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A few words from Freenom

Freenom is the first and only company to offer free domain names with full DNS services. With over 25 million free domains under management, Freenom is the world's second largest Registry after .COM Freenom now also sells .COM, .NET, .ORG and dozens of other extensions at COST PRICE. We offer a comprehensive reseller program to all hosting companies, without any setup or admin fees.
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Robel Mul

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Robel Mul,
I used freenom domain the free one for morethan 6 month and they are great. I didn't got any trouble or problem. Two of my sites are working great and i hope it will continue like this. Thanks freenom


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Furrious Fox
Furrious Fox from Netherlands,

Perfect, if you can handle it.

You might have a lot of hassles, but if you finally know how to do it, you'll just have free domains.
Note that you just have to switch to a dns provider that is less slow.
Sharvanth S
Sharvanth S from India,

Professional scammers!

One of the worst places to buy domains from. I tried connecting my free domain with google sites and guess what, my website was redirected to some kind of website which has very bad videos and other bad stuff. Don't try this ever in your lifetime
Kaleb Wallace
Kaleb Wallace from United States,

Absolutely Horrible

All of my domains were marked as fraud when I didn't commit any fraud. I was using them for my social network hobby project when they up and suspended my account. Support never responds even if you use tickets, phone, or email. I ...Read Morewould never reccomend Freenom. Horrible company who cares about nobody. Gave 2 stars for pricing because some "free" domains are $500!Less
amino acid
amino acid from Malaysia,

scam n fraud - 5 my domains was transfer away

i transfer domain to freenom since 2017. and last year 5 domains was transfer away from my account. they take my domain! please beware, dont use register domain from freenom. price more cheaper but too dangerous.
Camilo Delvasto
Camilo Delvasto from Colombia,

Worst domain registrar EVER

I've never experienced something as horrible as freenom's service in my 15 years of experience as a developer. It's simply the most horrible provider: my three domains suddenly stopped working, so I sent a lot of tickets. They sai...Read Mored: "the domain is working fine on our end, it must be something you did". Time and time again they said the same until finally, they said that my domain had violated the terms and conditions and that they wouldn't restore my account.

So my advice for you is: never ever use them for anything that you intend to actually use. I'd say, use the free domain if you really have to, but never ever purchase a domain from them or think they can be used in production. They might just cancel your products and someone called "René Broekhuis", who is the only one answering tickets, will simply make you waste your time. No ethics, no good service, just the worst of all registrars.

Stay away from them and do not let them lure you into registering a free domain —you will regret it.
Sibin Mathew
Sibin Mathew from India,

Professional SCAMMERS

They provides free domain. When you get more traffic on your website or someone else ready to pay for that domain, they will tag your site as fraud and remove your domain without any notice and asks to pay in order to reinstate th...Read Moreat domain. At that time you may not have another option and have to pay what they asks to get it back.
And support executive behave very rude to their customers.
Mohammed Emin
Mohammed Emin from Turkey,

Greatest free domain provider ever!

It was definetly not that bad, i only had a domain problem but they fixed in 20 min
GD Chikly
GD Chikly,
once I thought it was nice to have a free domain name especially when doing tests on a new website and then we convince ourselves 'why not buy a regular domain name since we are there, ?
it's a disaster! you buy a domain name a...Read Morend everything that was fabulous becomes a real nightmare
do not try to call customer service there is none and the so-called René whose name I will keep hidden is also a rude character who forgets a little quickly that it is the customers who him make live

the Dutch have the reputation of being serious,
in short, to be avoided and I cannot recommend too much to all the states which have signed agreements with this company to cancel them as well as the ICANN

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Amsterdam based hosting for low cost hosting

Freenom.com is a web-based domain management company located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Freenom.com offers  a variety of professional domain management and reseller services for large and small businesses. Freenom.com is the world's first and only free domain provider that helps bring people online by connecting them through the latest in website building and hosting technology.

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Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Good quality hosting with nice reliability

Freenom.com also offers technical support. If you have any questions or need to leave feedback they can be reached by phone or email.They normally reply within 24 hours. Freenom uses the latest AnyCast technology that guarantees stability and performance of all the domains it manages.They offer service monitoring and performance control with Anti Spam and virus protection. They also offer anti hack and abuse technology to keep free domains safe and secure from vulnerable intrusions.


Easy to use features for most sites

Freenom.com offers free domain and reseller hosting packages. You have the option of choosing between unlimited domain registry's under .Tk, .GA, .CF, and .ML. All other Domains such as .com and .net start at $6.71. With Freenom.com there is no commitment and no monthly fees so you can cancel at any time. You can prepay any amount you wish in your account and register as many free domains and paid domains through their intuitive interface and API. Freenom.com reseller program is set up on an extensive API or hosting module and  allows you to have the flexibility to group and list as many customers as owners to your accounts. Their incentive program encourages customers to sign up and offers a 25% discount.

If you have a website or company in need of IP or developer services, Freenom.com offers domain management and administrative tools to help your business to protect a brand that requires increased protection all from one extensive web interface. Freenom is known to be the largest domain provider after .COM. They are well known through Europe all the way to the United States, China and Russia. With the Freenom Ip agency partner account, you can register domains with the domain registration tools that will ensure your customers brand is secure.


Limited contact options

Freenom.com has over two lines of communication. They can be reached by live phone or email.  Once you get in touch with them they seem like they are able to solve your problems fairly quickly from what I have found.  They really don't talk too much about their support, however, which is unfortunate.


Low cost hosting

Freenom.com offers unlimited domains for free as long as they fall within the five categories of listed domains. All plans are on a month to month basis and can be canceled at anytime. There is no set up fee to register. Through freenom.com there is only a $10.00 refundable deposit within the first 30 days of service. All Freenom.com service include support and client portal with control panel. If you are not fully satisfied with their services, Freenom.com also offers 30 day money back guarantee depending on the amount of domains registered. More information on their money back guarantee and domain policies can be found on their website under Terms and conditions.


Great option for free domains and low cost hosting

Freenom.com has a very structured reseller plan that allows users to have the flexibility of managing multiple accounts from one extensive interface. I would recommend Freenom.com based on the amount of  reseller solutions they offer at little to no price upfront. Freenom gives businesses and partnering countries the opportunity to create local content within their community. If you're looking for a company to grow your business with, then I recommend using Freenom for their reseller program. Their free unlimited domains is unmatched in the hosting community. And with no set up fees and only $10 to get started, its a  no brainer to choose them for your next hosting solution.


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free domains (specific top level domains)


  • Only offering shared hosting
  • Limited tech support options




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