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Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $1.99 - $6.95
VPS $24.35 - $97.32
Dedicated Server $145.98 - $233.57


99.7% Uptime

Data Centers

iPage Awards

Awarded companies that are in the top 10 best shared hosting list
Gaby Delgado

Pinned Review

Gaby Delgado,
The plan I chose was iPage Essential Hosting Plan


Irene Munoz-Smith
Irene Munoz-Smith from United States,

Incompetent, Unreliable Support, iPage Customer Support Declining

I have been a customer of iPage for many years as a hosting provider. I redesigned our website using the Weebly feature at iPage not too long ago. As we prepared to launch our site for 2021 Christmas sales we encountered many is...Read Moresues. Unfortunately, iPage has discontinued their relationship with Weebly and iPage support does not have Weebly knowledge and experience in resolving issues. Still today (eight weeks later) we are not able to launch our product & services. We have lost Christmas sales and continue to lose sales today. iPage support is horrible; the support team is incompetent, they offer solutions that do not work, you cannot speak to a manager and their 3rd tier support is available only via email. I would not recommend iPage to anyone. As I write this Review, Customer Support transferred me to a “manager” who kept me on hold and has never pickup up my call, its been over 2 hours and still waiting! Hence the score to my review.Less
Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin from United States,

DO NOT USE-Someone else was given MY purchased DOMAIN

I received an email that I thought was spam about one of the domain names that I purchased and built a website on being TRANSFERED. I NEVER initiated a transfer, nor did I approve a transfer of domain. I tried to log -in to my acc...Read Moreount to find that my password no longer worked and when I tried to reset it, the email was sent to the OTHER person who now had my account information and the domain. When I called the company to explain what was going on, no one understood or took the time to help me understand what happened. I know have someone elses' credit card on MY file, and they have MY domain. The company says it is under investigation and gave me a case number, but I couldn't get any names or contact info to call back and get help from a supervisor or someone who can explain what happened. I tried to log on again this morning, and my password has been changed AGAIN, to this new account holder email address....that is NOT mine. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, your INFORMATION is not safe or secure. To transfer a domain to a complete stranger without permission is unacceptable .Less
Jay L
Jay L from United States,

Stay away from this hosting site!

Plain and simple, they use Square integration to upload bulk listings, Square is known for uploading listings without pictures, so unless you plan on spending weeks listing one by one you should avoid this hosting service...
Brian Wilson

Don't waste your money.

As an iPage customer I can personally testafy that in the past year my website has been unavailable for more than a month due to iPage hosting configuration problems. Calls to tech support were useless. It wasn't until I contact...Read Moreed the CEO's office that anyone actually looked at my issues and fixed their problems. Now the website is again unavailable and calls to tech support sing the same old song, no problems here, must be your browser, no problems here, must be your network. No problems here, the wget/curl commands showing 502 server errors must be wrong. Sorry, we've had server problems for days, don't know what's wrong or how to fix it. No refunds. Check out other customer views at: https://websitesetup.org/hosting-reviews/ipage/ Save yourself money and aggravation, there are other similarly prices hosting services out there that offer better results. Go with one of them.Less
kc santos
kc santos from United States,

Crap service of all time

I have been hosting my website through iPage and I find it the worst of all. They don't know what they are doing. They have no idea of server interruptions. I have been calling them for more than 10 days to make my website up and ...Read Morerunning. It never worked! WTF. Their technical support is ZERO. https://www1.ipage.com/ is the worst of anything.Less

World class worst service

ipage is the worst hosting company, they will insert malware into your website and ask you to pay for sitelock, just an attempt to loot your money.

Free hosting is even more reliable than ipage, this is 7th time in a year when ...Read Moremy all websites are down due to ipage fault. My site was working absolutly fine and all of sudden even when i didn't login to ftp or to my website in any manner, this chor company will claim that your site is down due to malware, now amazingly if i didn't even touch any single files of my website, how could my sites be go down. & if still malware is coming to my site that is a sureshot failure of ipage. This clearly indicates ipage hosting is so worst that anyone can easily intrude their server.

now there is only 2 possibilities:
1. either ipage is intentionally putting malware into your website files to fool you and blackmail you to get money by making your sites down
2. ipage server is so bad that any intruder can easily inject malware

in both cases ipage is just unreliable.

Amazingly if any sites will have so called malware then not just one site but all your sites will be down, this is the world class worst service that anyone can ever have in the lifetime.
Robyn Dale Claussen
Robyn Dale Claussen,
They did that to me! My contact page stopped working and they wouldn't fix it. Then it started getting hit up with bots. They told me I had to pay more money before they could do anything. I'd been with them for 9 years. I want to sue them!
Christian E Bolorinos
Christian E Bolorinos from Spain,

Upload limit renders it useless for CMS systems like Wordpress

You can only upload 20mb at a time which means no wordpress templates or plugins. You can find a workaround for the templates using FTP, but its cumbersome and you end up taking an hour or two to do what would be 5 minutes on any other server. Seriously, dont buy these guys.

Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Hosting Expert

iPage Expert Review

An industry veteran, iPage has been a major provider of web hosting services for over 15 years. The company’s broad selection of features, coupled with attractive signup prices, have kept iPage a top hosting contender even as new competitors have entered the market. Our tests set out to determine whether it would live up to its reputation of reliability and speed.

We found that the company’s basic plans offer more than the average amount of features and tools, making it easy for newcomers to create innovative websites. iPage also delivers on consistent uptimes and load times, which are vital to maintaining a successful website.



Rated by Eliran Ouzan

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Pros and Cons


  • Take advantage of iPage’s very competitive signup prices.
  • Use iPage’s highly reliable uptimes and ultra-fast load times to boost customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Keep your site safe with the free enhanced security suite, 24/7 network monitoring and email virus protection.
  • Improve your site’s trustworthiness with the free SSL certificates that come with every plan.
  • Customize your e-commerce store with a very wide range of 1-click install shopping carts.
  • Safeguard your website against disruptions with unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Get expert help from knowledgeable customer support staff via ticketing and 24/7 phone and live chat.


  • Initial signup prices are budget-friendly, but renewal rates jump significantly after the first year.
  • While iPage’s core plans are feature-rich, their upselling tactics can be overwhelming.
  • You may experience longer-than-average wait times for customer support.
  • The company’s email plan is available only as a paid upgrade.

Pricing and Payment Methods

iPage’s signup prices are truly competitive. The company offers only one shared hosting plan starting at $1.99 monthly and provides an impressive number of features at that price. When you sign up, you get unlimited disk space, a drag-and-drop website builder, free SSL certificates, enhanced security, and 6 shopping cart 1-click integrations.

Though the shared hosting plan does offer 1-click WordPress installation, heavy WordPress users can purchase the company’s WP Essential plan. Starting at $6.95 monthly, this package gives you access to premium features such as WordPress expert support and increased security safeguards. While iPage’s shared hosting offers scalable bandwidth and both its WordPress plans offer unlimited bandwidth, users with copious monthly traffic will probably need to opt for VPS or dedicated plans.

VPS plans start at $19.99 a month and feature 40GB disk space, 1 IP address and 1 TB of bandwidth. The most expensive dedicated plan, Enterprise, is geared towards larger businesses and includes 1000 GB disk space, 5 IP addresses and 15 TB of bandwidth. We were happy with how easy it was to scale plans with the help of iPage’s friendly customer service reps. We were less thrilled with the renewal rates, which can jump up significantly. Even so, iPage is very transparent about its price increase.

Ease of Use

In our experience, iPage’s features are very intuitive, if slightly different than other features you might be familiar with from competitors. Instead of the standard cPanel or Plesk, iPage offers a vDeck control panel with its basic plans. Although vDeck is just as easy to use as cPanel, users that are accustomed to making changes through cPanel might take some time adjusting. If you’re really committed to cPanel, however, you can upgrade to any of iPage’s VPS or dedicated packages.

Other functionalities were as simple to use as we hoped they would be. Unlike other web builders we’ve tested, the drag-and-drop web builder was actually easy to use and optimized for mobile, and 1-click installation let us turn our website into a webstore in no time. For users like us that require advanced features and tools, iPage lets you quickly install a wide selection of CMS, blog, and photo gallery integrations as well as unlimited MySQL databases for ultimate customization ease.

Load Times and Reliability

Load times and uptimes make an immediate and lasting impression on existing and would-be customers, which is why we always test these features extremely thoroughly over a period of several months. Our tests revealed that iPage is a leader in both categories. Although no web service provider can guarantee 100%, iPage came pretty close with 99.9% uptime, a notable improvement on the industry-average 99.4%.

The company’s reliable uptimes are complemented by respectable load times. We found that iPage’s load times were below 3s, sticking close to Google’s recommended guideline of under 2s. The company’s fast load times make it a good choice for customers that want to improve their SEO rankings and increase conversions.


iPage provides a diverse set of features at affordable rates, which are valuable no matter if you’re just starting out or a web developer. Beginners can ease their way into website ownership with an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, a diverse selection of 1-click shopping cart integrations, unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access, and a free SSL certificate.

You also have access to more advanced controls that let more experienced users fully customize their website’s behind-the-scenes. We were pleased to see that even basic plans offer multiple PHP versions, unlimited FTP accounts, and support for programming languages like Python and Perl. iPage could do better when it comes to backups – although it’s possible to access backups from their servers in cases of data loss, daily automated backups are only available through an upgrade. Nevertheless, the company does take security very seriously. Their most basic shared hosting plan, for example, comes with an enhanced security suite and 24/7 network monitoring to keep your website safe.

iPage Customer Reviews

While we focus our reviews on companies’ overall plans and offerings, there is no replacement for personal experience. Read our iPage customer reviews below to see what others are saying about the company:

Customer Support

We found iPage’s customer support very satisfactory, and definitely on par with other hosting services with a customer-first approach. You can reach the company’s very friendly expert staff 24/7 via phone and live chat or through its online ticketing system. Thanks to iPage’s robust knowledge base we were able to resolve most of issues on our own, including advanced scripting and database challenges we encountered along the way.

Even so, the wait times left something to be desired. Ticketing can take up to half an hour before an agent gets back to you, though phone and live chat response times were faster. Overall, iPage’s customer service agents helped us fix any problems we had within a reasonable amount of time and with a cheerful attitude throughout, which is what we look for in customer support.


On the whole, we found iPage to be an affordable, featureful web hosting option that can be a good fit for users that are just starting out as well as experienced developers. Beginners can make the most of the company’s instinctive website builder and simple shopping cart integrations to get their website off the ground, then wade into more advanced functionalities as needed with precise step-by-step instructions in the knowledge base.

While iPage has a lot to offer beginners, webmasters have just as much to gain from the service. Whether we were using vDeck or cPanel to make changes, iPage gave us plenty of tools to make customization a breeze. Multiple programming languages and easy installation of blog and CMS platforms empowered us to take our website exactly where we wanted it to go. As far as we’re concerned, both beginner and veteran users get a great deal at iPage security-wise thanks to free SSL certificates and robust security suite.

iPage Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Essential - Everything Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $1.99 4.1 Details
WP Starter Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 1 $3.75 6.1 Details
WP Essential Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.95 3.1 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Basic 40 GB 1 core 1 GB $24.35 3.2 Details
Business 90 GB 2 cores 4 GB $58.38 2.8 Details
Optimum 120 GB 4 cores 8 GB $97.32 6.1 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Startup 500 GB 2 cores 4 GB $145.98 3.6 Details
Professional 1 TB 4 cores 8 GB $184.91 2.6 Details
Enterprise 1 TB 4 cores 16 GB $233.57 6.1 Details

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