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Shared Hosting $1.77 - $18.53
VPS $4.32 - $55.32
Dedicated Server $43.24 - $276.06

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Massimo Fabio

Pinned Review

Massimo Fabio,
I've used their dedicated server offering for almost a year; I've also tinkered with their interesting cloud offerings.

I currently have four dedicated servers with them, one from their Dell offeri...Read Moreng and three auction boxes. These servers are an essential part of my infrastructure. For a while I've used their AX line too. I offer managed mail, hosting and various cloud services using their infrastructure for some small and medium-sized enterprises in southern Europe.

I have been really satisfied so far and I can't pick a vote that's any different from a 10/10.

I've used OVH and Online.net in the past, along with some minor local providers I still use. I've been pretty dissatisfied by both OVH and Online.net (before their recent "rebranding" as "Online by Scaleway") so I hopped on Hetzner when they started to remove any data limit on their dedicated server lines, along with the 1Gbps port.

Their "Cloud" interface is really nice and intuitive, it's a really convenient product for testing and tinkering.
Even if their "cloud" products feature a (capped) 10Gbps port, I haven't incorporated their cloud offering for "production" services since there's no guarantee of assistance in case of emergency outside of working hours (i.e. weekends).

The "Robot" interface (used to administer their dedicated servers offerings) needs some revamping but to me, it's intuitive enough.
Ticket handling could be a little bizarre if compared with some other companies. You may open a ticket through their Robot interface, then the ticket is handled entirely via mail. No traces of current or past tickets nor their status will pop up in the Robot interface. For each ticket you'll first receive a "Guten tag, we've received your ticket" confirmation via mail and then (usually, within ~20 minutes) a human reply. Replies are always short but accurate and precise.
There's always someone in their DCs ready to perform some maintenance and to provide you with a KVM 24/7. Their cheaper dedicated servers don't have IPMI/iDRAC9 so a KVM could be necessary to perform some tasks. The KVM (Lantronix) is free for three consecutive hours.
They provide a Rescue system, generally it's a live Debian distro (the Debian version can be chosen for this environment). A vKVM is available as well.

Some of their more expensive servers include a separated backup storage, check the conditions they currently apply on their site.

Keep an eye on their wiki, it seems it's more detailed and on-point than some sections of their current site. Some recommended pages: https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Auftragsbearbeitung/en , https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Root_Server_Hardware/en

They provide you with a free monitoring system, capable e.g. to ping or test http/https on your servers every 3 minutes (or more). In case of failure a mail can be sent to multiple contacts. While certainly you wouldn't rely on their internal monitoring system only, it's a nice thing to have.
They also provide you with a simple basic firewall in the Robot interface, in case you want to block some ports completely no matter what's the config of the firewall on your box ( see https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Robot_Firewall/en )

Invoicing is convenient, happens once a month for all your services. VAT is correctly handled for B2B infra-European invoices, my accountant is happy.

Not so long ago, they turned down some potential customers and this caused some bad reviews: cheap servers always attract some "undesirable" ones and they wanted to weed out that kind of traffic. Sometimes they asked/ask for some ID card (eventually with a blurred/censored photo) upon registration and this raised some concerns among some potential customers, especially non-European ones. It has to be said that the German data protection laws are pretty strict and they always claimed to immediately discard (without saving) any ID scan perspective customer sent them; anyway recently they started to allow perspective customers to bypass this verification procedure if the new client accepts to pre-pay something like 20€ (I'm not 100% sure about the amount)

I'm using their IP space for mails too and it's clean. Torrents and Tor exit nodes are not tolerated, this contributes in keeping the IP reputation a little bit more in the clear if compared to some known French providers... along with that, German laws obviously apply so, generally speaking, adult hosting and some kind of hate speech is more ore less forbidden.

I'm in both Nuremberg and Falkenstein/Vogtland. Both these locations have good latency within Europe, traffic is usually routed via Frankfurt.
They recently (~1 year ago) started a DC in Tuusula, near Helsinki, in Finland. Prices for new servers in that location is usually 5€+VAT less than in their German DCs. Traffic for their Finnish location seems to be mainly routed through their backbone and eventually via Frankfurt , this could results in some additional +~20ms latency. I've haven't tested this recently anyway.

They seem to constantly expand their peering, check https://www.hetzner.com/unternehmen/rechenzentrum/ and https://www.peeringdb.com/net/1766 ; it seems they recently added LINX LON1 too, even if currently (I'm writing this in July 2019) it hasn't been announced yet on their site or on their newsletter.


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Mateo Gómez-Plana Galiana
Mateo Gómez-Plana Galiana from Spain,

Great cloud/infrastructure provider

We use a blend of their products such as dedicated server and vps servers and so far, we are extremely pleased with the service. The support team is helpful but a 24/7 general purpose live chat would be a nice addition. Unlike oth...Read Moreer provider hetzner focuses mostly on the european market and the addition of new location (Which they own) would be nice in order to have dedicated servers across the world. That being said, We would recommend hetzner without a doubt.Less
Leena Torvalds
Leena Torvalds from Croatia,

Non-existing support, very bad quality hardware, complete nightmare

Not a paid review. Had a dedicated server with Hetzner, as soon as I received the server it had issues. But it took OVER 30 mails for the support to decide and help me.

Here's the longer explanation of what happened.

I'm hos...Read Moreting an image upload service with about ~5k images uploaded every day and ~100k views per day. It was time to move off VPS at another hosting company, which began to be slow and it needed more disk space. I chose Hetzner dedicated server due to their good price. Ordered the server with two disks in RAID1, received it swiftly and installed CentOS.

After about 1.5 day after full migration, got a notification the server is unresponsive. It was completely down, so hard reset the server from panel, investigated the issue but there was nothing interesting in logs. It happened once again in about 8 hours. Contacted support and said something is wrong with the server, and they insisted i have configured the server incorrectly. It started happening multiple times a day. Ran a disk check which reported that everything is fine. At all times I was in contact with support. Over the next 15 days I constantly contacted them saying something is wrong with the server and supported with generic answers. About 3 days before the server expired (that's about 25-26 days into the plan), support finally answered that they will physically take the disks out and check their health. They asked when can they turn the machine off - well, anytime since.. it doesn't even work correctly for almost a month. Few hours later they came back with the information that BOTH disks were faulty. They said they'll replace the disks, so they replaced them, had to install everything again but.. I am missing data since it was on those disks that they removed. Had to contact my previous hosting to give me a backup of data which sadly they remove after 30 days. Finally, Hetzner plugged in one disk and I copied from old disk what was there. Then, the server was working for few days.

I got to host a friends site on that server. The site was threatened by a local guy he would ddos it. We even chatted over skype where he admitted ddosing. He even was ddosing from his server in Hetzner. So I immediately contacted Hetzner and said I'm receiving ddos from one of their clients, they asked logs, I sent logs, they asked more logs, I sent more logs.. over 20 mails was exchanged for them to do nothing. Their client from their server from their network ddosing me, they can see the router logs, they got tcpdump and netstat logs from me and - they ignored me. They even asked me 3 times to send the logs, which I already sent them. I don't know, there seem to work some kind of morons. The only good thing they have is price, nothing else. It's not worth to destroy your own business over smaller price.
Dennis Chumak
Dennis Chumak from Estonia,

The worth product ever

I had an issue with security. My data was stolen from their site. The company reflected any requests and even do not want to speak. The service and product are really bad. Do not use it
Hetzner Online
Hetzner Online,
Hi Dennis, Could you please give me more information about your case? For example, could you tell me which kind of product you were using and perhaps give me a ticket number?
If you were using one of our unmanaged products (dedic...Read Moreated root server or cloud server), then you were the server's administrator and were completely responsible for the security on your server. We recommend that only customers who already have experience doing server administration use these products. Customers with less experience may accidentally make a mistake that leaves their server vulnerable to attack. If your server was used to attack other servers, we may have needed to lock your server and account to prevent abuse and crime.
Or maybe something else happened. I am not sure without more information.
Perhaps you can give me more information so I can ask a colleague to look at your case. Thanks in advance! --Katie
Volodymyr Lee
Volodymyr Lee from Ukraine,

Worst service I've ever experienced from a hosting provider.

Worst service I've ever experienced from a hosting provider.
Even though I had purchased an expensive cloud hosting from their company, I was not allowed to use mail service. I had no explanation for the reason!
I would never suggest this company to anyone!
The company support Putin's war
Hetzner Online
Hetzner Online,
Hi Volodymyr, I am sorry you had a negative experience with us. Unfortunately, email spammers and scammers like to use cloud hosting providers. And we at Hetzner naturally want to prevent this. That's why we block ports 25 and 465...Read More by default on all cloud servers. This is a very common practice in the cloud hosting industry because it prevents abuse. We want to build trust with our new customers before we unblock these mail ports. Once customers have been with us for a month and paid their first invoice, they can create a limit request to unblock these ports for a valid use case. In the request, customers can tell us details about their use case. We make decisions on a case-by-case basis. It depends a lot on what exactly customers want to do.

As an alternative, you can also use port 587 to send emails via external mail delivery services. Port 587 is not blocked and can be used without sending a limit request. --Katie
Vadim Rozov

Hetzner officially supports russia invasion of Ukraine.

Hetzner officially supports russia invasion of Ukraine. Don't recommend their services with blood on the hands! No reliable! Ukraine foreign office is their customer and they downed their website without explanation in the situation every body's known
Nick Simonov
Nick Simonov from Ukraine,

this company supports the war

The company supports Russian aggression against Ukraine. Blocks websites that host information about the war. Continues to work with Russia. and ignores all appeals

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

German hosting company

Hetzner is a hosting company based in Germany.  The company appears to have won quite a few awards including the GreenIT best practice award 2011, Bayerns Best 50 in 2012, and EMEA 2012 finalists.  That being said, however, their website is very simple and poorly designed, which is unfortunate. They do offer a number of different services that will likely meet your needs, and they have hosting based in Germany, which will be nice for many companies who are targeting that country or anywhere in Europe.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Not much information on uptime

I looked through their site and could not find any type of uptime guarantee or an approximate history of their uptime.  They do seem to use high quality hardware and data center facilities, which will likely limit any issues.  When I looked for reviews, and on their social media pages I did not find any indication that they are having any significant issues.  There was one person who commented that his site was down, but no matter how good the hosting is, you will have at least a few people complaining.


Plenty of hosting options

This company offers basic shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting options.  They also have colocation options, domain registration and more.  Most of the features in each package they offer are fairly standard.  One really weird thing about their packages is they offer them based on levels, but not in a normal way.  For example, the entry level package is Level 1, but the next step up is Level 4 and then they jump to Level 9.  This just makes the whole thing more confusing than is needed. There are limits on disk space and transfer volume, though bandwidth does become unlimited after the level 1 package.  Most everything you could want in a package will be included at no extra charge, which is nice.


Good quality support features

This company has a lot of options when it comes to getting the support you need.  You can email them directly, or use their 'email support robot' which can answer many issues.  THey also have a lot of documentation avaialble to help you with self-service. If you want to talk to a real person, they have a ticketing system that gets quick responses.  Overall, they do a good job of supporting the hosting that they provide.


Fair pricing model

The prices are in Euros and are pretty much either in line with industry standards or slightly lower.  Level 1 starts at 1.90 Euro per month, and then the highest level of shared hosting is $19.90 Euro per month.  This includes the 19% VAT, which makes the pricing even more acceptable.  Overall, however, there is not much to complain about regarding their pricing structure.


Overall nice hosting option

When you look at their site you may think that they are a very basic/simple hosting company because of the design.  It looks like they created the website years ago and never had it updated.  Once you get past that, however, you can see that they offer a good service at a fair price.  If you are looking for German based hosting, this isn't a bad option to consider. Pros:

  • Fair prices
  • Easy to understand features
  • Won multiple awards


  • Outdated looking site
  • No uptime guarantee

Hetzner Online Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Web hosting level 1 2 GB 10.24 GB Unlimited $1.77 3.0 Details
Web hosting level 4 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited $4.56 2.0 Details
Web hosting level 9 25 GB Unlimited Unlimited $9.22 3.6 Details
Web hosting level 19 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited $18.53 5.2 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
CX10 25 GB 1 core 1 GB $4.32 4.9 Details
CX20 50 GB 2 cores 2 GB $7.65 4.5 Details
CX30 100 GB 2 cores 4 GB $13.19 4.5 Details
CX40 200 GB 2 cores 8 GB $22.06 4.2 Details
CX50 400 GB 4 cores 16 GB $33.15 9.6 Details
CX60 600 GB 8 cores 32 GB $55.32 6.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
EX40 3.91 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $45.66 3.3 Details
EX40-SSD 480 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $54.97 4.3 Details
EX40-Hybrid 3.91 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $64.27 5.2 Details
EX41 7.81 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $43.24 6.6 Details
EX41-SSD 1000 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $43.24 5.6 Details
EX41S 3.91 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 64 GB $43.24 5.4 Details
EX41S-SSD 500 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 64 GB $43.24 9.2 Details
EX51 7.81 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 64 GB $54.33 7.6 Details
EX51-SSD 1000 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 64 GB $54.33 5.3 Details
PX61 7.81 TB 4 x 3.60GHz 64 GB $65.42 2.0 Details
PX61-SSD 960 GB 4 x 3.60GHz 64 GB $65.42 7.1 Details
PX61-NVMe 1 TB 4 x 3.60GHz 64 GB $65.42 6.3 Details
PX91 3.91 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 128 GB $101.56 7.6 Details
PX91-SSD 480 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 128 GB $101.56 5.2 Details
PX121 7.81 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 256 GB $129.50 5.2 Details
PX121-SSD 960 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 256 GB $129.50 3.6 Details
SX61 23.4 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $76.49 5.2 Details
SX131 58.6 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 64 GB $187.36 5.2 Details
SX291 87.89 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 128 GB $276.06 5.2 Details
DX141 960 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 64 GB $120.84 2.0 Details
DX151 960 GB 8 x 2.10GHz 64 GB $143.02 5.2 Details
DX291 960 GB 8 x 2.10GHz 128 GB $209.40 5.2 Details
MC40 200 GB 2 cores 8 GB $54.33 3.4 Details
MX90 5.86 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 16 GB $92.23 5.2 Details
MX90-SSD 480 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 16 GB $92.23 2.0 Details
MX121 7.81 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 32 GB $120.17 5.2 Details
MX120-SSD 480 GB 4 x 3.30GHz 32 GB $120.17 5.2 Details
MX151-SSD 1000 GB 6 x 3.20GHz 64 GB $148.13 5.2 Details

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