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Shared Hosting $2.90 - $6.99
VPS $14.17 - $170.23
Dedicated Server $120.88 - $533.98
Joseph Anderson

Pinned Review

Joseph Anderson,
I have been with Daily.co.uk for 12 years and once up and running had no problems. I deal mostly with publishing Excel spreadsheets and these always worked well. A few weeks ago I received an email sa...Read Moreying that my website would be cancelled, which it subsequently was. I them decided to cancel the mail room, as I never used it and received a reply for feedback as to why I had cancelled my instant website. Wondering what is going on.Less
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson from United Kingdom,

Website down

I have been with Daily.co.uk for 12 years and once up and running had no problems. I deal mostly with publishing Excel spreadsheets and these always worked well. A few weeks ago I received an email saying that my website would be ...Read Morecancelled, which it subsequently was. I them decided to cancel the mail room, as I never used it and received a reply for feedback as to why I had cancelled my instant website. Wondering what is going on.Less
John Craig
John Craig

Ruined by a takeover

I have been with Daily forever - or so it seems
Services always available, helpdesk effective - a little slow sometimes but helpful and effective
Mail servers always up
And since the takeover - rubbish. Slower and now i cant even send mail
Marc Wilson
Marc Wilson,
Can't argue with that assessment.

Mail doesn't seem to work at the moment. Mails hosted on there seem to have been lost; nothing updated since Dec 2019
Vaughan Bateman
Vaughan Bateman,
I agree completely - come back Daily!
alec nicol
alec nicol from United Kingdom,

Good Company went bad

I have been with Daily for over 10 years, great company no hassle.
Then comes the buy over ,Paragon Internet Group now Sites going down and no support to get things sorted.
Avoid them if you want to keep your services running.
I totally agree,My Daily was GREAT, like yourself a long time user NO PROBLEMS if you wanted advice even the phone was always answered cheerfully and things were good,Paragon NO SO GOOD totally agree,Thanks
Mark Gale
Mark Gale from United Kingdom,

Daily.co.uk gone downhill since takeover

Daily.co.uk once was good however Paragon Internet have taken them over and they are now terrible.

Tried to renewal my domain online where the control panel advertised the price at £10.99+vat for a single year, paid and was iss...Read Moreued an invoice stating renewal for domain name and the price. The website however showed an error and said something failed, but your payment was successful DO NOT REPEAT PAYMENT please contact support.

Support come back a while late and say it's too late to renew for £10.99+vat and it's now £90+vat, I decline and ask for a refund.

Daily.co.uk (T/A Paragon Internet Group Ltd) come back to me and refuse to issue a refund for the missold renewal/legal invoice which shows clearly the description and price for what I have paid yet will not refund it when they didn't renew it.

The details are now in the hands of Slough Trading Standards, unfortunately as most customers won't find this review until it's too late as they use a generic name rather than Paragon Internet to trade online.
Aldwyck Wood
Aldwyck Wood from United Kingdom,

I didn't think it could get any worse...but I was wrong!

We have been with Daily for many years and my wifes previous company before that. They hosted our website and emails very well, no complaints, until a year or so ago. Our website was hacked and replaced with something else...this ...Read Morewas overcome by them loading a 30 day old website. Then we started to get over 500 'return to sender' emails EVERY DAY!. Daily did actually respond to one of their tickets and said (I couldn't believe it) 'There is nothing we can do about those type of emails. What are they being paid for? Anyway, it got worse, up to 700 a day, each one having to be deleted and the list gone through to see if any were legitimate emails for our business. That has been going on for over a month, very frustrating. Then came the hammer blow. Now we cannot access our email account at all as every time we attempt to sign in we get 'Unknown user & Password''. I have tried to contact daily via another email address of ours and raised the points but now they don't even get back. No comments, no excuses. So, 10 years of trading, email addresses (cant access our contacts lists) and everything else gone. I do not know what else to say except please do not let this happen to you. Stay well away from this company.Less
Nick Davies
Nick Davies from United Kingdom,

Avoid. Awful.

Absolutely shocking. Websites were down for days on end. I would not recommend these to anyone. Trying to get through to the support is near impossible, no replies and unfriendly service all round. Prices aren't cheap either. Much...Read More better for less elsewhere. We've since switched (Nov '16) all our websites to another host.Less
David Head
David Head from United Kingdom,

Aviod at all cost ,shocking customer service..

If you have a problem they rarely get back to you, if you need advise or help as its all emailed they will only reply if it suits them .Its a take your money and hide type of company .It should ring alarm bells as to why they have...Read More no contact number in this day and age. Zero support if you have issues. AVOIDLess
Aideen Stacey
Aideen Stacey from United Kingdom,

Disgusting Daily, I dont think there is anybody actually there

My website didnt work, the tool to build it crashed, my website didnt go live, i raised these supposed tickets for customer service to respond to me. They never did, its been weeks now. They dont respond to my emails, and they hav...Read Moree no working phone number. However they have taken my money. I am going to try and demand my money back as it seems there is someone in the accounts department, but nowhere else.Less

Expert Review

Craig Timmins
Craig Timmins
Hosting Expert


Web Hosting at a Low Price but Lacking Depth

Daily Internet offer a flexible hosting solution that is geared more towards a UK based audience, with Linux and Windows hosting available you will be able to sift through the various plans on offer to pick  one to suit you. Prices for each of the plans are in-line with most other hosting companies but buyer beware, because you will find that most of the cheaper plans are limited in what they offer.

They do offer extra services in addition to Web Hosting, such as SSL and Domain registration.

Why Choose Daily Hosting?

  • Very low prices for shared hosting
  • CPanel for VPS solutions
  • Ideal for UK based customers
  • Adwords credits on all plans

Want to know if Daily Hosting is right for you?

Let’s check it out.



Rated by Craig Timmins

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing


Not Enough Information on Uptime and Servers

A real let down comes in the reliability area because there is just no mention of the kind of uptime you will receive with your hosting plan, and there is no mention of data centres or monitoring/security measures.

They do have a system status page, however, this page is only updated if there is a network issue. Looking around the Internet and checking out customer feedback on Daily.co.uk generally pins there uptime 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Backups are available but these come as an additional cost for the user depending on whether you want weekly or daily backups.


Seem to Offer You The World, But Features Are Sparse

Even though you think you are getting a good deal with the starter plan, it doesn’t come with a great deal of flexibility or features, but what would you expect for £1.74 per month? There are no databases supported with this plan and only 5GB of web space available to play with.

If you upgrade to the Home pro solution then you find plenty of more benefits, such as a free domain name, free apps and up to 20 MYSQL databases. This still leaves it out in the cold compared to similar prices plans on other hosting providers who offer plenty of unlimited options. You can’t help but feel capped and limited with Daily.co.uk


Great For UK Support, Not so Great For Anywhere Else

A UK telephone number and email address are available for you to call but be wary that the number isn’t a free phone number and will cost you. If you are calling from anywhere outside the UK then to be honest I would suggest emailing instead as the cost will mount up for you.

A Knowledge base is present and offers some really great and comprehensive guides on how to get the best from your hosting and website.  They are also present on Facebook and Twitter but haven’t really got to grips with how it should be used so you will be lucky to get responses over there.

  • Good Knowledge Base
  • Email Support
  • No Live Chat
  • Poor Support Outside UK
  • Telephone Number is Not Free
  • Only Operate on Office Hours
  • Social Media Presence but One Way Flow


Some of The Lowest Prices For Shared Hosting

The cost of the starter plan is unbelievable, at just £1.74 per month whilst the WordPress Hosting and Home Pro Hosting options are offered at a low price of £3.49 per month. Even the top end package, Ultimate Solution comes in at just £4.19 which makes Daily.co.uk one of the cheapest out there.

Usually you will find that Windows Hosting is slightly more expensive that Linux, but Daily.co.uk group them both together for the same monthly price. All plan are offered with an unmetered monthly data transfer rate, along with a free Google Adwords voucher to kick-start your marketing efforts.


CPanel Available on VPS, WebsitePanel on Shared Hosting

The ever reliable and user-friendly CPanel software comes installed on all of the VPS packages that Daily.co.uk offer, so those who have experience with CPanel will get along well with this and for those who haven’t, it’s a piece of cake to pickup.

Unfortunately those who take out the shared hosting option will be left with a lesser-known and lesser-used control panel called WebsitePanel, which will take some getting used to.

The Daily.co.uk website offers good usability with no clutter and simple straight forward plans, prices and features. The site is a pleasure to use and has a positive feel to it.


The Ideal Host For Individuals and Those With Budgets

Daily.co.uk is the ideal hosting solution if you want a cheap host and aren’t too fussed about advanced features and tools. Don’t expect innovation or ground-breaking services, and if you need a stronger support area it would be wise to look elsewhere for hosting. Likewise, if you need stronger features and more unlimited options, it would be best to find another solution.

Generally, reviews across the net label Dialy.co.uk as an average company, they aren’t shocking but they aren’t fantastic either. A great way for beginners to get a site hosted for a small price.


  • Very good prices
  • Adwords credits when signing up to any plan
  • Great for those based in the UK


  • Poor support
  • CPanel only with VPS
  • Lack of Features and Tools
  • No information on reliability and uptime
  • Backups charged extra

Daily.co.uk Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
WordPress Hosting 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $5.83 1.5 Details
Starter Pro 5 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.90 2.8 Details
Home Pro 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $5.83 1.5 Details
Unlimited Pro Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.99 1.5 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Entry 40 GB - 512 MB $14.17 1.5 Details
Value 80 GB - 1 GB $21.26 1.5 Details
Plus 100 GB - 2 GB $35.45 1.5 Details
Pro 120 GB - 4 GB $49.64 1.5 Details
Plus 40 GB - 1 GB $42.55 1.5 Details
Pro 60 GB - 2 GB $56.73 1.5 Details
Max 100 GB - 4 GB $99.29 1.5 Details
Ultra 200 GB - 8 GB $170.23 1.5 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
STAG-DX1000 1000 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 4 GB $120.88 1.5 Details
WOLF-DX2000 2 TB 4 x 3.00GHz 8 GB $197.37 1.5 Details
COUGAR-DX3000 600 GB 4 x 3.00GHz 16 GB $289.17 1.5 Details
BEAR-DX4000 4 TB 8 x 2.00GHz 16 GB $426.87 1.5 Details
HAWK-DX5000 2.2 TB 12 x 2.00GHz 32 GB $533.98 1.5 Details

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