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Shared Hosting $3.45 - $8.45
VPS $25.00 - $120.00
Dedicated Server $159.00 - $379.00

Data Centers

Bjoern Bach

Pinned Review

Bjoern Bach,
Just setup the reseller account. I'm happy with it, but support could be faster.
Guest of Honor
Guest of Honor from United Arab Emirates,

Worst hosting provider ever in every way !!!

I have been dealing with hostnine as a reseller for 12 years now, it has been great by service and support and the pricing was reasonable.
since been bought by an indian company, service is always down, support is really bad and ...Read Moreknows nothing.
pricing has increased from $500 to $1100.
my main domain has been dropped and repurchased by someone after paying them the renewal fees which they haven't done and the domain dropped after few weeks and they simply refunded me $15 !!!!
all their servers are outdated and ancient, PHP, SQL ETC has never been updated and i cannot install or run websites on php 5.6
this is just what i can remember now !!!!
James F
James F from Czech Republic,

Literally thieves

Stole my money from my bank account 2 weeks after the final notice. I had decided to close my account a few months ago and had left my account idle. I was closing it due to hostnine having literally the worst customer support ever...Read More, I suspect no one is actually taking care of this task as the literally just ignore you unless you do not pay or cancel a payment. Literal criminals.Less
Alan Teo
Alan Teo from Singapore,

Hostnine Changed the IP address of my reseller hosting account without informing

Recently I have difficulty explaining to my resold clients as I have asked my clients to update the IP to point the website to the particular IP address. However, last week, I realised that the website is downed. I checked with su...Read Morepport and they said that the IP is having problem. After that, they just changed the IP address without tell me. It has caused those website that has only A record pointed to the host downed. Those that has name sever pointed experience temporary downtime but has to wait for a long time before propagation is done. Very shocking experience and very stressful to explain to my clients.Less
Michael Sailor
Michael Sailor from United States,


We have used Hostnine for the past three years before and after merging with HOSTV and they have been the most unreliable company to deal with. The have been most unresponsive and they really do not seem to care.
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas from New Zealand,

Hostnine are the worst

I hosted with hostnine for several years, tolerating an average performance until recently when they went very badly downhill and became intolerable. Support tickets unresolved after weeks of multiple escalations, lack of knowledg...Read Moree, server downtimes, poor attitude, lack of commercial experience and customer service lead to cancellation and server termination.Less
Ian Mobeen
Ian Mobeen from Pakistan,

nightmare experience with hostnine VPS it was at its best when it was HOSTV

Every 15 days the VPS goes down and no one cares for hours and are not willing to refund VPS address is syberhostingservers.com:2086 if any one wants to check the uptime check every 15 days
matthew cheung
matthew cheung from Hong Kong,
Moved from GoDaddy

The worst hosting that i've ever used!!

i've been purchasing a domain a few days ago, and they first sees that as a fraud and need me to provide them my ID to continue, then i did. and i casn finally pay for it, but what happens after i've paid, it's rediculous! I can e...Read Moreven see the domain is still available on whois! and they wanted me to provide them my ID photocopy again, but the photocopy of my credit card too!
And now i can't even login, no response from their any support! What a worst hosting company!!!!!
francis tan
francis tan,
True, weird support system. Payment always gets to be flagged for fraud and need to chat with their support for re invoicing....

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Global hosting company providing excellent services

HostNine is a large hosting company that offers their services to people from around the world.  They currently have data centers in the United States, Netherlands, Asia and the UK.  They do a great job keeping these data centers up to date and in excellent condition to help minimize any type of downtime or other problems.

The company does not really focus their efforts on any one type of hosting.  They provide shared, VPS an dedicated hosting option, which will meet the needs of just about anyone.  All of their hosting packages are easy to sign up for and get started with. They have several one click install options for platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and others.

They have built a strong reputation for giving great customer service, and keeping their servers up and running smoothly.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

99% uptime guarantee with good reputation

HostNine offers a 99% uptime guarantee for all their hosting packages.  This is actually a bit less than most companies provide, and it seems to be more of an afterthought than anything else.  They don’t really specify what you get in the even that your hosting goes down for more than the 1%, but it doesn’t appear that this happens very often according to what I have been able to find.

Since they have multiple high quality data centers, they are able to offer great reliability for those who need it.  In addition, since you can switch data centers at any time, you can always move servers in the event you are running into trouble.


Many features for any type of site

This company has a variety of different packages to choose from, each one coming with the standard suite of features that most people would expect.  In addition to these, however, you will also have access to things like setting up your own mailing lists, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby on Rails and much more.

They also provide you with a 45 day money back guarantee, which is better than most companies have.  If you have a site hosted on another companies servers, they offer the option to have them move your sites over when you sign up.  Another nice feature is that you are permitted to switch which data center your site is on at any time.  They will migrate it over to the proper server free of charge.

Overall, the features that are offered by this company are quite good and will likely meet the needs of any webmaster no matter what type of site they are running.


Excellent customer and technical support

HostNine has done a good job at building up their support systems.  Whether you are dealing with a billing issue or a technical one, they will be able to help you quickly and easily.  They have 24/7 coverage for their team and will typically be able to handle any issue without any problem.

You can use their online ticketing system, their live chat or their phone system to get in touch with someone who will be able to fix your problems.


Industry average pricing

The prices from this company seem to be pretty average at every level.  There are a lot of ‘premium’ options to add on to your hosting if you are interested, but since they are not required it is possible to get a good deal with just the hosting.  If you do sign up for any of the other features, it may seem like they are a bit expensive.  Overall, however, as long as you know how to avoid unnecessary features, you shouldn’t have a problem.


Great hosting from a global company

The overall services that you get will almost certainly be able to meet all your needs.  They have a lot to offer, and since they have data centers all over the world, they can serve customers no matter where their target audience is located.


  • Data centers world wide
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • Great technical support


  • Limited to managed hosting packages
  • Lots of ‘premium’ options that can drive price up

HostNine Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Personal Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.45 1.7 Details
Business Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $5.95 1.7 Details
Enterprise Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $8.45 1.7 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS cloud 1 15 GB - 1 GB $25.00 1.7 Details
VPS cloud 2 20 GB - 1.25 GB $30.00 1.7 Details
VPS cloud 3 30 GB - 1.5 GB $40.00 1.7 Details
VPS cloud 4 40 GB - 2 GB $50.00 1.7 Details
VPS cloud 5 50 GB - 2.5 GB $60.00 1.0 Details
VPS cloud 6 70 GB - 3 GB $80.00 1.7 Details
VPS cloud 7 90 GB - 3.5 GB $100.00 1.7 Details
VPS cloud 8 110 GB - 4 GB $120.00 1.7 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Starter 500 GB 4 cores 4 GB $175.00 1.7 Details
Standard 500 GB 4 cores 8 GB $225.00 1.7 Details
Professional 1 TB 4 cores 16 GB $265.00 1.7 Details
Ultimate 1 TB 12 cores 32 GB $295.00 1.7 Details
UK-1 1000 GB - 4 GB $159.00 1.7 Details
UK-2 1000 GB - 16 GB $199.00 1.7 Details
UK-3 2 TB - 16 GB $349.00 1.7 Details
UK-4 4 TB - 24 GB $379.00 1.7 Details

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