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Hostkey Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from Hostkey

We offer a wide range of dedicated servers from entry-level up to high-performance GPU servers and private cloud solutions. Our servers are hosted in TIER III data centers in the Netherlands, the USA and Russia.
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Pricing Range

Dedicated Server $126.58 - $1,170.84

Data Centers

Laslo Marin

Pinned Review

Laslo Marin,
Our company has been working with Hostkey for over 4 years, we rent super cheap Dell PowerEdge R720 servers with 2xXeon E5-2680v2 (20x2.8 GHz) in the Netherlands. Satisfied with the level of service, ...Read Morespeed, user-friendly interface, the presence of many tools. All this makes it possible to carry out various programs. The reliability of the services that the hosting provides is beyond doubt. Technical support at the level, quickly responds and assists in any matters.Less


Ilia Semenov
Ilia Semenov from Ukraine,

The service introduces modern technologies.

As soon as our hardware trading company switched to hostkey, the speed of 5 sites was noticeable. There were no sorties and reboots. Thus, hostkey has great speed and better value for money. It is convenient to work with support, ...Read Moreprovides solutions for requests, even if they are not on the sites. It can be seen that the service is introducing modern technologies.Less
Nikolay Polyakov
Nikolay Polyakov from Ukraine,

I like using this hosting

I like using this hosting, there have not been any major problems in a year. Chose it because of the normal service rates and responsive technical support. High-performance GPU-based servers work stably, the prices for their servi...Read Moreces are quite adequate. Stable flexible updates and free protection against DDoS attacks, in general there are no complaints about the company, it is indeed a very high-quality and reliable platform that I like to work with.Less
Anastasia Brown
Anastasia Brown from Ukraine,

It was necessary to create an online store.

It was necessary to create an online store. This hosting service helped me very well with this task. I had a few questions about hosting, and the technical support helped me with them, they answered quickly enough. We are also hap...Read Morepy with the hosting speed. We are also glad that the hosting service has a large list of services provided. Now, if I need to create a new website, I know where to go first. I recommend hosting to everyone!Less
Vasia Pavlov
Vasia Pavlov from United States,

Excellent and sustainable work.

I opened a new online store and needed a stable high-speed hosting. I looked through a lot of hosting sites and decided to try Hostkey. I was attracted by the fact that the price is very low. But the speed is not limited by anythi...Read Moreng. There are no glitches and freezes. High performance GPU servers are doing great. Thanks to those support of the service, each client is served with high quality, and there are no complaints. The server fully complies with the stated requirements, there is a flexible update and Free protection against DDoS attacks. The best option for a good income. Rented immediately for one year, thus saving a little money. There is a choice of different types of tariffs. I recommend.Less
Sasha Voker
Sasha Voker from Russia,

I have used high-performance servers for the resealable price

I have used high-performance servers for the resealable price. The service is very necessary and practical. always helped me. So far, I have not had any failures. Very happy with their services. So far, everything suits me. The ho...Read Morestkey brand is always on top. The quality is very good. For all the time I have only positive experience with their dedicated servers. For the whole year of cooperation, there were no communication failures. The servers are stable and very reliable.Less
George Sm.
George Sm. from Russia,

Good site

I used several similar services, but only Hostkey became really irreplaceable for me. I use servers based on Intel® Xeon® E5-1650 processors. In my opinion, they are the best in terms of price and quality. I have been using it for...Read More more than 3 years, I have not noticed any strong interruptions, everything works as it should. Prices are lower than those of competitors. I recommend it for stable work!Less
alejandro chiquito
alejandro chiquito from Venezuela,

good service actually.

There have always been several issues with the service providers on the host. We are entirely happy with HOSTKEY now that we have switched over. We have more than one server, and we sometimes turn anything on or off. GPU servers i...Read Moren Russia are available from HOSTKEY at the lowest possible price. For the last year, there have been no connection problems. The servers are in a stable state. Almost any place in the globe can be reached at high speed.
I personally would ask that they improve the navigation a little since there are occasions in which it may feel that it is not going smoothly, and also that they place many more servers since that would be much better.
Michael Lavnduski

Expert Review

Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

Full Web-Services Company

Hostkey is a diverse web-services company that serves customers from throughout Russia, Europe, and the surrounding regions. They offer colocation services, cloud solutions, hosting, and other related options to individuals and companies throughout the area. With data centers and offices in Amsterdam and Russia, they are positioned to help a wide range of different people. To help boost their services and reputation, Hostkey has partnered with Microsoft, NGINX, cPanel, RETN, Huawei, AMS-IX, Serverius, DataPro, and a variety of other companies to make sure they can provide the best in class services.

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Rated by Michael Lavnduski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Hosting Environment is Very Stable

The datacenters used by Hostkey are state-of-the-art and have redundant power, network connections, cooling systems, and more. Hostkey also uses primarily name brand hardware to help avoid problems caused by faulty equipment. They don’t have an uptime guarantee, but for most people that will not be needed. If you really require the best uptime, they offer DDoS protection, server load balancing, and colocation options to help limit the risk of any type of problems.


Lots of Features to Meet Your Needs

Hostkey offers a variety of features to meet the needs of their customers. Their hosting solutions are all focused on busier sites, and they don’t have any shared hosting options. Their VPS solutions come in a variety of packages, all of which will provide customers with the level of control they need at prices they can afford. You can choose from 1-4CPU cores, 1-8 gigs of RAM, 20 to 80 gigs of disk space (all on solid state drives), and much more.

If you need something even more powerful, you can move up to the dedicated servers. They have a variety of options here too, primarily from Dell. Some of the dedicated servers are pre-made and ready to go, and others you can have custom built to meet your exact needs. All the different options will provide you with root access and the ability to use the servers for just about anything you would like.


Great Tech Support 24/7

If you ever run into any type of issue with your hosting or any of the other features they offer, the technical support team will be there to help you get through it right away. They are staffed 24/7 and can easily take a look at your system and take action fix it. They also have a helpful FAQ and knowledge base that you can read if you would like to handle any issues on your own.


Reasonable Prices at All Levels

The prices are all right in line with what you would expect based on the package features that you need. The VPS solutions start at €5 per month, and can go as high as €30 per month for the base options. You can adjust what you need, which will change the price. Dedicated servers start at €50 per month, and can go up to €307 per month for the base packages, and up further based on any additional options you want added in.

They also have ‘sale servers’ that change rapidly based on what is available. These are dedicated servers that you can get for significantly less than normal. Sometimes the servers may have slightly out of date hardware, or they are discounted for some other reason. Those who don’t need the best, but still want great control over their servers will definitely want to look into these options.

User Friendly

Focused on Higher End Users

This is one of those companies that focuses their services primarily on the higher end users. Those who already have experience running websites and other related services. This makes the systems slightly more complicated than an entry level customer might be used to. Despite that, however, everything is set up properly so that it can be figured out easily and run without issues. Their support teams are also available 24/7 so you can get help if you have any questions or concerns.


Great Hosting Option in Europe & Russia

If you need good hosting in Europe or Russia, and you want something strong like a VPS or dedicated server, this is a company you should consider. They have a strong reputation for quality, and have been growing for years. Just keep in mind that they aren’t likely for the entry level user and you should have a great experience.


  • Lots of Services
  • DDoS Protection Available
  • Reasonable Prices


  • No Shared Hosting
  • Some Services are Overly Complex

Hostkey Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Xeon E-2288G 480 GB 8 x 3.70GHz 32 GB $126.58 8.0 Details
Xeon E5-1650v4 256 GB 6 x 3.60GHz 32 GB $158.22 9.6 Details
2xXeon Silver 4214 3 TB 12 x 2.20GHz 32 GB $242.61 9.0 Details
1xTesla A100-2xXeon Silver 4212 960 GB 12 x 2.20GHz 128 GB $1,170.84 8.7 Details
VDS-1xGTX 1080 240 GB 4 x 3.50GHz 16 GB $140.64 10 Details
4xGTX 1080Ti-Xeon E-2288G 960 GB 8 x 3.70GHz 128 GB $682.11 8.7 Details
2xXeon E5-2680v2-32Gb 256 GB 20 x 3.60GHz 32 GB $154.71 8.7 Details
2xXeon E5-2680v2-256Gb 256 GB 20 x 3.60GHz 256 GB $229.71 8.7 Details
2xXeon E5-2680v2-256Gb 960 GB 20 x 3.60GHz 256 GB $441.85 8.7 Details
2xXeon E5-2680v2-64Gb 240 GB 20 x 3.60GHz 64 GB $365.67 8.7 Details

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