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Paul E

Pinned Review

Paul E,
I have had about 5 VPS with Host Hatch and they are quite good. They do not deserve the bad rating they have received here. Support is good, could be a bit quicker sometimes, especially at weekend but...Read More they always resolve things.
Network speeds are very good.
Pricing is very good.
Uptime is very good. From time to time there might be a user on the node who is getting DDOSd and this might make things slow for a minute or 2 but, it doesn't last long and remember, this is a shared VPS. If you want super 100% reliability then you would be paying closer to $50 per month with one of the best VPS providers (soft layer etc) for the same network speed and monthly traffic that you get for $5 per month with Hosthatch.


None ya business
None ya business from United Kingdom,

Awful provider

Awful provider who refuses to refund or cancel orders made.inside 7 days which is illegal and against their own terms and conditions.

Having to chargeback as support has terrible and poor atittide. Probably some little kid in a basement trying to scam people
Mark Say
Mark Say from Philippines,
Moved from Vultr

Worst hosting Providers

I cancel my service here, the network that company not . Their support might be slow ,The most worst hosting service there is. Stay away! Screwed up their customers completely my VPS Hong kong server slow connection the glass link fake connection http://lg.hkg.hosthatch.com/
Lane Jennison
Lane Jennison from United States,

Great network throughput in North America. No complaints

If you know what you're doing, and you're a low-maintenance user.. hosthatch is pretty great. No issues with support response. They've solved my issues and answered my questions in reasonable time.

Network throughput on my C...Read Morehicago and New York nodes is awesome.. Disk performance on my storage node is good.. Performance on my NVME is great.

Even my promo nodes don't seem very oversubscribed.
abbas saberi
abbas saberi from Iran,

Really Bad Support

If you want to suspend server for one days without any support, you can choose Hosthatch

Please understand that being a US-based business, we are unable to provide services to users from Iran. This is because of the US sanctions in place and something that we do not have say over. We do wish you the best.
Olsya jack
Olsya jack from United States,

Warning! hosthatch.com is a scammer, please refund money immediately.

Warning! hosthatch.com is a scammer, please refund money immediately.
They will deleted all your vps, but didn't give you a refund.
They are really thief scammer.
I will keep making a claim until refund to me.
Please remember these evil guys in hosthatch.com.
Cs A.
Cs A. from Philippines,

scammers, don't waste your time.

SCAMMERS! They offer a "14 day refund policy" as per their terms but once you've paid they refuse to honor this. I filed a cancellation request due to their service not being adequate for my requirements. So it's my fault that the...Read Moreir VPS do not have a basic feature (TUN/TAP) even if they advertise that they do? These scammers will try to get every dollar they can out of you. They'd rather respond with lengthy robotic paragraphs that mean "no refunds" (contadicting their own TOS) than give back less than $10.Less
How can you asked TUN/TAP on a KVM VPS? Everything is already in there without you asking.

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