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Written by: Michael Lavnduski

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Rated by Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

Hosting for Maldives Webmasters

Maldives Hosting is the first, and perhaps only, hosting provider in the island country of the Republic of Maldives. They offer simple hosting packages at somewhat reasonable prices, and always with reliable service. The company only provides shared hosting at this point but they do say that they will begin providing VPS and dedicated servers at some point in the future. When hosting with this company the servers can either be in the United States, the UK, or Maldives itself. Having servers in this country is especially important for residents of Maldives since they are on an island, making it difficult to get fast hosting from other companies.

Uptime & Reliability

Hosting Appears to be Reliable

There really isn’t as much information about the uptime and reliability of this company’s hosting as one would like. Given the small size of the company itself, and the low number of total customers, it is hard to get a really good feel for their stability. That being said, it looks as though they configure their servers well and use good hardware so it is unlikely that there are any major problems there. The biggest issue one might expect is if their data connection from the island to the main Internet goes down that could potentially cause serious problems.


Simple Hosting Solutions

Since the target audience of Maldives is fairly small (the whole country has about a half million people total) they don’t need to offer anything too extravagant. This hosting provider has done a good job at finding very simple hosting plans that will meet the needs of their audience. That being said, if you need high-end hosting solutions, you won’t find them here. For anyone who lives in Maldives, or is targeting citizens of this country, however, this may be an ideal hosting choice.

They have quite a few shared hosting plans to choose from. The copper level plan comes with just 100MB of disk space, 500MB of bandwidth, and 1 MySQL database. When you go up to their top level plan, which they call the Rhodium Plus plan, you will get 15 gigs of disk space, 150 gigs of bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, 60 MySQL databases, and more. They have several plans in between these two so users will have good options. All of their plans come with cPanel, a free domain name for the first year, and good overall support.


Good Support with Limited Hours

The support team is able to help you with any problems you may have, though they aren’t staffed 24/7. They do have a live chat feature when they are online, and will respond to issues quickly during their business hours. There is also no blog or FAQ or knowledgebase to help those who want to learn more about troubleshooting their own hosting issues.


Be Careful with the Prices

When choosing your hosting plan you will want to really watch the prices to make sure you are getting the right deal. All of their prices are billed out annually. The entry level package is $20 per year, but that is for a very limited amount of disk space, bandwidth, and other features. At the top end of their packages you will pay $650 per year, which is over $50 per month for a shared hosting solution. Of course, one must take into account the fact that this hosting company is on a remote island, which does increase their expenses related to data transmission and other things. If this were a normal hosting company, these prices would be outrageous. Given the location of this hosting company, however, they aren’t terrible.


Speeds Should be Fast

When it comes to speed, most people will likely be quite impressed. Since this company’s hosting is physical very close to all the residents of Maldives, the response times will be excellent. In fact, even compared to hosting companies that have much more advanced equipment, the speeds will still be faster due to the minimal distance the data has to travel. If, however, you’re trying to access a website hosted here from outside the country, the speeds will slow down significantly.


Likely the Best Hosting Option in Maldives

If you’re not physically in Maldives, or at least having your website target their residents, you will want to pick another hosting company. If you are in this country, their hosting solutions are most likely the best you are going to find. MaldiveHosting has clearly put a lot of work into the services they provide and have done a great job given their physical location.


  • Local Hosting in Maldives
  • Plenty of Shared Hosting Options


  • Prices are Higher than Normal
  • No VPS or Dedicated Servers
  • Limited Information on Reliability
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Typical MaldiveHOSTING Prices

Service Monthly Price Range
Shared Hosting $0.91 - $16.67 5 plans
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MaldiveHOSTING Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price Score
Copper Plan 500.02 MB 524.29 MB $0.91 0.0
Bronze Plan 1 GB 10.04 GB $2.75 0.0
Silver Plan 2 GB 19.97 GB $5.50 0.0
Gold Package 3 GB 30 GB $8.25 0.0
Platinum 4 GB 39.94 GB $16.67 0.0
A Free Domain is included when purchasing any hosting service from MaldiveHOSTING
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A few words from MaldiveHOSTING

MaldiveHOSTING is the pioneer in Web Hosting in Maldives.24/7 Support Service and the wide range of packages Makes it easy to select a suitable package according to the requirement.

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