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A few words from Hosterlabs

We are a web hosting company focused on providing our customers the best technical support available. We specialize in virtual private servers in windows and linux. We have all the technical expertise to help users develop websites, apps or any need they require with our included dedicated support.

Our company focuses on customer support and customer satisfaction. We will ...Read Morego to great extents to assure that our customers are happy. Our services are reliable, have had 0 downtime and are constantly updated. In any case a customer is unhappy he can apply to our 30-day warranty. If they are unhappy we will refund the entirety of what they paid. Also, we have technicians with 6 or more years of experience working for us. They are capable.

We will find a solution for your problems and we will help with what most providers will not. We offer 24/7 support on our shared hosting plans with 1 hour response times.

What makes this offer/these offers special:
They are affordable and directed to customer support. We focus on our customer support. So anyone with or without the technical expertise can have their website created with us. We will help the customer from the moment they buy or register with us until they stop their services with us.
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Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $0.99 - $8.99
VPS $2.99 - $34.99

Data Centers

Dany Quirion

Pinned Review

Dany Quirion,
I am very happy that I found this new Hosting vendor. It is very good deal, white gloves support provided around the clock! The Windows VPS I have picked is running very smoothly and is able to handle heavy cpu queries.

I recommend this service


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heri lukito
heri lukito from United States,

Offline Again

Today I will pay my invoice but hosterlabs.net offline..maybe scam or not we will see next day. I got message on site

This website hosterlabs.net/ is currently offline. Cloudflare's Always Online™ shows a snapshot of this we...Read Moreb page from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. To check for the live version, click Refresh.

heri lukito
heri lukito from United States,


2 days I cannot login to client area and was emailed but no replied...beware guys
waiting respond but no respon. email jacobo , support and else but no replied from them.
I got errro like below

Critical Error
SQLSTATE[42S02...Read More]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'host_whmcsadmin.tblconfiguration' doesn't exist (SQL: select * from `tblconfiguration`)Less
heri lukito
heri lukito,
Today I got email from hosterlabs

"Notice of Data Breach

heri lukito


We are writing to you because of an incident involving access to information associated with online purchases made on our website www.hoster...Read Morelabs.net. Although we are unaware of any actual misuse of your information, we are providing notice to you and other potentially affected customers about the incident, and about tools you can use to protect yourself against possible identity theft or fraud.

What Happened?

We were discovered on June 22, 2021 that our website www.hosterlabs.net experienced an intrusion the day June 21,2021. The intruder or intruders placed malware on the our servers, and by doing so gained access to our customers’ data. To date, the investigation indicates that the intrusion began around the 21st of June ca. 9 AM.

At first we noticed our website hosterlabs.net/panel/ was offline and not working. Further investigation seemed to reveal a problem with the databases, we thought they were corrupted. After further investigation we found messages from "hackers" threatening to make the information on the databases public/selling them and they asked us for money in exchange of them returning us the information, because it was deleted. We do have backups that we do on a daily basis and as such we decided not to pay any ransom. We have disaster plans and prevention on all servers and platforms. We have had false alarms of hackings in the past, hence all our systems are extremely secured but unfortunately there is nothing that can not be hacked. The hack came through our Wordpress main site hosterlabs.net/ where hackers possibly injected viruses through a vulnerability within one or more plugins we have. These vulnerabilities have been fully isolated and fixed. For now security is really tight but we will add further security in the upcoming days as well as changing how our systems are designed internally.

What information was included?

Name, Last Name, E-mail, Address and personally identifiable information.
Passwords were most likely not stolen, nevertheless, please change your passwords for your VPS/Hosting accounts and your control panel account.

No credit card information was stolen, no intrusion in any other systems took place. Please make sure to change your password in all of our services.

Is the breach fixed?

Yes we have tracked the malware and it has completely been removed from our sites.

What did you do to increase your security?

We have added further firewalls, active monitoring and we are working as of now with law enforcement to track the perpetrators of the crime. We have notified the FBI and we expect to do forensics on our servers, for which we have backed up all logs and accesses.

What kind of security do you have/ how do we know our information was protected?

Your information was protected to the best of our abilities as we have experience aiding and making sure other peoples' servers are secure. We have seen/traced/removed similar hackings from customers. Most of our servers are unreachable outside our working spaces and require special authentications. This breach was just exploiting a plugin we had on our Wordpress site. We will revise all our security policies and keep you updated.

We are really sorry about the situation and we will keep you posted at status.hosterlabs.net

Best Regards,

Hosterlabs Team
Florin Ionel
Florin Ionel from Romania,

website scam

This site can be considered a scam.
I bought a server with its420 coupon (8gb ram 6 core 105gb ssd).
I waited a day and it activated my order but not with the specifications I paid.
Now, after 3 days, he refunded me without ask...Read Moreing and closed my account for violating TOS.
I had important files on that server, I do not recommend this provider.
Dear Florin,

I am sorry you think we are a scam. Nevertheless, as a business, we need to protect ourselves from possible Fraud attempts from users that do not comply with our basic terms of service and promotion limitations

...Read MoreWe decided to close your account for several reasons, one of them was you being abusive towards our support staff. We have no tolerance for this kind of behavior.

Best Regards.
I P from United States,


Th automatic payment for the hosting failed, so our websites were suspended, we paid the services, we waiting the whole day to get it back, nothing happened, we couldn't access the cpanel, marked error contact support, support nev...Read Moreer happened, we are definitely canceling the service here, we are moving all of our websites somewhere else,Less
Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen from Canada,

Very reliable service, great performance, and helpful, prompt support

I can't say enough good things about this company. I was looking to move the hosting of my Plex server (attached to cloud storage) away from my home machine so I could share Plex with my mom and went through a couple of terrible c...Read Moreompanies who charged way too much for their service until I found Hosterlabs. Anytime I need anything I am replied to promptly, professionally and helpfully. The (dual vCPU) server runs great and is very reliable.

The pricing combined with their refund policy make trying them out a no-brainer. You won't regret it!
matthew hampton
matthew hampton from United States,

unbearably slow. unusable

Bought a VPS with 16GB of ram. The server was so unbearably slow it struggled with even hosting wordpress sites. I later went to set up a small minecraft server which gave constant out of ram errors and crashed despite only using ...Read Moreabout 6GB or my 16GB of ram. I suspect this company is majorly overprovisioning their server space. My major regret is that I paid for a full year and am outside of the refund period as I was troubleshooting wordpress for the slow loading and hadn't suspected the serverLess

Had you opened a ticket we could have helped you. Never requested a refund or credit. We would be happy to give you the credit into your account.

I think it is self explanatory that Minecraft servers do not benefit fr...Read Moreom a lot of ram. They require a high single core performance. A HDD server is not intended for this purpose. This servers are budget servers. OpenVZ lineup, so you will not benefit from our real performance. Try our KVM line up with faster CPU's, speeds and performance. You will see :)

We are not overselling our services, around this month we capped some servers for having a load >15. This might have been the case for you. We limited the number of processes you could run at any point in time to 150, for all servers. A server with a standard load should not go beyond that.

We are open to working with you. Please submit a ticket and we will help you without a doubt. Also, we are very open to giving credit to your account and a better server.

More ram is not equal to better performance. We have been having I/O issues on one single node, no RAM or CPU overselling. We are still investigating this, as this was probably the major cause of the problem.
Dany Quirion
Dany Quirion from Canada,

Amazing VPS Service

I am very happy that I found this new Hosting vendor. It is very good deal, white gloves support provided around the clock! The Windows VPS I have picked is running very smoothly and is able to handle heavy cpu queries.

I recommend this service

Hosterlabs Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Basic 20 GB 160.05 GB cPanel 1 $0.99 5.0 Details
Plus 50 GB 1 TB cPanel Unlimited $2.99 5.0 Details
Pro 200 GB 5 TB cPanel Unlimited $5.99 5.0 Details
Pro Plus 1 TB 10 TB cPanel Unlimited $8.99 5.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Windows Basic 20 GB 1 x 3.70GHz 2 GB $4.99 6.0 Details
Plus 30 GB 2 x 3.70GHz 4 GB $9.99 2.0 Details
Pro 40 GB 3 x 3.70GHz 8 GB $14.99 6.0 Details
Pro Plus 50 GB 4 x 3.70GHz 16 GB $34.99 5.0 Details
Basic Linux 20 GB 1 x 3.70GHz 2 GB $2.99 4.0 Details
Plus 30 GB 2 x 3.70GHz 4 GB $5.99 5.0 Details
Pro Plus 40 GB 3 x 3.70GHz 6 GB $9.99 5.0 Details
Pro Plus 50 GB 3 x 3.70GHz 8 GB $24.99 5.0 Details

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