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iPage Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $1.99 - $6.95
VPS $24.35 - $97.32


99.7% Uptime

Data Centers

iPage Awards

Awarded companies that are in the top 10 best shared hosting list
Gaby Delgado

Pinned Review

Gaby Delgado,
The plan I chose was iPage Essential Hosting Plan
Lowell Carhart


I have three websites hosted with iPage. They are AWFUL. Just keep researching other hosts. You don't want these clowns. They screw up my SSL certificate renewal EVERY year, for EVERY website, which renders the websites unusable f...Read Moreor 1-3 days EVERY time when the SSL certificate expires. (at this moment www.22ndStreet.Show is down. My "incident" was escalated to 2nd tier support which will take 24-48 hours until they fix the problem that they caused) This happens despite my trying to prevent it from happening by reaching out a few days before the expiration/renewal. I'm assured that either "everything will be fine" **or** "we can't do anything until the SSL cert expires". This has been going on for 7+ years. The SSL renewals have NEVER gone without an outage. You get polite support from the tech reps but they don't know what they are doing because the problems repeat over and over and over. You get a different explanation each time you call in. So why have I stayed with such impotence for the better part of a decade? ..because I am afraid that if I jump ship it will be to something worse. Sad huh?Less
Irene Munoz-Smith
Irene Munoz-Smith from United States,

Incompetent, Unreliable Support, iPage Customer Support Declining

I have been a customer of iPage for many years as a hosting provider. I redesigned our website using the Weebly feature at iPage not too long ago. As we prepared to launch our site for 2021 Christmas sales we encountered many is...Read Moresues. Unfortunately, iPage has discontinued their relationship with Weebly and iPage support does not have Weebly knowledge and experience in resolving issues. Still today (eight weeks later) we are not able to launch our product & services. We have lost Christmas sales and continue to lose sales today. iPage support is horrible; the support team is incompetent, they offer solutions that do not work, you cannot speak to a manager and their 3rd tier support is available only via email. I would not recommend iPage to anyone. As I write this Review, Customer Support transferred me to a “manager” who kept me on hold and has never pickup up my call, its been over 2 hours and still waiting! Hence the score to my review.Less
Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin from United States,

DO NOT USE-Someone else was given MY purchased DOMAIN

I received an email that I thought was spam about one of the domain names that I purchased and built a website on being TRANSFERED. I NEVER initiated a transfer, nor did I approve a transfer of domain. I tried to log -in to my acc...Read Moreount to find that my password no longer worked and when I tried to reset it, the email was sent to the OTHER person who now had my account information and the domain. When I called the company to explain what was going on, no one understood or took the time to help me understand what happened. I know have someone elses' credit card on MY file, and they have MY domain. The company says it is under investigation and gave me a case number, but I couldn't get any names or contact info to call back and get help from a supervisor or someone who can explain what happened. I tried to log on again this morning, and my password has been changed AGAIN, to this new account holder email address....that is NOT mine. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, your INFORMATION is not safe or secure. To transfer a domain to a complete stranger without permission is unacceptable .Less
Jay L
Jay L from United States,

Stay away from this hosting site!

Plain and simple, they use Square integration to upload bulk listings, Square is known for uploading listings without pictures, so unless you plan on spending weeks listing one by one you should avoid this hosting service...
Brian Wilson

Don't waste your money.

As an iPage customer I can personally testafy that in the past year my website has been unavailable for more than a month due to iPage hosting configuration problems. Calls to tech support were useless. It wasn't until I contact...Read Moreed the CEO's office that anyone actually looked at my issues and fixed their problems. Now the website is again unavailable and calls to tech support sing the same old song, no problems here, must be your browser, no problems here, must be your network. No problems here, the wget/curl commands showing 502 server errors must be wrong. Sorry, we've had server problems for days, don't know what's wrong or how to fix it. No refunds. Check out other customer views at: https://websitesetup.org/hosting-reviews/ipage/ Save yourself money and aggravation, there are other similarly prices hosting services out there that offer better results. Go with one of them.Less
kc santos
kc santos from United States,

Crap service of all time

I have been hosting my website through iPage and I find it the worst of all. They don't know what they are doing. They have no idea of server interruptions. I have been calling them for more than 10 days to make my website up and ...Read Morerunning. It never worked! WTF. Their technical support is ZERO. https://www1.ipage.com/ is the worst of anything.Less

World class worst service

ipage is the worst hosting company, they will insert malware into your website and ask you to pay for sitelock, just an attempt to loot your money.

Free hosting is even more reliable than ipage, this is 7th time in a year when ...Read Moremy all websites are down due to ipage fault. My site was working absolutly fine and all of sudden even when i didn't login to ftp or to my website in any manner, this chor company will claim that your site is down due to malware, now amazingly if i didn't even touch any single files of my website, how could my sites be go down. & if still malware is coming to my site that is a sureshot failure of ipage. This clearly indicates ipage hosting is so worst that anyone can easily intrude their server.

now there is only 2 possibilities:
1. either ipage is intentionally putting malware into your website files to fool you and blackmail you to get money by making your sites down
2. ipage server is so bad that any intruder can easily inject malware

in both cases ipage is just unreliable.

Amazingly if any sites will have so called malware then not just one site but all your sites will be down, this is the world class worst service that anyone can ever have in the lifetime.
Robyn Dale Claussen
Robyn Dale Claussen,
They did that to me! My contact page stopped working and they wouldn't fix it. Then it started getting hit up with bots. They told me I had to pay more money before they could do anything. I'd been with them for 9 years. I want to sue them!

Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Web Designer & Hosting Expert

As a hosting expert and website owner, I’ve heard many conflicting reports about the iPage platform. I decided to see for myself and come up with this thorough review to clear up speculations once and for all. In this comprehensive review, I will share my honest opinions on the host’s prices, features, performance, support, and user-friendliness. If you are starting a new business and you plan to pick iPage as your web host, keep reading.


iPage Review

iPage is owned by Endurance International Group and it has successfully branded itself as an affordable web hosting platform for small businesses and individuals. Founded by Tomas Gorny in 1998, the company has grown astronomically over the last two decades and it currently serves more than 1,000,000 customers worldwide.

Currently, iPage offers shared, WordPress, email, and cheap web hosting plans. The company is located in Jacksonville Florida, USA and it runs on two large data centers based in Boston and Waltham. New businesses like iPage because of its low pricing plans and that is why I decided to review them.

iPage is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot after 724 reviews. As of August 2020, iPage had an A+ rating on the BBB directory. However, the company is no longer listed in the directory.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Perfect for new businesses and individuals
  • Extensive security features
  • Best for targeting the US audience
  • Quick live chat support


  • Limited web hosting plans
  • No cPanel

iPage provides affordable hosting plans to new businesses on a budget. With two large data centers located in the US, they’re perfect for targeting North American audiences. Want to spend less while targeting your ideal customer audience? Check out iPage today!


Rating Breakdown

To accurately compare different hosting providers, we have to employ a standard methodology across the board. This methodology should specify the criteria to consider and then rate each host based on their performance per criterion.

At HostAdvice, our experts have developed this S.I hosting rating guide that measures and gives scores on how hosting providers perform so you can pick the perfect one for your business.

ParameterScoreWhy we gave this score
PRICES8.5iPage is one of the cheapest hosting providers out there and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, I gave them an 8.5 because you need to pay more when renewing your plan.
FEATURES7.0iPage offers extensive features on its basic plans and its website builder is highly customizable. However, I scored them 7 because they do not offer VPS, dedicated, and reseller web hosting packages.
PERFORMANCE 6.5iPage fared below expectations in its performance metrics. It recorded a response time of 1.6s and a fully loaded time of 7.8s. I rated them 6.5 because they had an overall performance of 71%
USER-FRIENDLINESS9.0iPage is relatively easy to use. Their homepage has a simple UI and the control panel is easy to navigate. I rated them 9 because the modern cPanel has more management features than the vDeck panel.
SUPPORT8.0iPage offers live chat, knowledgebase, and direct mail support channels. I scored them 8.0 because they don’t have phone and email support.


iPage Prices & Plans – 2023

iPage offers shared, WordPress, email, and cheap web hosting. Their hosting plans are packed with extensive features to service small businesses and individuals on a budget.

On iPage, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all hosting plans. If you eventually sign up on iPage, you can pay using Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and Check/Money order.

Shared Hosting

PlanSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
GO PLAN Unlimited Unlimited vDeck    Unlimited$1.99/m (billed at $71.64 for 36 months)

$2.49/m (billed at $59.76 for 24 months)

$2.99/m (billed at $35.88 for 12 months)

iPage only offers the GO PLAN for its shared web hosting package. Since this is the only plan available, it is packed with extensive features that are cheaper compared to other web host providers. You get to enjoy unlimited websites, bandwidth, and storage at a giveaway price.

Tip: iPage shared hosting plan is perfect for small businesses and individuals trying to save costs. It provides the most value added for businesses on a budget.

WordPress Hosting

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
WP StarterUnlimitedUnlimitedvDeck1$3.75/m
WP EssentialUnlimitedUnlimitedvDeckUnlimited$6.95/m

iPage lists the WP Essential hosting plan as its most popular WordPress hosting package. The package comes with the coveted SiteLock professional security. It also has a fully customized WordPress control panel along with pre-installed themes and plug-ins.

Tip: iPage WordPress hosting plans are perfect for businesses that want to build, host, and manage their websites through WordPress.

Several online reviews showed that iPage offers both VPS and Dedicated hosting. However, when I checked through the iPage home website, there was no such offer. I proceeded to ask the customer support agent through a live chat and this was the response.

Final: iPage brand review

Sadly, iPage has discontinued its VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. This leaves them with limited web hosting plans only suited to small businesses and individuals.


iPage Features

  • Shared; Email; WordPress; Cheap web hosting
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free website builder
  • Unlimited domain names
  • MySQL databases

While most web hosting providers opt for the popular cPanel control panel, iPage uses the vDeck control panel. This panel provides you with a domain management tab, FTP management tools, a Web-based file manager, an email management tab and so much more. The vDeck is well organized and efficient thanks to its drop-down navigation. However, the number of built-in add-ons is limited and the security features are not as advanced as the ones on cPanel.

Final: iPage brand review

iPage also employs SiteLock security for customers that are looking to protect their website and its users from malware and hackers. If your small business deals with sensitive data such as credit cards and IDs, SiteLock security will give you an extra layer of protection.

Final: iPage brand review



The server speed determines how quickly users get required data from the host’s servers when they browse your site. The loading time shows how quickly your web pages load when a user visits your website. And finally, uptime measures how consistently your host’s servers stay online over time.

iPage promises 99.99% uptime which is the industry standard for all hosting providers. To confirm the accuracy of this promise, we tested the host’s speed, loading time, and performance using GTMetrix. The test was carried out on www.22ndstreet.show – a website hosted on the iPage platform.

These were the results:

22ndstreet.show had a slow response time (time to first byte) of 1.6s and a fully loaded time of 7.8s (experts recommend 1-2 seconds).

The domain had a 71% overall performance which is way below standard.

Final: iPage brand review


Level Of Support

Currently, iPage only offers customer support through live chat, knowledgebase, and a mailing address.

Final: iPage brand review

Live chat

Since live chat seems to be the major customer support channel on iPage, I tried starting a conversation to see if the support is effective. I had to fill in my name and domain to proceed.

Final: iPage brand review

So far, everything seems to be going well, they were trying to get an idea of my problem so they could provide better support.

Final: iPage brand review

I joined the chat and waited for the customer support agent to come on board.

Final: iPage brand review

The agent joined after about 10 minutes. The response wasn’t very professional but the answers were direct and provided value. Oh…the agent took his sweet time in responding too.

Final: iPage brand review

After a few more questions, I thanked him for his time and ended the chat. To be fair, I reached out a bit late in the night and this might be why the customer agent responded unenthusiastically.


iPage has a vast collection of resources and articles to help you navigate through hosting challenges and learn new things about running a website. If you are a self-learner, you will certainly find this support channel appealing.

Final: iPage brand review

The relevant information categories are clearly outlined to make it easier for you to navigate the knowledgebase.

Mailing address

Nobody sends direct mail through posts anymore. However, if you need to communicate with iPage more formally, this might be the right channel to do so. Here is their office address;

Final: iPage brand review


User-Friendliness – Ease of use


To register and signup on iPage, you need to log on to their website and click the “Get Started” button on the homepage. The process is straightforward.

Final: iPage brand review

After you click on the “Get Started” button, you will be redirected to a page where you will pick your domain and pricing plan. You don’t have to pay for a domain in your first year.

Final: iPage brand review

After you pick a domain, you will be directed to a page where you can select add-ons like SiteLock security and daily backup. You can either choose to add them for an extra fee or not.

Final: iPage brand review

When you are done with the billing process, you will be redirected to the login page. Here, you can log either sign in to your webmail or directly into the cPanel. Most web hosts place access to the cPanel in the account management dashboard. However, the cPanel on iPage is accessed directly.

Final: iPage brand review

iPage Control Panel

Most web hosts use the modern cPanel for their control panel. However, iPage employs the less common vDeck for its control panel. vDeck is the perfect control panel for hosts that specialize in shared web hosting. Here you can easily access website management tools, eCommerce tools, and built-in marketing services.

Final: iPage brand review

Installing WordPress on iPage

If you want to install a WordPress website on iPage, first log in to the domains dashboard and then select the domain where you want to install WordPress.

Click on WordPress at the left pane and then click on the “Get Started” button.

Final: iPage brand review

After you are done, create your site name and fill in your email, username, and password for WordPress. Click the “Install WordPress” button.

Final: iPage brand review

Add an email account with iPage

Log in to your Domains dashboard, and select the domain where you are creating an email. Go to the left pane and click on the standard under email management. Click on the + sign to add email.

Final: iPage brand review

You will be required to fill in your mailbox name, and mailbox password and then hit the “Create Mailbox” button.

Final: iPage brand review

You will receive a notification stating that the email has been successfully added.


Conclusion: Do We Recommend iPage?

Even though iPage is not the biggest or the best web host in the industry, I’d recommend them. Above all else, the platform provides immense value to small businesses at a fraction of the price charged by bigger web hosts. The live chat customer support channel is always available to solve all your problems and its security features are tailored to keep your website safe.

The platform operates two large data centers in the US and it is best for targeting American audiences. Their intuitive vDeck control panel allows you to manage your website without any stress or hassle.


Does iPage use cPanel?

iPage does not use the cPanel control panel. The platform uses the vDeck control panel to manage the website’s backend.

What kind of customer support is offered by iPage?

iPage offers live chat, a knowledgebase, and a direct mail support system. It discontinued the phone and email support channels after its overhaul in 2022.

Does iPage offer VPS hosting?

iPage no longer offers VPS and dedicated server hosting plans. It only offers shared, WordPress, and email hosting as of January 16th, 2023.

Is iPage better than A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting is better than iPage by every performance metric. The A2 hosting platform offers more web hosting plans and it also has a better overall performance than iPage.

iPage Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Essential - Everything Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $1.99 2.1 Details
WP Starter Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 1 $3.75 3.1 Details
WP Essential Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.95 1.6 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Basic 40 GB 1 core 1 GB $24.35 1.6 Details
Business 90 GB 2 cores 4 GB $58.38 1.4 Details
Optimum 120 GB 4 cores 8 GB $97.32 3.1 Details

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