with the world’s best data centers.
This way, we offer our clients maximum physical security and stability for their resources.

Tier-1 Internet Provider:

MassiveGRID uses ultra fast Internet connections from Tier-1 Internet providers.
That’s how our clients enjoy the highest quality internet connectivity with the best global reach through multiple paths.

15 years of hands-on experience along with constant keeping up with technology, guarantee the security and stability of your Business Critical activities.

Relax. We got this.

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Money Back: Anytime

Pricing Range

Dedicated Server $42.59
Cloud Hosting $16.25

Data Centers

Fatima Castiglione Maldonado

Pinned Review

Fatima Castiglione Maldonado,
We are a small software company. We have been using MassiveGRID for 3 months already. We find it good for our needs.
The service is good, and the pricing is really reasonable.
You may expect bad customer service in this price tier, but surprisingly enough, service is good.


Review Language
Nicolas R. - Paris, FRANCE
Nicolas R. - Paris, FRANCE from France,

MassiveGrid - a Hosting Service you can trust !

I've been using their service (dedicated server for different websites) for more than 1 year, and I must say I'm very happy :
> Reliability : never experienced any problem
> Pricing : after searching & searching all ar...Read Moreound internet, I chose them as they have very competitive rates.
> User Friendly : Their admin panel is very easy to manage your server/websites
> Support : They've always been very helpful. Even for a non-specialist like me, while not a beginner though, they take the time in every issue, to explain & help, in details if needed, to help & assist me.
> Features : I found all I need !

I would definitively recommend them !

Nicolas From Paris, FRANCE.
Steffen arndt
Steffen arndt from Germany,

mobile App

Hello team,
we are just starting to move our environment into the PaaS infrastructure and are learning more every day.
An app that is optimized for mobile devices is desirable.
Hello Steffen,

I'm Athanasios from MassiveGRID's Client Success Department.

Thank you for your review! We update our marketplace with new applications and features frequently. We'll contact you to further understand your nee...Read Moreds and help you deliver the best services possible to your clients.

Also remember we're always one message away, in case you need our help getting started with our platform.

Have a great day,
Shan Malik
Shan Malik from United Kingdom,
Moved from GoDaddy

good infrastructure as well as technical support

we've used PaaS from these guys, and the technical support has been exceptionally good so far. They will not only help you through every step of the way, but also go extra mile to support you. Their infrastructure is very reliable...Read More, and the pricing is also very good. they need to carry on adding new technical capabilities to their platform (which they have been doing so far, and it will be safe to say they will keep on building on it).

In a nutshell, highly recommended.
James Homer
James Homer from United Kingdom,

Impossible to cancel

Do not use this service if you ever intend to leave them, you'll receive invoices endlessly and they will not cancel the account.

Update: Following this review I was finally guided through the process of disabling auto renewal ...Read Morefor the service in question. The original cancelation request in the 'services' tab within the 'client area' remains pending six months later. Unfortunately I've been charged for the service despite attempting to cancel it.Less
Hello James,

I am Athanasios from MassiveGRID's Client Success Department.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to review our services. Please allow me to clarify some things regarding your situation.

Our PaaS ...Read Moreenvironment allows you, yourself, to handle the issues to which you refer. The statement that "you'll receive invoices endlessly" is untrue; we would like to make sure that it is not implied that we invoice clients against their will. We understand and we are sorry for your frustration, however evaluating MassiveGRID in the worst way in all aspects seems inaccurate and thus negating the whole purpose of a review. Please let me clarify further.

Regarding your account, we cannot just close a client account, as this could create accounting discrepancies. Since you were using and paying for our services, closing your account would be illegal, as it would allow neither MassiveGRID nor you to prove the existence of a legal collaboration, nor would it allow an accurate depiction of fund movements. Also, in case you based an app or website on a PaaS environment connected to your account and we were to delete your account, this could bring your app or website down permanently.

However, this has nothing to do with your daily charges and invoices you received beyond that. It seems that you created a PaaS environment with features that enable daily charges. In order for this to stop, you could have simply disabled this feature or deleted the environment altogether If you didn't want to use the service any longer.

Also, you received these invoices because you had enabled the auto-refill option at your PaaS account. Of course, since you did not use the resources, the invoices were not mandatory to pay. The resources would be deployed only If you were to pay the invoices. The auto-refill option that you enabled, allows you to utilize resources right away If needed, so that you may not experience service continuity issues. You could have simply just disabled this feature with a click.

If you require further assistance, please remember you can follow up via the ticket you have opened with us and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you for your time.
James Homer
James Homer,
I requested a service cancellation over 6 months ago, this remains outstanding. Meanwhile I'm receiving invoices for said service. I've opened support tickets about this however my requests still have been if ignored. In response...Read More to my most recent support ticket I simply received a reply stating the support and billing email addresses were no longer being checked. I can provide evidence of all this. Believe me I don't leave negative reviews for fun, but I'm seriously lead to believe this is a scam.Less
Hello James,

Thank you for providing us with your side of the story, it will help us understand our clients' challenges better and provide even more meaningful solutions.

From our ticketing system we can extract the followin...Read Moreg information;

i) A service cancellation was not requested. Technically, a service cancellation is not the same as closing an account which involves different procedures and leads to different outcomes. Closing an account while its service is still active would be highly irresponsible of us, as it could bring down any active projects. Please, keep in mind that we respect your privacy and do not have access to your environment without your consent, as a result we are not capable of viewing whether your environment is actively offering a service online.

ii) We received the first ticket regarding your issue on May 30th 2019, not six months ago. We replied to your request in 10', however you didn't get back to us until August 13th 2019.

iii) On your reply, you stated your issue with invoices being generated. We replied that this happens because you have enabled the auto-refill option in your PaaS environment, along with daily billed features (eg. IPv4). We also offered to provide instructions on how to overcome this challenge. We did not receive a reply on how to further help since then.

We have created a new ticket with you, providing you with detailed instructions and information to help you. You will find instructions on how to:

a) Delete your PaaS environment
b) Disable the auto-refill option

We really hope that helps. Ideally we would like to keep all of our thousands of clients worldwide happy. We are sorry that these specific circumstances did not allow this to happen for you.

We'll be available to help with any choice you make.

Again, thank you for your time.

Kind regards,
James Homer
James Homer,
I requested the service cancellation over six months ago.
James, in case you didn't read my previous reply, I quote again:

"We received the first ticket regarding your issue on May 30th 2019, not six months ago. We replied to your request in 10', however you didn't get back to us unt...Read Moreil August 13th 2019."

In case your information indicates that you asked for cancellation six months ago, please share it with us and we'll be happy to look into it.

Also let me remind you that you asked us to "close your account" while there was an active service on it. You didn't ask for service cancellation. Also, service cancellation doesn't apply on a one-time PaaS recharge card. It is not a subscription, but a one-time transaction. You bought the card, set-up an environment, used the resources and then asked us to close the account, while keeping it active.

If you need more help understanding our PaaS environment, please view this 2' video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8TYOx2NjvQ

Hope this helps!

James Homer
James Homer,
Well that's clear as mud. I've got an email here dated 19th March from you confirming the cancelation request had been received. So you're right about one thing, it's only 5 months ago.
Hello James,

This is an automated e-mail generated by our system, validating we received your request.

However, your purchased a one-time recharge card for your PaaS environment. Based on that card, you utilized the funds (...Read More$5) to gain access to the resources of your environment. Once you deployed your PaaS environment the card's funds started being consumed, based on the features you added to your environment. Since PaaS recharge cards are one-time transactions, service cancellation does not apply on them. It is not a subscription-based service. There is essentially nothing to cancel. It is impossible to cancel something that is done, rather than something that is planned, for example a subscription. Since cancellations are managed automatically by our system, your request was essentially ignored because it did not apply on your product. We apologize for not informing you earlier that there is no way to cancel a one-time transaction.

If you needed a refund, you could have simply opened a ticket with our Billing Department. Of course, refunds are not handled automatically as opposed to subscription cancellations and a ticket would need to be opened.

Thank you for your time.

Mohammad Abuateek
Mohammad Abuateek from Jordan,

Reliable Hosting

We have been using different hosting providers for the past few years, this is our first time to forgot about the servers and leave them with no issues and minimal supervision. the MassiveGRID services for almost a year now and is excellent so far

MassiveGRID Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Dedicated Server 4GB RAM 4 CPU Cores 64 GB 4 x 2.10GHz 4 GB $42.59 9.1 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Entry Level Cloud Server 32 GB 2 x 2.10GHz 2 GB 1 TB $16.25 8.0 Details

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