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Shared Hosting $1.96 - $20.52
VPS $4.79 - $61.27
Dedicated Server $47.89 - $305.71

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Olivier Lesire

Pinned Review

Olivier Lesire,
My CS-Cart (eCommerce) websites are on a fully managed server (MX90-SSD) for more than 6 months (since 1st October 2017).

Before Hetzner, I was hosted for 17 years at Pair.com, and needed to get so...Read Moreme more speed boost to my French customers and market. I searched for 5 years a reliable hosting company in Europe for a Managed Server at good price.

During these 5 years of research, I sent a myriad of requests for quotes. I tested some big guys.

Last year, I tested a British hosting company. It was a perfect "Fully Managed Server" only on paper, because "I, and only I" was the real admin of this server. Support was perfect, BUT technicians do NOTHING on the server: They only HELP you to do what you need or what you want. I spent to much time to run the daily jobs to secure, update, backup... All by myself. It was much too worries and too much time consuming.

More, backup was NOT free. When you are admin of a server, you need to backup the full of the server's HD or SSD. This way, server price was twice expensive when you select daily backup. It was much too expensive.

Finaly I found Hetzner. I firstly tested with a NON managed, dedicated root NVME and signed with a "Server Management Services" from USA. Big mistake, those guys failed to succeed to setup server. Next, I tried another "Server Management Services" from India. Same impossibility. Hetzner refunded my money after my trying with no question.

One month later, I signed at Hetzner for a "Fully Managed Server" without any hope. What a happy surprise! Everything works well. Without any worries. Without any sily and daily time consuming jobs.

I am delighted, speed there. In one word: Fastest of my many tries. My product pages load time are now under one second. Yes, under 1 second to display my product pages on a computer with ADSL connection from France.

I only contacted support one time about SSL certificate installation at the beginning of my contract (October 2017). Yes, it is quite strange, but everything is working well (I hope it will continue for a long time). So, no need to contact support.

What I love the most at Hetzner:

1 - This is a REAL Fully Managed server: Nothing to worry about installation, configuration, upgrading, securing... Worry free. Time and worries saving.

2 - Price is surprisingly low with value for money "price / speed" extremely pleasant.

3 - Free and Automatic 14 days Backup. Yes, really free, while many competitors charge for backups, at Hetzner it's free. I saved a lot of time thanks this backup service. I can now run my nightly websites maintenance with no worry. If the upgrade goes wrong, I get back my last website version within minutes.

4 - PHP Configuration: First of all, you can select any PHP release in a click of mouse. Also, you can turn ON / OFF APC, ImageMagick, zend_extension, Ioncube Loader, Source Guardian, eAccelerator, Zend Guard, OPcache and XDebug in a mouse click. You can setup mbstring.func_overload, memory_limit, max_execution_time, upload_max_filesize, max_file_uploads and max_input_vars the same easy way. I can test any new PHP configuration without open any file (and get back at the last confiuration if something goes wrong) all that at light speed.

Only one piece of information for Hetzner:

I'm waiting for the same Fully Managed Server with a NVME disk and an i7-8700 or an i9 processor for even more speed at the same low price.


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Christopher Hunt

Terrible host who uses unethical billing

This host provided a problemas server. When they could not fix it I cancelled all services. Though cancellation was confirmed in my account, they continued billing me. I assumed this was a mistake and asked them to review my cance...Read Morellation date and refund the charges. Instead their customer service refused to even look at the proof I presented, and even though I asked them to make absolutely sure the account was cancelled In their system, they continued to bill me!! I refused to pay these new charges as well as old after cancellation. They immediately sent my bill to a collection agency AND continued to bill me! After looking into it I have found this is a common practice with Hetzner. Stay far away from them unless you don’t mind being extorted by criminals. That’s what they are.Less
Jacob K
Jacob K from Czech Republic,

Self-managed VPS

Tragical payment process flow, very very bad support and comunication skills, they changed user login email without any notification before or ajdustment why they do that. I am very disappointed and hopefully this service will be better.
Guy Patrickson
Guy Patrickson from Israel,

Keep away from fire and from Hetzner

Unless of course you like online bureaucracy.

Imagine your "favourite" government agency, where in every visit you make you have to wait in long queues, go through an obscure and tedious process and be lost in a maze of repres...Read Moreentatives and bureaucracy.
That is the essence of Hetzner. Hezner skipped all the easy check-ins, easy subscribe, easy cancel revolution and went with hard to check-in, hard to subscribe/pay, hard to cancel approach.
If you like this approach, by all means, join Hezner. Otherwise, buyers beware.
joseph Ibra
joseph Ibra from Indonesia,

stiupd company better avoid

you keep reject people accounts or you cancel without any notice what kind of service is this trash???
don't start the same story "we try to keep everyone safe we are responsable bla bla bla blaaaa f**k you and your service there always an alternative, motherf***ers don't feel high .
Jeffrey Hathaway
Jeffrey Hathaway from United States,

Horrible Billing, Horrible Staff, Horrible Network

One day I could no longer log into hetzner. Reset password? Nadda. Contact support? You must do it from the customer panel you can not log into. Needless to say you cannot cancel the product. However Hetzner will keep billing your...Read More dedicated servers for 45-60 days after your due date. HEck. They turn you off on roughly day 45 apparently and bill you for 60. Every other webhost terminates service after 5 days max and begins the recycle process. Not these guys, they keep denying you access to the portal, continue to bill you, and then send a collections company after you. OH and the best part? The collections company wants about 25% more, they have some horrible exchange currency fees. They do claim the service is post-paid which is odd, because when you order, it collects your money up front. So in reality, the service is pre-paid but they always tack on an extra month of profit to cancellations. Extremely shady, but as a US citizen, I can find not any entity in Germany that will take a complaint because I am not a germen citizen.

Now that I finished my billing rant. The network sucks, it is slow, you MIGHT see 50 mbps on the 1G connection, but don;t hold your breath. you often see 1-10 mbps. Support however says all is fine.
banji seun
banji seun from Nigeria,

Account rejected and deactivated with no reasons

I didn't believe it after reading so many negative reviews here until I tried Hezner. Sign up as a new customer and provide the required company registration documentation. My account was rejected and deactivated for no apparent r...Read Moreeason. All of the negative feedback about Hezner is accurate. Hezner has a bias against clients from specific countries. Here is the message I received:

Dear Sir or Madam

After reviewing your updated customer information, we have decided to deactivate your account because of some concerns we have regarding this information. Therefore, we have cancelled all your existing products and orders with us.

Best regards

Your Hetzner Online Team
Hetzner Online
Hetzner Online,
Hi, we accept customers from all around the world.
Some countries are rated with a higher risk, but we do not reject orders based only on countries.There are occassionally things in people's account information that look unusual,...Read More even if they are accurate.
So you might think we are a bit too careful, but actually we are trying to be responsible.

We reject orders that look fake from Germany, European countries, and elsewhere in the world. We reject hundreds of fake orders every week. Because we receive so many, we must make quick decisions and use our best judgement. We do not reject anyone to be mean or hurtful.
JOE DOE from Sweden,

Unable to manage intrusion attempts

Frequently reported intrusion attempts from this supplier's IP-range, but unable/unwilling to take actions as other ISPs do. ISPs in general work hard to eliminate poor behaviour on the net - not Hetzner!

Let us work together to sanitise Internet from frauds and criminal activities.
E Riccardi
E Riccardi from United Kingdom,

Robot Customer Service

"No", "Go back to the queue and wait two weeks.". Here, see the papers, I am a reputable company with perfect track record... "No, go back to the queue and wait months."

Their rule about mail servers is archaic, but their custo...Read Moremer service is even worst. Glad to know about it, early on.
Their firewall is not good either. Plenty of false positives.
Michael Levanduski

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski

Expert Overview

German hosting company

Hetzner is a hosting company based in Germany.  The company appears to have won quite a few awards including the GreenIT best practice award 2011, Bayerns Best 50 in 2012, and EMEA 2012 finalists.  That being said, however, their website is very simple and poorly designed, which is unfortunate. They do offer a number of different services that will likely meet your needs, and they have hosting based in Germany, which will be nice for many companies who are targeting that country or anywhere in Europe.

Read More
Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Not much information on uptime

I looked through their site and could not find any type of uptime guarantee or an approximate history of their uptime.  They do seem to use high quality hardware and data center facilities, which will likely limit any issues.  When I looked for reviews, and on their social media pages I did not find any indication that they are having any significant issues.  There was one person who commented that his site was down, but no matter how good the hosting is, you will have at least a few people complaining.


Plenty of hosting options

This company offers basic shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting options.  They also have colocation options, domain registration and more.  Most of the features in each package they offer are fairly standard.  One really weird thing about their packages is they offer them based on levels, but not in a normal way.  For example, the entry level package is Level 1, but the next step up is Level 4 and then they jump to Level 9.  This just makes the whole thing more confusing than is needed. There are limits on disk space and transfer volume, though bandwidth does become unlimited after the level 1 package.  Most everything you could want in a package will be included at no extra charge, which is nice.


Good quality support features

This company has a lot of options when it comes to getting the support you need.  You can email them directly, or use their 'email support robot' which can answer many issues.  THey also have a lot of documentation avaialble to help you with self-service. If you want to talk to a real person, they have a ticketing system that gets quick responses.  Overall, they do a good job of supporting the hosting that they provide.


Fair pricing model

The prices are in Euros and are pretty much either in line with industry standards or slightly lower.  Level 1 starts at 1.90 Euro per month, and then the highest level of shared hosting is $19.90 Euro per month.  This includes the 19% VAT, which makes the pricing even more acceptable.  Overall, however, there is not much to complain about regarding their pricing structure.


Overall nice hosting option

When you look at their site you may think that they are a very basic/simple hosting company because of the design.  It looks like they created the website years ago and never had it updated.  Once you get past that, however, you can see that they offer a good service at a fair price.  If you are looking for German based hosting, this isn't a bad option to consider. Pros:

  • Fair prices
  • Easy to understand features
  • Won multiple awards


  • Outdated looking site
  • No uptime guarantee

Hetzner Online Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Web hosting level 1 2 GB 10.24 GB Unlimited $1.96 3.4 Details
Web hosting level 4 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited $5.06 2.0 Details
Web hosting level 9 25 GB Unlimited Unlimited $10.21 5.3 Details
Web hosting level 19 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited $20.52 6.5 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
CX10 25 GB 1 core 1 GB $4.79 5.1 Details
CX20 50 GB 2 cores 2 GB $8.48 4.5 Details
CX30 100 GB 2 cores 4 GB $14.61 4.5 Details
CX40 200 GB 2 cores 8 GB $24.43 4.0 Details
CX50 400 GB 4 cores 16 GB $36.71 9.6 Details
CX60 600 GB 8 cores 32 GB $61.27 6.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
EX40 3.91 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $50.56 3.3 Details
EX40-SSD 480 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $60.87 5.9 Details
EX40-Hybrid 3.91 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $71.18 5.3 Details
EX41 7.81 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $47.89 6.6 Details
EX41-SSD 1000 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $47.89 5.6 Details
EX41S 3.91 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 64 GB $47.89 5.4 Details
EX41S-SSD 500 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 64 GB $47.89 9.2 Details
EX51 7.81 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 64 GB $60.16 7.6 Details
EX51-SSD 1000 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 64 GB $60.16 3.9 Details
PX61 7.81 TB 4 x 3.60GHz 64 GB $72.44 2.0 Details
PX61-SSD 960 GB 4 x 3.60GHz 64 GB $72.44 7.1 Details
PX61-NVMe 1 TB 4 x 3.60GHz 64 GB $72.44 6.3 Details
PX91 3.91 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 128 GB $112.47 7.6 Details
PX91-SSD 480 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 128 GB $112.47 5.3 Details
PX121 7.81 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 256 GB $143.41 5.3 Details
PX121-SSD 960 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 256 GB $143.41 3.6 Details
SX61 23.4 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB $84.71 5.3 Details
SX131 58.6 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 64 GB $207.48 5.3 Details
SX291 87.89 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 128 GB $305.71 5.3 Details
DX141 960 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 64 GB $133.82 5.3 Details
DX151 960 GB 8 x 2.10GHz 64 GB $158.38 5.3 Details
DX291 960 GB 8 x 2.10GHz 128 GB $231.89 5.3 Details
MC40 200 GB 2 cores 8 GB $60.16 3.4 Details
MX90 5.86 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 16 GB $102.14 5.3 Details
MX90-SSD 480 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 16 GB $102.14 2.0 Details
MX121 7.81 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 32 GB $133.08 5.3 Details
MX120-SSD 480 GB 4 x 3.30GHz 32 GB $133.08 5.3 Details
MX151-SSD 1000 GB 6 x 3.20GHz 64 GB $164.04 5.3 Details

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