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Shared Hosting $3.75 - $14.75
Collin Deal

Pinned Review

Collin Deal,
I started off my blog on Wordpress and was very underwhelmed at the amount of traffic I was getting (maybe I'm just a bad writer). I decided to get my own domain and just have my blog on that, rather ...Read Morethan through Wordpress. Transferring everything from Wordpress to my new Domain, which was bought for a very cheap price I might add, was a bit harder than I thought. I called the support team and they stayed on the phone with me until they were sure my website was up and running. They were very nice and talked me through the steps in an easy-to-understand way. After I started college I found I just didn't have the time to blog anymore so my plan was to just let my subscription cancel. I received emails telling me the subscription was ending soon, but being my dumb self, I didn't even read the rest of the email that blatantly said if I didn't do anything it would just auto-renew. It wasn't until I had a charge to my credit card that I noticed my website did NOT expire. Two days after the auto-renewal and the charge went through on my account, I called them expecting to be told they couldn't do anything for me. However, the person I talked to on the phone reassured me that they could refund my money and end my subscription. They said they were sad to see me go, but completely understood since I could no longer use my own website anymore. I may not have the need for my own Domain now, but if I ever do again I will for sure come back to Domain.com. They will work with you one-on-one to make sure you get everything exactly how you want it, even if that means losing a customer. The support team is amazing and I highly recommend!Less


Sasha Adler
Sasha Adler from United States,

Awful Service

Worst company to cancel subscription. I cancelled, received an email confirmation and was charged a week later. They refused to refund the charge claiming there was nothing they could do about it. I shut my whole account down
Anton Camarota
Anton Camarota from United States,


I was billed more than $200 for an initial setup fee after being promised an initial fee of less than $100. I cannot turn off auto-renew, they refuse to cancel my account, they refuse to give a me a refund, and they won't let me t...Read Moreransfer my domain. This place has many poor reviews, and it appears they are using bait and switch and making unauthorized charges to many people's accounts, including mine. I finally had to cancel my credit card to get them to stop billing me. THIS PLACE IS A SCAM AND A FRAUD, DO NOT USE THEM.Less
Hillel Lemuel
Hillel Lemuel from Hong Kong,

Hillel Lemuel

Domain.com is suck! I have tried over dozen times to update my credit card information, but can't get it done! Also, the login page is such slow response, it's a time wasting service provider! I am considering to move my domains out of domain.com!
Revon SB
Revon SB from Philippines,

Unethical business practice; hook and bait ‘scam’ strategy

I availed 4 products (domain, WP essentials, M365, SSL cert) in 2020, total price was only around $US170. Come renewal this 2021, I was now being charged $US370. I was told what they offered was an introductory price but it was no...Read Morewhere in the terms and conditions I initially signed up for. Now I have no choice but to transfer my domain elsewhere. Such a rip off. Avoid at all cost.Less
martha milliken
martha milliken from United States,


I am in the process of transferring my email from Digital Space (DS) to Domain.com. When I started the process on July 1, 2021 they said it would take 24 - 48 hours to complete.
They started the process to transfer. Customer Sup...Read Moreport is totally clueless.They asked me to call DS to provide them with needed information, which I did. I called back at 24 hours and they said they they need more information; I called DS and got it. I had to wait another 24 - 48 hours.
I called MANY times over to the next 4 days and they said my account was pending because of problems on their backend software.
Support only responds by email and I no longer had email because they had control of my email and it was now defunct. They told me a senior support rep would call -- she/he never did.
At day 9 I gave up and called GoDaddy. I am just beginning the process so I can't comment on the results.
In summary -their support sucks, their knowledge is pitiful, and I truly believe that they lied to me repeated times.
Hi Martha,

My apologies for the late reply, we've just started really monitoring the different reviews sites. We took a look at your account and see that you left us back in July. We can't blame you one bit! Please accept our...Read More apologies for how badly things went for you. We hope that you will give us another shot in the future. Best wishes.

Customer Advocate at Domain.com
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison from United States,

No dyanmic DNS and no refunds after you find out.

So after you buy your domain, you can finally log in and find out they don't support basic functions like dynamic DNS, and of course they don't offer refunds like many other sites do. Listen to the bad reviews and avoid at all costs, so many other sites have more options.
Pavla Levin
Pavla Levin from United States,

Purchased Microsoft 365 license

This garbage of a company manages to create accounts without applying actual Microsoft 365 licenses to them, and then there is no live tech support to resolve these issues other than the chat line with some curteous gender theory graduates they are able to snag from the soup kitchens.
Vincent Gallo
Vincent Gallo from United States,


This company was extremely difficult in any case needing support. They farm out there customer service to overseas agents that bare understand english and are not helpful. I suggest Prokbun.com or another smaller USA based registe...Read Morer. domain.com was a bad experience for me in every way. And finally their renewal prices are among the highest. Bad service high prices. AVOID AVOID AVOIDLess

Expert Review

Craig Timmins
Craig Timmins
Hosting Expert


Solid Services & Good Customer Support

If you are on the hunt for a mid-range service that provides all the functionality to be able to host a website at an affordable cost then it's worth taking a look at Domain.com. As part of a bigger organisaiton that owns more than 30 other other hosting brands, they have the experience to offer the best but do fall short in a few areas.

Generally, the hosting, prices and support are all average and will help any basic user get their site online within minutes, through their main focus which is shared hosting plans.

Why Choose Domain.com Hosting?

  • Focused mainly on shared hosting
  • Good prices
  • Solid support network for the USA
  • Marketing Freebies

Want to know if Domain.com Hosting is right for you?

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Rated by Craig Timmins
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing


Unclear Uptime Statistics

A bit of sticky area when it comes to reliability as its a mixed bag of feedback and details. Whilst the site itself does not offer any stats on uptime, uptime guarantees, or any kind of information or details regarding there data centre location, they do state they have a Tier 1 facility offering full redundancy and 24/7 monitoring, but there is no mention of backups for shared hosting.

Adding to this, there are a lot of online reviews that talk about poor uptime, whilst other state they have received excellent uptime, so its a bit unstable to say the least.

If you arent too fussed about having a 99.5%+ uptime and are more interested in the features and affordability range, then I wouldnt worry.


Basic Features & Tools

Even the cheapest plans on offer with Domain.com come with some great features such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth, whilst the expensive tiered packages will offer a greater range of features from unlimited FTP accounts and email accounts. In terms of the variety of features, you won't find many here as Domain.com tend to offer just the basics.

Even though CPanel is mentioned you can't really see which plan this falls under or if it is a hidden cost. They actually have their own custom control panel which you will need to get accustomed to.

There are some extra freebies which include some marketing coupons that you can use on Google or Bing advertising platforms, you tend to get these when signing up for a hosting platform. You can also register a domain and install CMS systems such as Wordpress into your site.


Good Support Services if You Are Within The USA

The best ways to get in contact with the support team over at Domain.com is by use of a ticket system and a toll free number (if you are based in the US). Tutorials and helpful guides are avialable in the knowledge base, this includes a guide on how to use DomainCentral, which is Domain.com's custom made control panel.

Live chat is available on the site, but its primary focus is for sales themed questions, so you are out of luck if you have a technical question that you want to ask. I would revert back to email or phone.

  • 24/7 support
  • Live chat for sales
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket System
  • Live chat only for sales
  • No support team location mentioned


Your Average Pricing Structure

There are 3 different plans available under Windows and Linux setups, and each plan consists of some saving when you commit to longer periods. You can choose between 1,2 or 3 year terms and the cheapest option is the Linux Basic plan which starts off at $3.75 per month. If you are looking to take out a Windows hosted plan then you just need to add $1 to each plan, so the Basic Plan starts at $4.75 whilst the top plan comes in at $14.75 per month.

VPS plans start at $29.70 per month, and they regularly run promotional codes across the site to either help you make a saving or benefit from extra freebies, such as a free domain when signing up.

User Friendly

You Will Need to Get Used to a Custom Control Panel

Depending on which platform and plan you have decided to go with, you will come against a different Control Panel, which can confuse things a little. DomainCentral is the custom created control panel offered by Domain.com and you will see this run across all shared hosting options. As it is there own control panel you will need to get used to how it works and where to find everything.

This can be a bit of a nuisance for some people as you will need to either jump in and learn as you go, or read through a guide that can be found in the knowledge base section.

VPS users do get CPanel, but its worth checking if this is an additional fee as it doesn't state.


Decent Hosting Provider For Basic Users

Domain.com is a fairly average hosting platform which can be the ideal solution for customers who just want basic features at a decent price. You will need to get used to a custom control panel is shared hosting is something that you require, and uptime cannot be guaranteed so you will be jumping in at the deep end here.

Support lines are pretty good with a solid service that offers phone, email, live chat and ticketing, but be aware live chat is only open for sales chatter so tech questions will need to be forwarded on through phone or email lines.


  • Good price bracket
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Freebies for signing up
  • Part of a larger organisation


  • No uptime guarantee
  • No live chat for tech questions
  • cPanel could come with a license
  • Custom control panel

Domain.com Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Linux Basic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3.75 4.0 Details
Linux Deluxe Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $7.99 3.2 Details
Linux Ultra Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $13.75 3.2 Details
Windows Basic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $4.75 4.2 Details
Windows Deluxe Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $7.75 3.2 Details
Windows Ultra Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $14.75 3.2 Details

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