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Customer score for Hetzner Online

  • Reliability
    5.7 / 10
  • Pricing
    6.8 / 10
  • User Friendly
    5.6 / 10
  • Support
    5.3 / 10
  • Features
    5.9 / 10

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Cătălin - iGamer
  • Reliability10
  • Pricing8
  • User Friendly10
  • Support8
  • Features8

Good and cheap dedicated servers

Service used: Dedicated Server
I actually use 1 server from server bid, which is 33 euros (+ romanian 19% vat) and it works very good. I don't know why this company is hated, but they are really ok..
  • Reliability2
  • Pricing2
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features2

Not reliable company

Service used: VPS - CX60
Their server is okay. i have no complaint against their servers. i have used two server over 1.5 years and paid all my invoices timely. but two month ago suddenly i saw "expired card" declined message. my card has validity till 2...Read More
Hetzner Online
Hi there, I'm very sorry that you feel let down by our staff and our payment system. We work hard to constantly improve our payment systems, and other interfaces that our customers use. Thank you for your feedback. --Julia, Marketing
Gilberto Ferraz Jr
  • Reliability10
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly4
  • Support8
  • Features10

Not a great experience for me, but Hetzner support was very professional

Service used: Dedicated Server
Wanting to haver a personal seedbox/plex online server, I decided to have a go at one of Hetzner auctions and ended up renting a dedicated Intel Xeon E3-1245V2, 2x HDD SATA 3,0 TB Enterprise, 4x RAM 4096 MB DDR3 ECC with 1 Gbit in...Read More
Julia, Marketing at Hetzner Online
Julia, Marketing at Hetzner Online
Hi Gilberto, thanks for the updated review. We really appreciate your honest and constructive feedback.
Volodymyr Kyrpychov
  • Reliability2
  • Pricing2
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features2

Terrible company - never rely on them

Service used: VPS - CX40
Want to share my experience about renting CX40 server.
Got a situation which destroyed my business and plans for future.
I delayed payment an invoice when travelling in China and received a message that contract is terminated.
...Read More
Julia, Marketing at Hetzner Online
Julia, Marketing at Hetzner Online
Hi Volodymyr, I'm very sorry that you lost your data. We're generally recommending to our customers to make backups of their server data regularly, especially if there is customer data involved. That way you could just recreate th...Read More
Volodymyr Kyrpychov
Volodymyr Kyrpychov
Hi, Julia -

Please read me message correctly. I say that I delayed payment of invoice for several days while travelling in China and limited access to internet. But instead of temporary stopping the service you DESTROYED all my...Read More
Julia, Marketing at Hetzner Online
Julia, Marketing at Hetzner Online
Hi again, thanks for your reply. You pasted a copy of your conversation with our support member. Please remove the name of our coworker. We'd like to protect the privacy of our coworker. Thanks in advance.

Also, I looked into y...Read More
Roger Peltonen
  • Reliability10
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly10
  • Support10
  • Features10

Very reliable virtual server

Service used: VPS - CX10
I have used Hetzner for a year. I am hosting a few small sites on the CX11 vps package. So far I have had 100% uptime and no technical problems. I was running Debian 8+lamp on my previous host and I had random server shutdowns a f...Read More
Julia, Marketing at Hetzner Online
Julia, Marketing at Hetzner Online
Hi Roger, thank you for this wonderful review. We really appreciate it.

Typical Hetzner Online Prices

Service Monthly Price Range
Shared Hosting $1.86 - $19.51 4 plans
VPS $4.55 - $58.23 6 plans
Dedicated Server $45.52 - $290.59 28 plans
The Services & Prices are taken from www.hetzner.com

Hetzner Online Expert Review 2019

Written by: Michael Lavnduski

Hetzner Online Rating

  • Reliability
    5 / 10
  • Pricing
    9 / 10
  • User Friendly
    3 / 10
  • Support
    6 / 10
  • Features
    5 / 10
Rated by Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

German hosting company

Hetzner is a hosting company based in Germany.  The company appears to have won quite a few awards including the GreenIT best practice award 2011, Bayerns Best 50 in 2012, and EMEA 2012 finalists.  That being said, however, their website is very simple and poorly designed, which is unfortunate. They do offer a number of different services that will likely meet your needs, and they have hosting based in Germany, which will be nice for many companies who are targeting that country or anywhere in Europe.

Uptime & Reliability

Not much information on uptime

I looked through their site and could not find any type of uptime guarantee or an approximate history of their uptime.  They do seem to use high quality hardware and data center facilities, which will likely limit any issues.  When I looked for reviews, and on their social media pages I did not find any indication that they are having any significant issues.  There was one person who commented that his site was down, but no matter how good the hosting is, you will have at least a few people complaining.


Plenty of hosting options

This company offers basic shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting options.  They also have colocation options, domain registration and more.  Most of the features in each package they offer are fairly standard.  One really weird thing about their packages is they offer them based on levels, but not in a normal way.  For example, the entry level package is Level 1, but the next step up is Level 4 and then they jump to Level 9.  This just makes the whole thing more confusing than is needed. There are limits on disk space and transfer volume, though bandwidth does become unlimited after the level 1 package.  Most everything you could want in a package will be included at no extra charge, which is nice.


Good quality support features

This company has a lot of options when it comes to getting the support you need.  You can email them directly, or use their 'email support robot' which can answer many issues.  THey also have a lot of documentation avaialble to help you with self-service. If you want to talk to a real person, they have a ticketing system that gets quick responses.  Overall, they do a good job of supporting the hosting that they provide.


Fair pricing model

The prices are in Euros and are pretty much either in line with industry standards or slightly lower.  Level 1 starts at 1.90 Euro per month, and then the highest level of shared hosting is $19.90 Euro per month.  This includes the 19% VAT, which makes the pricing even more acceptable.  Overall, however, there is not much to complain about regarding their pricing structure.


Overall nice hosting option

When you look at their site you may think that they are a very basic/simple hosting company because of the design.  It looks like they created the website years ago and never had it updated.  Once you get past that, however, you can see that they offer a good service at a fair price.  If you are looking for German based hosting, this isn't a bad option to consider. Pros:

  • Fair prices
  • Easy to understand features
  • Won multiple awards


  • Outdated looking site
  • No uptime guarantee
Read the full expert review Visit Hetzner Online See plans & pricing

Hetzner Online Prices, Plans & Features - 2019

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price Score
2 GB 10.24 GB $1.86 2.0
10 GB Unlimited $4.81 2.0
25 GB Unlimited $9.71 5.9
50 GB Unlimited $19.51 6.5

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space RAM OS Price Score
25 GB 1 GB $4.55 6.4
50 GB 2 GB $8.06 5.8
100 GB 4 GB $13.89 6.0
200 GB 8 GB $23.22 4.0
400 GB 16 GB $34.89 9.6
600 GB 32 GB $58.23 6.0

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space RAM OS Price Score
3.91 TB 32 GB $48.06 2.0
480 GB 32 GB $57.86 6.6
3.91 TB 32 GB $67.66 5.9
7.81 TB 32 GB $45.52 5.6
1000 GB 32 GB $45.52 2.0
3.91 TB 64 GB $45.52 8.8
500 GB 64 GB $45.52 9.2
7.81 TB 64 GB $57.19 7.6
1000 GB 64 GB $57.19 3.6
7.81 TB 64 GB $68.86 5.9
960 GB 64 GB $68.86 7.9
1 TB 64 GB $68.86 6.1
3.91 TB 128 GB $106.90 10
480 GB 128 GB $106.90 5.9
7.81 TB 256 GB $136.32 5.9
960 GB 256 GB $136.32 3.6
23.4 TB 32 GB $80.52 5.9
58.6 TB 64 GB $197.22 5.9
87.89 TB 128 GB $290.59 5.9
960 GB 64 GB $127.20 5.9
960 GB 64 GB $150.55 5.9
960 GB 128 GB $220.42 5.9
200 GB 8 GB $57.19 5.9
5.86 TB 16 GB $97.08 5.9
480 GB 16 GB $97.08 2.0
7.81 TB 32 GB $126.50 5.9
480 GB 32 GB $126.50 5.9
1000 GB 64 GB $155.92 5.9
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