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Roger Zurich
Roger Zurich from Germany,

Be careful!

Even if you buy and pay a domain you can not be sure that you will receive it. After payment I have received the info that this domain costs much more and until this day I do not have received the paid money back.
Ken Tran
Ken Tran from United States,

The Company is a scam

I bought an .AI domain from this company. My Paypal transfer went through. Then the company refused to release the domain, and stole my domain name instead. Likely a scam of a company. Best to stay away, and not give them any of your information.
Jason ,
Just did the same to me? Can you explain in detail and see if our stories are the same. I am pissed off because I’ve been registering domains since 1997 and I do my research. There was no Whois info nothing. Now this morning there is a Whois record with no creation date etc...
Louis Farrugia
Louis Farrugia from Hong Kong,

Trying to overcharge you whenever they can

I iser EuroDNS has my registrar. Their control panel is such a disgrace and their whole system has several glitches. I have already been overcharged in two different occassions because of them pretending that my domain names where...Read More already expired while in fact they were in "OK" status at the Registration Authority.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Domain Name Registration Company that Offers Hosting

EuroDNS is primarily a domain name registration company that has helped thousands of individuals and businesses get the domains they want.  They have a good reputation for quality services and have been in business since 2002.  In addition to domain name registration they also offer email exchanges, DNS services, some web hosting options, a site builder suite, SSL certificates and more.

While hosting may not be their primary service, the company does an overall good job at helping users get what they need.  This review is focused mostly on the hosting, however.  The hosting itself is not bad, but they only have one main option.  This is a shared hosting service that will meet the needs of any entry level site.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Limited Information Available

Their hosting does appear to be nice and stable.  Shared hosting is typically very stable because the hosting company is able to control how it is configured quite well.  I couldn’t find many people commenting on the stability of the service one way or the other, however, so it is hard to say for sure.  There is no reason, however, to have concerns.


One Nice Hosting Options

When looking at the features for their hosting service you will see that they only have the one package.  It is a Linux hosting solution that comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and the ability to host as many sites as you would like.  They also include one-click installation scripts for getting your site up and running, and a drag and drop site builder feature.  They offer free data backup and restoration as well, which is a useful feature in the event of an outage.  To get right to the point, however, this one service is not going to be sufficient for everyone (especially looking at the price).


Helpful Tech Support 24/7

The tech support with this company is quite friendly and easy to work with.  They will assist you with any type of problem you may be having, and help keep you up and running at all times.  There is some documentation that you can read to learn more about their services, but it is not too extensive.


Hosting is Overpriced

The hosting with this company is quite overpriced for what you’re getting.  If paying month to month, you’ll be charged $16.55.  For shared hosting, this is a little bit too much.  Unless you like the idea of keeping your domain registration services and web hosting combined into one company, it will almost certainly be best to choose another hosting solution.

User Friendly

All Services are Easy to Use

Everything appears to be very easy to use.  This includes their web hosting and all their other services.  Of course, web hosting is very easy to choose since you only have the one package to pick.  Their website builder is also simple for even an entry level person to use without trouble.  The tech support team is friendly and more than happy to work with anyone who needs assistance.


Limited Hosting Provider

This is a great company that has a lot to offer.  Unfortunately, they don’t have much to offer for web hosting.  The one package they do have isn’t terrible, but it is still quite limited compared to other companies.  It is quite clear that web hosting is not their primary service and they don’t seem to want it to be.


  • Nice Domain Name Registration
  • Easy to Use services


  • Over Priced
  • Only One Hosting Package

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