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Jeff Nitschke

Pinned Review

Jeff Nitschke,
I have been with IX Web Hosting since June of 2008 & have experienced little to no issues what so ever. And any issue I have had has been typically fixed in 24 hours or less. I have actually downg...Read Moreraded my Hosting plan from the Unlimited Pro to the expert plan (do to my personal economy) & that was a breeze I thought I might have to fight for a credit but, nope they just adjusted my billing for me. Ix currently offer a 1 click install of Wordpress but it not at the root level. I hope to see them add a root level install in the near future. Wordpress can still be installed at the root level (I have created a video on how it is done) but it does require a little effortLess


mathias berglund
mathias berglund from Sweden,

Worst cr** i ever had!

I had this a few year, and it worked fine, but now everything is down on my webpage. Expensive, and totaly crap! my site was up again a short time 2 weeks ago, and they filled my guestbook with spam! and my email to. Avoid them!
Jytte Christrup
Jytte Christrup from Germany,

A nightmare !!

I have been with IX Web hosting for 14 years, and it was always OK. I haven't needed any support for the past 10 years, so can't speak to that. Their pricing took a hike over the past few years though.
But THEN, in January I got ...Read Morean email telling me that they are taken over, and that I would be transferred to Site5 (whom I've never heard of). No asking, no choice, just telling me, and this a few days after I had just paid for another year (app $250). I have to admit, I didn't pay too much attention, it said I would get further emails informing me what the would entail, when it was gonna happen, and that I'd never even notice. I heard nothing further (NO emails of any kind), so practically forgot about it.
UNTIL 5 days ago, when I go to log into my account to check on stats. Big message saying I can't log in, I'm being 'migrated'. Didn't even know what that means. So on chat with IX immediately demanding an explanation. How dare they yank my website out from under me without warning of any kind?? Well, you're being migrated was the answer. What does that mean, what does that entail??? Well, your account is frozen until it's done. WHAT?? How long will this take. Well, we don't know but tomorrow you should be back up on Site5. I asked him to explain what on earth they are doing to my site, and he either couldn't or wouldn't. Just kept repeating that I'm being migrated. Yes thank you, I heard you the first time.
So then I went to find this Site5, and a chat support. Called them up. Explain that apparently they now have my account and that I can't access it. First thing I'm asked to do is to give them a service code, by logging into my account. HOW, I then ask, am I supposed to do that, when I CAN'T LOG IN? Oh, we're sorry (I got to hear that endlessly). So by my email she found my account, and told me I was being migrated. I GOT THAT BY NOW. Ask how long is this gonna take, We don't know. Excuse me? You yank my website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, with out warning, and then tell me you don't know? I demanded some answers, and got none. I will give your issue (!) to my superior, is what she said, and you will get an email. Well next day, no email, and no website. Back on chat, same answers. To give my blood pressure a chance to return to normal, and them a chance to solve whatever they're doing. I took Sunday off. Today is Monday, the 5th day of this nightmare, I still can't get to my website. Get on chat again. THIS time she has the audacity to tell me 'you don't have an account'. THAT really flipped my lid. Then who the **** do you think you've been talking to for the last several days?? (I had the luck to get support person number 1 again this time). Then she tells me she's gonna hand 'my issue' to her senior. Yes, that's what you told me on Friday, nothing happened. Do you have a ticket number? she asks, it's on your website accoiunt. NO KIDDING, well guess what I can't see that now can I? So she gives me the same lecture over again, and this times hands me a ticket number. Not long after I received an email (lo and behold, they DO have my email), stating: a ticket has been created regarding your website issue.
My website issue? And that was it. Nothing has happened after that.
Needless to say, I've had enough. More than enough! Meanwhile I'd been snooping around on the net for reviews on other hosts. I settled on SiteGround as a possible new host. Got on chat with them. Some young fellow with excellent English (how rare is that these days?) answered my questions. ALL my questions and then some. I grilled the poor fellow for over 2 hours, at the end of which I was duly impressed, and set up an account with them in about 1 minute. I still must wait a bit for Site5 to get done, as I want all my sites etc tranferred from them (which I'm informed normally takes a few hours, NOT a couple of weeks!)
I cannot WAIT to tell IX and Site5 to stick it where the sun don't shine. AND I want my money back. Most of all though I WANT MY WEBSITE BACK.
PS: can you believe IX is still advertising hosting plans !? When they're dead in the water?
I don't know if I can leave '0' as a score, but that's what I want it to be. No this thing won't let me, the 2 is too much.
UPDATE: after I wrote all that, they also managed to lose my emails, got up the next morning to find that half my business emails were unusable ! I had a REALLY nightmare of a day, until late today I got them all moved to SiteGround where they were up and running in no time.
Bob James
Bob James,
Those who haven't left yet should do before the Site5 migrations, either for what was an excellent CloudbyIX service or the shared hosting. EIG is noted for buying companies and killing their support organizations. .

hello I want to consult you to find a new option in ixweb hosting, I was also a user for several years and now I do not find something similar to make massive shipments without limits or payment credits.
If you know something similar or better, please share with me.
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson from United States,

No longer a good host

I've been with ixwebhosting for 10+ years and was always happy with their service, especially their 24/7 chat support . They were recently bought out and no longer offer the same quality of service they once did. Support is now te...Read Morerrible. They have told us that our hosting will be moved to new servers, but not when. I would look elsewhere.Less
Danny Sankey
Danny Sankey,
I couldn't agree more. Their support used to be excellent. It's now atrocious. I get no replies to my tickets. They don't answer their phone. And live chat is inoperable. Let that be a lesson against outsourcing support.
Roberth ,

hello I want to consult you to find a new option in ixweb hosting, I was also a user for several years and now I do not find something similar to make massive shipments without limits or payment credits.
If you know something similar or better, please share with me.
Tom Stephenson
Tom Stephenson from Canada,

IXWebhosting has gone downhill rapidly.

I've been with IX Webhosting for well over a decade. At first they were fantastic. Very good support, easy to speak with someone knowledgeable, and easy to get through to even an administrator when something was really wrong. Sinc...Read Moree that time though their support has gone downhill to the point where I've had to move clients from their service because their support is non responsive. They no longer have an 800 number so you are left on hold for a long time on your dime. My long distance is 5 cents a minute = $3 an hour. I refuse to sit on hold for an hour in a queue only to spend my own money They also have "chat" support - poor grammar and only bottom level support. That support has been cut from 24 hr service to just business hours. I've sat in a queue in chat support for over an hour, only to go beyond the hours of support. My most recent problem was due to a disk quota issue. The quota on my hosting account was set at zero. I waited for over two days for "the admins" to respond to a ticket and no result. I had no alternative but to switch over to a new provider at the expense of time. Stay away from this hosting provider! I have multiple customers that I've guided there over the years and am sorry I did that. I'm now faced with porting many of those customers away, at great expense of my own time, just to save face.Less

hello I want to consult you to find a new option in ixweb hosting, I was also a user for several years and now I do not find something similar to make massive shipments without limits or payment credits.
If you know something similar or better, please share with me.
Major Web User (majorwebuser@gmail.com)
Major Web User (majorwebuser@gmail.com) from United States,

Run away AS FAST AS YOU CAN! — Caveat Emptor — They're going down (they told me).

I never expected too much from iX, and on that point they actually didn't disappoint as they never delivered too much. Being an iX client for over a decade, we should have moved everything to a different hosting company years ago....Read More They used to ranked in the Top 10 worldwide. How (at this writing) they're ranked even 58th is quite surprising.

Their shared hosting service was never particularly fast, but we had numerous problems years back when even connecting to our databases would time out because the shared servers were 'overused.' They blamed it on spammer clients (which they spent about 2 year trying to police). Even though most of their online support comes from Russia, it appeared that Russian hackers were their bane. iX shut our service down because we were hacked — even though iX (a) supposedly had anti-hacking protocols in place on our server and account, and (b) they acknowledged it wasn't our fault. They actually required us to request them to fix their problem before restoring our service — odd corporate behavior to say the least. Shortly their after, we moved our primary website to another hosting company, keeping other smaller accounts essentially not worth the bother to move (or so we thought).

My suspicion is that their hacked service problems started their overall downhill fall. They dropped what used to be fairly good phone support about the time they were acquired by EIG Hosting (the hosting company juggernaut). Our current renewal price for their Ultimate Pro service is essentially $200/year — ridiculous! Cost for a domain renewal — $19.95! Can you say 'desperate?'

The proverbial straw that broke this camels back was a point brought to light by my colleagues. Turns out that the iX (which still claims to be an industry leader) only offers MySQL version 5.1.73 on its shared servers. Go check MySQL.com — that version is no longer supported as of 2008 (yes, 2008 — not a typo). Who knows how deep the dry rot at iX really goes — turns out, they do! After pressing them about upgrading MySQL, they shared that ALL CLIENTS will be moved to Site5. They described Site5 as a "sister company," which it is. They failed to mention that they now have 79 siblings (all part of the empire of mediocrity that is EIG Hosting). ETA? They couldn't or wouldn't say.

It is stunning that they even offer a coupon or are taking on new clients! Don't bother even considering iX Web Hosting, you'll never really get to use them. Do yourself a favor and use this site to it's fullest. My opinion is that most ratings are either near 10 or near 2 (which most would love to move to 0), with little discretion in between. Find some good matches, then read the negative comments. How credible are they (not all are). How recent are they? How helpful did others find them? They are more telling than perfect scores and glowing remarks. Positive remarks should be ignored. While often driven honest appreciation, they are also driven by the psychological tendency to reinforce one's own choice (not to mention lack of real world comparison of products).

Do yourself another favor. Search for a list of EIG Hosting companies and other review sites (though this one rocks). Stay away from any EIG owned host. Even if they carry good reviews now, they likely won't for long. There are a ton of others to choose from that actually do provide outstanding value. Also beware of other 'top 10' 'top 15' review sites. Is it coincidence that the same — EIG owned — hosting companies are ranked 'the best?' Who runs those review sites I wonder? Hmmmmm…
Segismundo Izquierdo
Segismundo Izquierdo from Spain,

"Unlimited disk space" is actually quite limited

I have an "unlimited disk space" plan, and I got this message:

Your web account is currently occupying 37.0GB of disk space and must be brought below 30GB.
Here are a few ways to easily resolve this issue: [...]
It's importan...Read Moret that you address this immediately, if you do not reduce the disk space used in your account to the requested levels within 2 days of this notice, your account will be suspended and content will be deleted soon after.

Resource Monitoring Tool.

I checked with them and it was not a mistake, that seems to be the policy.
Anabela Ferguson
Anabela Ferguson from United States,

Friendly staff

IX! I was not sure how to add a review in your site, I was truly disappointed by some of the reviews
I read in some other sites. First, I would like to start by saying, you have always taken care of me, from allowing me to know
...Read Moremonths in advance if my domain's expiring, or hosting my site and allowing me enough time to have the year cost. Your company has always set a high standard with my small business when I first started with you nine years ago. My technical helper, Mandy helped me set up my website
with your help. She was very pleased with your company, she used it for her own site. That sold me immediately. Your fees are very reasonable, and the few times I had to be on the phone with you, you have had a friendly staff answering phones and helping with unique questions. A while
ago, I was helped in a very personal way about what to put in certain areas in my site. This person, was remarkable and funny too. She helped me with my wordpress site, by mentioning one or two things I never thought I would know on my own. I don't remember her name, but we laughed and
joked a little. Left a very pleasant image of your company.

There is always a unique person on the other side of the line when I have called. I believe this company has taken very good care of all our sites, by updating it, and taking no more than 24 hours to update living it safe and protecting it from harm. Thank you Ixwebhosting, you are truly an
amazing company to be associated with.
Michael Eaton
Michael Eaton from United Kingdom,

Excellent customer service and technical support!!

We've been using IX Web Hosting since 2004, for a county chapter of a National Volunteer Organization Assisting in Disasters. The hosting up time has been reliable, and customer service and technical support exceptional. We highly recommend using their hosting services.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Established hosting company with some nice features

IX Web Hosting has been in service since 2007 and is a medium sized hosting company.  They claim to have over 250,000 customers, primarily within the United States.  They run the business out of Ohio.

One thing that sets this company apart from most other hosting providers is the fact that they focus their services on helping sites with search engine optimization (SEO).  One big way they do this is by offering a dedicated IP address to every account.  You also have the option to buy additional dedicated IPs if you are planning on running multiple sites.

This is a nice service, especially for people looking to set up blog networks or other things to help their sites rank better in the search engines.

Read More
Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
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Uptime & Reliability

99.9% uptime guarantees and own their own data center

You'll get the fairly standard 99.9% uptime guarantee, though they don't say what you get if your site is down more than this.  Looking at their social media accounts, most people don't complain about any outages so it seems they do a good job keeping the sites up.  They also offer free scans for malware and other potentially harmful software, which can help keep sites nice and stable.

They own their own data center, located in Ohio.  It has two backup power generators and multiple data circuits to ensure high speeds and redundancy for all their customers.


Most features are included in packages

When you choose one of the packages that they offer you will pretty much have everything you need to run your site.  This is nice since many hosting companies today are trying to raise your price by pushing lots of little extra for an additional charge.

The biggest feature that they offer is the free IP address, which normally costs at least a dollar or two per month with other hosting companies.  If you do opt to buy additional IPs, you will be charged $2 per month.



Exceptional support services

This is one of the biggest perks of going with this site. Every customer is given the name of their own personal support representative.  This is the person who can help them with all types of problems including technical issues, support problems and more.  If your personal rep can't help you, they will work internally with other teams to get the problem solved.

This is a fairly unique service for hosting, and will help ensure you get the attention you need when you're having any type of problem.


Fairly average price points for all hosting options

Other than the free IP, there is not really much to say about the pricing on this company.  They are in line with industry averages for all their services.  If you do need a dedicated IP address, you will save some money compared to other companies.  This is especially true with the VPS services since you get two free dedicated IPs at this point.


Nice hosting for SEO focused webmasters

This company provides good, reliable hosting with nice support and all at a fair price.  There really isn't too much to complain about.  The free IPs are nice, and the support services they provide really are second to none.


  • Free dedicated IP address (multiple for higher hosting packages)
  • They own their own data center
  • Each customer gets a personal support representative


  • No dedicated hosting options
  • cPanel and Plesk cost extra for lower level packages

IX Web Hosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Linux Expert Plan Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.95 3.6 Details
Linux Unlimited Pro Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $7.95 3.0 Details
Linux Business Plus Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $7.95 7.6 Details
Windows Unlimited Pro Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $9.95 7.6 Details
Windows Business Plus Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $4.50 2.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
X4 Linux 50 GB 4 cores 768 MB $54.95 7.6 Details
X8 Linux 100 GB 8 cores 2 GB $89.95 7.6 Details
X4 Windows 50 GB 4 cores 768 MB $69.95 7.6 Details
X8 Windows 100 GB 8 cores 2 GB $104.95 7.6 Details

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