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Hostuserver - Dedicated Server - Vps - Hosting - Domain
Dedicated Servers from Germany, America, Canada, Amsterdam
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Money Back: 7 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $0.42 - $4.17
VPS $8.00 - $60.00
Dedicated Server $39.00 - $99.00

Data Centers

alex roz

Pinned Review

alex roz,
fast support, Nice price, really offshore


Alex Panat
Alex Panat from Romania,

Stay away!

Signed up for a Cpanel account with this company a month ago. Initially they failed to send me the account details so I was forced to open a ticket. Two days later they send the necessary details. Even so after I set my account an...Read Mored updated the nameservers I noticed that my domain was redirecting to a unknown domain (https://phonesear.ch). I've waited another two days for the NS fully propagation but the problem didn't disappear. Being unable to use my account I've opened a second ticket which was simply ignored by their staff. I've pushed the ticket once again but with the same results than I try to escalate my issue using their live chat form. They promise to reply me in one day but the answer never came. After this I wasn't able to access Cpanel anymore. In the end my conclusion is that I was scammed. Just stay away from this company and avoid them regardless their offer.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Overall Good Hosting at Fair Prices

Hostuserver is a hosting company that primarily focuses on dedicated servers, though they also provide some VPS and shared hosting options to their customers. They are looking to target customers that want good hosting at a very good price, and they seem to be doing quite a good job at it. They are still a newer company, only being around a couple years as of this writing, but so far they seem to be doing a good job at building a strong reputation.

One important thing to keep in mind when considering this company is that they aren’t a ‘top of the line’ hosting company, so if you need the very best for your company, this might not be the ideal choice. The vast majority of people, however, don’t need that type of thing so this is a great option to consider. Just make sure to pay close attention to the specific specs of each hosting package before moving forward.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Stable Hosting with Some Slowdowns

If you choose the shared hosting option, you’ll get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is the standard throughout the industry. If you use their VPS or dedicated servers, however, the guarantee goes up to 99.99%. They use good quality hardware, which helps to keep the actual hosting service up and running the vast majority of the time. The one thing to watch out for, however, is that some of the hosting packages (especially shared hosting) are over sold, which can lead to slower response times during periods of high traffic.


Surprisingly Generous Features for the Price

The fact that this is a very low cost hosting company would make many people think that the features are going to be overly limited, but that is not the case. You will have access to solid state drives even for the shared hosting options, which is something normally reserved for higher end hosting. They also provide unlimited bandwidth, free cPanel access, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

They have lots of different VPS options to choose from, each with varying level of features. You can start with 50 gigs of bandwidth, 1 CPU core, and 512MB of RAM, and go up to 12 CPU cores, 3 TB of storage, and 52 gigs of RAM. As the features go up, so do the prices. The VPS options do come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee too, which makes it a great option.

Finally, the dedicated servers are available in the US, Germany, Amsterdam, and Canada. There are plenty of different configuration options ranging from entry level servers powered by AMD CPUs all the way up to more advanced options with Intel processors. Overall, the available features at every level are quite good, though you do need to be careful about overloading servers and things like that.


Good Tech Support Options

This company provides a good amount of information to help webmasters understand what they are doing and avoid problems. This includes a knowledge base and a network status page to show how everything is performing. In addition, the technical support team is available to help you with any trouble you have. You can reach out to them via a support ticket, which they typically respond to quite fast.


Very Low Prices

All the hosting options with this company are quite a bit cheaper than you might expect for the services they offer.  Basic shared web hosting starts at just $5 per year, and you get 2 gigs of solid state drive. These are extremely low prices for what you’re getting, though be aware that the servers are ‘oversold’ so there may be times when the connection speeds aren’t as fast as they should be. For many people who just want inexpensive hosting, however, it is a great choice.

The dedicated servers start at just $42 per month for those that are housed in Germany, and $45 per month for US servers. These servers provide full root access and a 1 Gbit/s bandwidth connection, which is sufficient for most people. While these aren’t the highest end servers you can find online, they will be great options for mid-sized businesses that are looking for quality and control for their websites.


Some Concerns for Speed

Most of the hosting solutions from this company are going to be fast, and they have fast network connections. The one potential problem is that if you are on a hosting server that is oversold, the speeds can drop drastically during times of high utilization. This isn’t always a problem, and many people never experience this issue. Most of the time for most customers, speed won’t be a significant issue.


Great Option if You Know what to Watch For

This is a great hosting company to consider, but you have to be a little more careful than would be necessary from other companies. They have a lot of good hosting choices, and will be able to meet the needs of almost anyone who is looking for hosting. Just take the time to really go through each package and select the one that offers the best balance of features and cost for your specific needs.


  • Very Low Prices
  • Dedicated Servers in Four Countries
  • Lots of Hosting Options


  • Some Hosting Packages are Oversold
  • Only Tech Support Through Tickets


Hostuserver Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
WEBHOSTING 1 2 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $0.42 2.0 Details
WEBHOSTING 2 5 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $0.67 5.7 Details
WEBHOSTING 3 20 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $1.67 5.7 Details
WEBHOSTING 4 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.17 5.7 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Windows VPS 1 50 GB 1 core 2 GB $9.00 5.7 Details
Windows VPS 2 90 GB 2 cores 4 GB $14.00 5.7 Details
Windows VPS 3 120 GB 3 cores 8 GB $19.00 5.7 Details
Windows VPS 4 200 GB 4 cores 12 GB $24.00 5.7 Details
Cloud VPS Linux 1 20 GB 1 core 512 MB $8.00 5.7 Details
Cloud VPS Linux 2 30 GB 1 core 1 GB $15.00 5.7 Details
Cloud VPS Linux 3 40 GB 2 cores 2 GB $30.00 5.7 Details
Cloud VPS Linux 4 60 GB 2 cores 4 GB $60.00 5.7 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Intel Xeon E3-1230 480 GB 4 x 3.20GHz 8 GB $39.00 5.7 Details
Intel Xeon E3-1230V2 960 GB 4 x 3.30GHz 24 GB $59.00 5.7 Details
Intel Xeon E3-1250 1 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 48 GB $66.00 5.7 Details
2X Intel Xeon e5-2620v2 2 TB 12 x 2.10GHz 96 GB $99.00 10 Details

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