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We’re an Australian based hosting team who strongly believe in exceptional customer service and great value web & email hosting. With decades of combined experience, you can trust us and our infrastructure to keep your business going further.
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Min YU
Min YU from Netherlands,

Not reliable company tease regular registered customers

I Ordered Server for my business last month from you, on second order you hold my order and asked for id I provided you with my picture business Details etc you upgraded my account to business account:
After 1 Month my business i...Read Moren all regions needs new server order placed and you suspended all services although my of my renewal invoices paid either from credit or my credit card.
If any new customer or any person wants to be your customer and complete all steps this type of behavior shown from your end which is very bad anyhow I will personally meet and visit to your office soon
We ordered servers paid and that’s it we provided you all our cards details my company web my email and all, explained everything to you for proof that I am not bad person and using services for my business,
I am many businesses worldwide under name oz cosmetics my main is selling cosmetics and hosting projects software to many people around globe.
I respect you and due to trust we hired your vps and its very bad image I just need why you behaved immorally nonprofessionals keep in mind that my account was already verified.
No one verifies or ask for customers details transaction I am not going to make bank account I have provided you all details instead of privacy
Regarding main concern is what your issue about my payments have you authorization form like other companies incase of postal address not matches?
Have you my vpn address issue which is used for work?
Have you any complaint about my server?
I am digital ocean gcore labs customer never faced such quires like immigration guys asks,I am hurted and definitely I will highlight this on different social media platforms with emails screenshots and yes will review on your company as well
your degrading your customers, I have screenshot for all
I hope you will explain this to me asap

Min Yu
OZ Cosmetics Australia
CDM Delivery Uk
DreamIT Host
DreamIT Host,
Hi Min,

We’ve suspended your service due to the contact number provided belonging to someone else, and your refusal to provide us with a valid contact number.

Once we asked for your verification documents, you provided us wi...Read Moreth a clearly forged and edited bank statement.

For future reference, please learn to spell Australia and the name of your business when you try to forge these documents again with your future providers.

All the best.
Yasin Ozdemir
Yasin Ozdemir from Australia,
Moved from QuadraNet

No Support What So Ever

I had to cancel my plan with Dreamit because they failed to help my company in any shape or form.

I had my developer install an SSL and he wanted to know if it was successfully installed correctly. I contacted their customer su...Read Morepport and they said they couldn't help but they could install it for me for a fee of $150.00 although I just paid my developer to install it anyway.All i was asking was to see if it was installed correctly on their server, nothing else, nothing more. Prior to this, my SSL was not installing due to incorrect CSR. I asked for assistance in generating a new CSR from their hosting and they declined that request as well. Most other hosting companies, install the SSL when you switch to their hosting.

Not to long after, my site was then hacked. When a site is hacked, almost all hosting companies provide a report so the owner of the site can get the issues rectified. My account including my emails was suspended. When asked to see what needs to be done in order to rectify the issues so it doesn't happen again, no help was provided. No report not even simple questions answered to help me to determine the cause of the compromise.

What really got me the most upset and done damage to my company that no other hosting has ever done is after they unblocked my account after my developers installed a set of modules and went through the code and rectified any issues that caused the attack, they forgot to unblock my outgoing emails for 3 weeks without even telling me. I ended up losing several customers and many sales and most importantly, my company reputation due to this bullish behavior. From my end, the emails were going through but in reality, the recipient wasn't receiving it. I only found this out when a customer called me and said why I am not replying to their messages.
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis from Australia,

One Month and still not working

We transferred our domain and email hosting to DreamIT from Gsuite a month ago. It is still not working and now we are on a SPAM list. If you run a business, do not get these guys to host anything.
DreamIT Host
DreamIT Host,
Hi Gary,

We're sorry you feel this way about us.

Unfortunately, we do not control how Symantec handles their spam filtering. As we mentioned, Symantec has confirmed delivery of our email from our servers, in this case, they...Read More have not. We've been trying to contact them using numerous methods.

It should be noted that your email account is, in fact, working on a sending and receiving level (other than Symantec filtering your emails).

The other issues you had we're related to your desktop client software, which is not covered under our scope of support. We're proud to offer CrossBox which is an intuitive online web-based email client, which has an iPhone and Android app coming out soon.

It also should be noted, that we're 100% Australian owned and operated. All your support tickets we're replied to consistently within a reasonable time (less than 60 minutes in most cases).

Otherwise, if you would like a refund on the hosting charges which you've paid, feel free to reach out and we'll organise this for you right away.

All the best.
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis,

I agree with some of your response so I have changed my review up a fair bit.

However, I do feel outlook is such a commonly used program that you should know and understand how to integrate it properly. Having to work th...Read Moreis out for myself was a nightmare. Asking a business to change its processes to better match your systems is not really what I call service and is not detailed when signing up.

I also communicated a number of times about the spam issue before it was worked out what was happening. Again, getting to that answer was very frustrating and now we can't contact anybody about it.

Additionally, I was not on a spam list for over 3 years when working under GSuite, so I am blaming you guys for this. I don't really know that any changes we made have caused this, but it seems reasonable to assume it was changes now as it is the first time in three years this has happened. If we can confirm that was not caused by changing over I will adjust the review again.

Sorry to be so harsh, but this is killing me and my business, so I feel a bit of harsh is required.
Gary, Do you take your car in for a service then blame them because the public roads have pot holes in them?

Your review is completely unfair. You’re relying on a “hosting” company to take care of IT needs outside the scope of ...Read Morehosting. That’s your job. Or your tech guys job. Guys like this are qualified Australian IT specialists, able freelance for $100 or so an hour. How much do you pay to service your car? How important is IT to your business.

And it’s not just you. Many Aussies in the rat race try to cut back on IT costs and that’s exactly why they stay stuck in the rat race.

It’s 2019 for goodness sake.
Terence Brown
Terence Brown,
I've been using DreamIT for a few years now. I started with one account and I now have three accounts. I'm about to deploy an additional website so I'll be opening up another account with DreamIT. My websites are super fast and th...Read Moreeir help desk is second to none. I might be just lucky but time tells me this is the norn. I use to be with GoDaddy and was glad to leave this over-priced, slow, clunky hosting service.Less

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