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Eleven2 Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $4.17 - $14.00
VPS $34.30 - $104.30
Dedicated Server $199.00 - $699.00

Data Centers

Ibn Juferi

Pinned Review

Ibn Juferi,
I have been with Eleven2 since 2014. Their service is great, I have had no major issues with them, and whatever issues that crop up along the way can easily be resolved when you raise a ticket with them. Recommended


Danniel Ono
Danniel Ono from Lithuania,

Reliable beyond words

The tech support team have always come through for me again and again. Especially Oliver. He is on another Customer Support plane.
There were days when I felt that the mountains would fall. But guess who came through for me? Yes you guessed it right. Eleven2.com
Mei Lin J.
Mei Lin J. from United States,


By far the best and easiest to work with web hosting company out there. I’ve been a part of their cloud hosting service for about 2 years now and would recommend to anybody! Zero downtime and excellent customer service!
Bibin Mohan


Not just my website, all others customers websites on their servers are hacked.
The support team even don't know how to resolve the issue.
Today my WHM password is changed and hacked and I send a support mail to them to change t...Read Morehe password and sent me, and till now (around 4 hours now) they haven't changed it yet.
Catalin Corozanu
Catalin Corozanu from Romania,

Worst Hosting ever

I bought a reseller from them in november 2018, first few months there where no problems. After that, every month had at least 1 hour downtime, this few 3-4 months they had at least 2-3 hour a month downtime. They support sometime is useless, they answer very hard.
Michael Ching
Michael Ching from United States,

Making a change after 10+ years with Eleven2

They are great when there are no issues, but beyond this, they're customer service has left much to desire over the years. I have been wanting to make the change for 3 years now, but haven't due to so many accounts and client acco...Read Moreunts routed through them. I don't believe they'll miss me or or take much note of any reviews/response, but if anyone is looking for hosting services, think about what you need. If cheap is your goal, and you aren't in need of tech support/billing support, then, you can probably use them. If you sometimes need tech support with database issues or cms support, look elsewhere. I have lost domain names, because in the past was told my account was on a recurring payment and it wasn't. I have also had website downtime for each year on my recurring payment, because their systems were not configured correctly. Has been a hastle working with them the last 3 years around this time each year, so now I'm using the hassle to switch over to a new server and eco system. Good luck.Less
Oh wow - I am having the same issue with them I just lost a client's domain name and I had so much drama and lost a client because the recurring payment on domain mame didn't work and I never get receipts e-mails (not even on spam...Read More) I came here for the same reason as you. They have quick support but the "Billing" department or desk take sooooo long to reply. On my case I was charged for the domain but it was gone someone bought it. I was so upset and still upset. Imagine loosing a domain name from a client that you have been working for 6 years and they dont even reply to me anymore.Less
Lincoln Mets
Lincoln Mets from United States,

Eleven2 is Amazing!

Eleven2 has really saved me. I got my site hacked by not updating it for a few years and they had backups and the site and restored it all within 20 minutes. I've not really needed customer support because they've been up and rock...Read More solid for so long. When I did need to contact them, I went on live chat and they answered within a minute. They are awesome!Less
James Smith
James Smith from United States,

Eleven2 Best Hosting Provider I Ever Used

I've been using Eleven2 for about 4 years now. My site loads fast, their support is very quick at all hours of the day. When I ask them to call me, they do. Couldn't be happier.
Brian Burns
Brian Burns from United States,


They have a website which will allow you to sign up for service, they will process and take your payment, and you will never hear from them again. Run, don't walk, away from these crooks!

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

High quality independantly owned hosting company

Eleven2 is a US based hosting company, which also has data centers in the UK and Singapore, making it a global option that is able to meet the needs of just about any customer no matter where their audience is.  They have been in business since 2003 and make it a point to market the fact that they are an independently owned company.  They say that they are a financially strong company that has no plans of selling out to any of the larger hosting companies.

They offer all levels of hosting including shared, VPS, dedicated and more.  Within each of these categories they have quite a few different options, which helps to ensure that you will be able to find a good fit for you no matter the type of site you run.  Of course, with this much variety, it can also get confusing, especially for newer users.

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Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Quality hosting with great reliability

Eleven2 promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all their hosting packages.  If the uptime drops below the 99.9% level, you will get a partial credit on your bill for the amount of time that your site is actually down.

There have been some customer complaints on their social media site.  They were mostly focused around periods of slow response and occasional downtime.  This was likely with their shared hosting options, though that was not specified.

Their reliability is even better due to the fact that they have data centers in Texas, North Carolina, London and Singapore.  These data centers are all staffed for quick response to any issues.


Many great features at all levels

There are many different hosting packages to choose from, which each come with their own set of features.  For the most part all the features that are listed in these pacakges are fairly standard for the type of hosting.  One nice thing about this company is that you get to select which of their data centers you want to be housed in.  This is great for customers who are targeting a geographic area of the world, and want their site hosted near that.

All of the options they offer are run on Linux servers, which are set up well.  If you're looking for a Windows option the only choice you'll have is to get an unmanaged dedicated server, which would really not be worth it anyway.



Fast responses 24/7/365

Eleven2 offers 24/7 live support for all package levels which is very nice.  They do encourage you to use the helpdesk ticketing system when possible, but the live chat is also available.  They market the fact that they guarantee a response within 20 minutes to any tickets or other issues that are submitted.  They also have a phone line you can call in on, but that is not staffed 24 hours per day.

In addition to the technical support teams, they also offer a good knowledge base, video tutorials and much more to help you learn about your hosting and avoid problems on your own.


Fair pricing at every level

From top to bottom the prices from this company are all right in line with the industry standard.  There are some packages that may seem like they are over priced at first, especially with the dedicated servers.  When you look at the specs that you get, however, you will quickly see that the prices aren't out of line at all.

If you are looking for reseller hosting options, the pricing for this is quite good.  It will give you the opportunity to charge a fair price to your customers and still make a nice profit.


Good hosting with a wide range of package options

Overall, you are going to get a good service from this company. They offer a variety of great services for customers at every levle, and do a good job with it.  No matter which data center you select or what price point you go with, you will find that you are getting everything you need.


  • Many options and features to choose from
  • Privately owned company
  • Good customer service
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Some history of slow response times
  • So many package options that it can be confusing

Eleven2 Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
S-100 10 GB 49.97 GB Unlimited $4.17 10 Details
S-200 250 GB 20 TB Unlimited $7.00 4.0 Details
S-300 500 GB 40 TB Unlimited $14.00 5.4 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VS-100 120 GB - 1 GB $34.30 6.0 Details
VS-200 240 GB - 2 GB $69.30 5.4 Details
VS-300 360 GB - 3 GB $104.30 5.4 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
DS-100 500 GB 2 x 3.00GHz 4 GB $199.00 5.4 Details
DS-200 2 TB 4 x 4.00GHz 8 GB $299.00 5.4 Details
DS-300 4 TB 6 x 2.00GHz 16 GB $499.00 5.4 Details
DS-400 8 TB 12 x 2.00GHz 32 GB $699.00 5.4 Details

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