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Shared Hosting $3.95 - $7.95
VPS $54.95 - $104.95

Data Centers

Juan Carlos Pedraza B

Pinned Review

Juan Carlos Pedraza B,
Thanks for all the help Anastacia, thanks for your knowledge and patience!!! Thanks Hostexcellence for all the help, Hostexcellence is a very important partner in my job! thanks!


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Service Used
MEEX INTERNATIONAL from United States,


NO CALLS OR EMAILS were send before they went out of business ,
SURPRISINGLY all their websites and everything is active in the cyberworld
NO Negative reviews except the one.
how can we report this BBB or CYBER cells of their inactivity.
Deborah Stewart
Deborah Stewart from United States,


HostExcellence may be going out of business!! I have been a loyal customer for 15+ years but my sites have been down for the last 2 months and there is NO phone support, NO ticket support and minimal chat support. They say they ha...Read Moreve been sold to site5.com and domains are bring migrated. Neither Site5 nor HE can tell me why my sites are down or WHEN they will be migrated and back up. I paid for 2 years only 6 months ago so now I guess I'm losing several hundred dollars and must now rescue and move all of my and my clients domains. AVOID THIS HOSTING COMPANY!!Less
Kurt Bingham
Kurt Bingham from United States,

10 Years without any issues

Cool. Thanks to HE. Been with you guys for what...almost 10 years now? Keep up the good work, team. I've never had a problem I could not solve with a phone call or ticket creation.
Juan Carlos Pedraza B
Juan Carlos Pedraza B from Colombia,

Hostexcellence is a very important partner in my job

Thanks for all the help Anastacia, thanks for your knowledge and patience!!! Thanks Hostexcellence for all the help, Hostexcellence is a very important partner in my job! thanks!

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Hosting

Good hosting for entry level to mid-sized sites

Host Excellense is a well established hosting company that is focused primarily on shared hosting solutions. They do have some VPS options to choose from, but no dedicated servers or other high end solutions.  They operate out of the US, and have offices in the US and Ukraine.

All of their shared hosting services provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with some other nice features.  They are clearly focused on attracting price conscious customers since they are inexpensive compared to most other companies.  Despite this, however, they do have fairly good services with only minor complaints from customers.

Overall this is a very nice entry level hosting option and will more than meet the needs of anyone who is just looking for a simple website without too many extras. Even some mid-sized sites will have a good experience with their VPS options.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Surprisingly reliable hosting services

Most people won't have any complaints about the reliability of this companies hosting services.  They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and provide hosting credits in the event that they fall below that level.  You will, of course, have to submit a ticket in order to get those credits applied to your account.

There have been some customers on their shared accounts that have complained about slow load times and similar issues.  This typically points to a company that is overselling their shared hosting servers.  Of course, it could just be a fluke as this is hard to determine, especailly with a company that is this size.


Good services tailored to their target audiance

Most people will be satisifed with the services that are included in all of their packages.  They do provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space, which is a nice perk that many companies are moving away from. all of their hosting packages also offer a nice control panel.  For shared users this is an internal solution, but VPS customers do get to use their choice of cPanel or Plesk.

Everyone will have access to scripts to quickly install WordPress or other common CMSs.  They will also get access to their site builder program, a suite of free web templates and even a free SSL certificate.


Better than expected support options

When companies are focusing on shared hosting and other lower end options they often cut back on the support they provide, but that is not the case with Host Excellence.  They actually offer 24/7 live customer support, and even have both a US and and an international number available. Their online ticketing system is nice and they typically respond quite quickly to most issues you may face.

They have a nice blog section that is updated not only with helpful tips and information, but also lets you know if they are having any type of server issues or other problems that may be causing your site problems.


Low prices to target entry level hosting

All of the prices from this company are lower than most of the competition.  They are clearly targeting those who are just looking for basic hosting solutions and don't want to pay for all the extras.  While this does leave something to be desired for sites that are looking to grow out of basic hosting, it is perfect for the large number of people who are just looking for basic, entry level hosting services.


Good speed at most levels. Some reports of problems

Overall the customers of this company report that the speed that their sites are loading is quite fast.  There have been some people who complained of problems in this area, but for the most part people seem to be satisfied with load times.  Since they have data centers in multiple areas, this can help to ensure the servers are close to the customers, which is always nice.


Very nice entry level hosting option

While this isn't a top of the line hosting company and they are missing some key services, they do not claim to be targeting the type of customers who will need them.  If you are looking for a high end hosting solution, this isn't it.  If you just need the basics and you don't want to spend too much money for it, Host Excellence is a great option to consider.


  • Low prices
  • Packages include everything you'll need for simple sites
  • Some nice features for entry level users


  • No dedicated servers
  • Some reports of slow load times

Host Excellence Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Basic Plan Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3.95 5.5 Details
Business Plan Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $7.95 2.0 Details
Ultimate Business Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $7.95 5.5 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
H4 50 GB - 768 MB $54.95 5.5 Details
H4W 50 GB - 768 MB $69.95 5.5 Details
H8 100 GB - 2 GB $89.95 5.5 Details
H8W 100 GB - 2 GB $104.95 5.5 Details

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