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Shared Hosting $8.95 - $27.95
Bob Found

Pinned Review

Bob Found,
I've been using DollarHost since they started, probably about 15-20 years now. NEVER a problem and they respond quickly by email to my questions or concerns. I have very basic web site, non-commercial. I've been using the Starter package all this time.


Bob Found
Bob Found from Canada,

Using them forever

I've been using DollarHost since they started, probably about 15-20 years now. NEVER a problem and they respond quickly by email to my questions or concerns. I have very basic web site, non-commercial. I've been using the Starter package all this time.
Paul Reid
Paul Reid from Canada,

Missing several basic features

I inherited a client that uses DollarHost.

The first thing we needed to do was make some DNS changes, so into the cPanel I went. No good. There no DNS editing interface. You have to email support to make any changes, which is b...Read Moreoth slow and cumbersome. Changes are made next day, in my experience, but if you're trying to do something like an email hosting move, that's not ideal, since you usually want to do that and end of day on Friday - but since you can't do it yourself, and you can't be sure their support will get to it in a timely fashion, that makes things difficult.

The next thing that happened was a file on the website mysteriously ended up as 0 bytes. It was a configuration file, so it caused a real problem. Once again, into the cPanel to grab the file from last night's backup. Oh - wait - there are no scheduled backups, and no way to do so. The only backup available was the one made by the previous administrator when the site was first set up. That's terrible! If you want regular backups, be prepared to log in and do it yourself every day.

These are very basic features for a commercial web host. I could see if it was the hosting platform offered my a Managed Service Provider, where they do everything for you and manage it all - but this is a public web hosting company with a complete mess of a setup. Your account, cPanel, and mail management all have different logons, which further complicates things. It's as though someone cobbled together a bunch of bits and pieces in their basement and started charging people to use it.
Faisal A
Faisal A from United Arab Emirates,

Very Bad Hosting Service

SMTP Error always. First taek support then you can able to send email
No information to customer about server is change and service will down for 2-3 days.
email delay1-2 days.
web mail slow.
every time server CPU have load. m...Read Moreore than 50%
cannot reach to website
spam email too much.
this is funny hosting service only.

Expert Review

Craig Timmins
Craig Timmins
Hosting Expert


Ideal Features For Starter Companies

Dollar Host offer a total of three different hosting plans which are fairly competitively priced but don’t offer the value for money that you would get at other hosting companies. Features are great for sites that are just starting out in the world of hosting and extra services such as domain registration are also available for customers to benefit from. They do fall short on support, contact details and information on reliability.



Rated by Craig Timmins

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Missing Information and Stats

Not much is spoken about when it comes to reliability at Dollar Host, there is no talk of where the data centres are located, what kind of backups are in place, if they have redundancy power, or what kind of uptime they experience on a regular and historic basis. In this area, you really are on your own, so if this lack of information doesn’t faze you then you won’t be fussed.


Lacking MySQL on Some Plans

Features and tools are ideally suited to those who are of a basic level who just need a simple hosting solution. Disk space and data transfers aren’t unlimited but they do offer plenty of room to breathe on the more expensive plans, the same goes for the email accounts and storage.

MySQL databases don’t come with every plan, and you will need to check to see whether you can upgrade separately or not as some plans offer MySQL, others don’t, and other don’t but will allow you to pay a separate fee for one.

CPanel is also available on the Starter Advantage of Ultraweb plans.


Toll Free for US Residents

Dollar Host do provide a toll free number to US residents along with a tutorial section where users can find out how do anything from FTP file uploads to basic coding practices. Despite this, they really fall short on offering a full experience. You won’t find any direct email address, FAQs, social media channels, live chat or outside the US support numbers.

If support isn’t something you rely heavily on, then you don’t have to worry.


Decent Price Selection for Windows Plans

Pricing at Dollar Host is fairly straight forward with fixed fees on all of their plans. Take note that the starter plan that costs $6.95 per month is a 12 month commitment term, whilst the next plan is 3 months, and then following tiers come in at 1 month rolling contracts. The highest costing plan is the Windows Pro Plan which falls in at $27.95

Prices are also displayed in Canadian Dollars, but be aware that each hosting plan carries a $15 setup fee.


Not The Best For Usability

Although you can eventually find your way around the site, the initial impression you get is one of complete confusion and mess. The site is very cramped and miss-aligned and doesn’t do much for confidence levels or good usability.  With that said CPanel is offered so you can access every feature and tool to make the most out of your hosting.


A Quick Solution to Host Your Site

Dollar Host provide a very basic way for you to host a site, with prices that are in the competitive region, but with features that are capped. With no support, and poor usability it doesn’t give the potential customers a whole lot of confidence as the site looks thrown together quickly with minimal maintenance.

If you need a quick hosting solution for a website, they could be placed on your shortlist but bare-in-mind that they don’t offer any certainty when it comes to uptime and reliability.

DollarHost Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Starter Plan 500.02 MB 10.04 GB Unlimited $8.95 9.2 Details
Starter Advantage Plan 1 GB 24.99 GB cPanel Unlimited $13.95 3.6 Details
UltraWeb Plan 5 GB 100.04 GB cPanel Unlimited $24.95 4.9 Details
Windows Advantage Plan 500.02 MB 10.04 GB Unlimited $15.95 4.9 Details
Windows Pro Plan 2 GB 49.97 GB Unlimited $27.95 4.9 Details

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