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Cogeco Peer 1 Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

Cloud Hosting $218.75 - $5,541.62

Data Centers

John Ford

Pinned Review

John Ford,
If you can get past the price tag, you will be very happy with this company. They are obviously targeting the very high end hosting market, and they are doing it well. I have my company's website on t...Read Moreheir servers and it just works all the time. I don't think my site has ever been down, and if it has, they get it up and working again without me doing anything. Highly recommend this company if you need the best cloud hosting today.Less


Mark Dornian
Mark Dornian from Canada,

Rug pulled out from under feet

I have been using the on-demand server offering for a number of years. They just announced in June that the service will be discontinued by the end of September. No compensation, no assistance, no reason, poor communications, no m...Read Moreethod of converting. I have been forced to go to another vendor and rebuild the server from scratch at great expense (4 days effort). Will never consider this organization again.

The whole point of using a cloud service is that they take care of the infrastructure and ensure its availability. By cancelling the service on short notice and without reason, it is like the service has crashed. The only consolation is that I got 3 months notice. It was a good thing I was not in the middle of a major project.

Turns out the new vendor was cheaper.
erica weiss
erica weiss from United States,

CLOWNS - Stay away as far as you can

These hacks are the worst. The actual worst. They change contracts without issuing proper paperwork and the support staff seems like they are on sedatives they seem to be working hard to get NOTHING at all done for their clients.
Marcus Arkan

Stay away!

My company has been with peer1 since 2010, from the time they merged with Cogeco everything went downhill. They cheated us out of a tremendous amount of money, without any notice or authorization from us. Just because they had our...Read More credit card on file, they decided to take $2000 in less than 1.5 months for an old server that we were forced to sign a long-term contract that we agreed to a $220/mth plan. On what planet does one thing they can take whatever amount of money from your credit card without any authorization? And I emailed them many times and received one response saying that they decided to increase the rate from $220 to $900 overnight without even giving me a heads up! And they won't also answer my emails, and they have zero support. And then I did some digging, found out that all of their employees quit and left. And even they wrote horrible reviews about their employer: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Cogeco-Peer-1-Reviews-E306818.htm

We switched to AWS for a fraction of the cost, less server latency, better support, no contract and newer processing units (that get updated all the time). Do not get fooled as we did with Cogeco, they are unethical and will rob you while your sleeping.
Jason Cianchette
Jason Cianchette from United States,

Out of date service with ridiculous long contracts

My company has been using Peer1 for our website hosting. We just decided to switch to Amazon where we created a much better system for 40% less. At Amazon we don't have any long term contracts and only pay for the service that we ...Read Moreused.

Peer1 told us today that not only will we need to pay for another 30 days of service after our cancellation, but we also need to pay an early termination fee of $1,595.

Whatever you do don't sign up with these guys!
So, you broke your contract and they held you to the terms and conditions you agreed to?
Quinn McLaughlin
Quinn McLaughlin from United States,

Vancouver Data center went down, still no explanation

On March 11 2017 the entire Cogeco Vancouver data center went down for 90 minutes. There was (and still is) no explanation and no communication from Cogeco during this downtime. Unacceptable.
Amy Smith
Amy Smith from United States,

Went downhill fast

After years of service, the last year or so has been an obvious downward slide. Nobody answers live chat, average phone hold time is an hour if you can even get so lucky for someone to answer, and after a long waiting period email...Read More response is mostly stalling by seemingly clueless new hires. It seems to have something to do with the company buyout in Canada. I would never recommend them again. High pricing for what has become horrible customer support. Look elsewhere for hosting.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Years of Experience

Cogeco Peer 1 has been in business since 1999.  They market the company as more than just a hosting solution. They want to partner with those who need high quality hosting and any other web based services. They have a great tech team and offer state of the art colocation services to many companies that need that extra confidence that their site won't go down.

They manage websites for over 10,000 businesses and help them with eCommerce and much more.  Peer 1 is owned by Cogeco, which gives them the stability that many companies will appreciate when looking for hosting.

Obviously this is not a hosting company for a small personal blog or even a small business.  It is, however, a great solution for mid to large sized businesses that need a great hosting experience and more.

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Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Exceptionally Stable

One of the main points of working with Cogeco Peer 1 is that they will provide you with a stable hosting environment.  While they don't have the typical '99.9% uptime' guarantee or anything like that, the stability will actually be far better.  This is because whenever using cloud or colocation services, stability is built in to ensure customers are always up and running.


Customized Services

As you look through their site you will see that they have customized solutions for lots of different needs.  They offer managed hosting that will help take the responsibility of keeping a site up and running smoothly off of your business so you can focus on what you're doing.  They also break their services down further for differnet types of industries.  If you need a managed hosting experience for your app or online game, for example, they have just what you need.

They also have cloud based 'on demand' hosting that is a great option for companies that need the extra support to keep their site up and running at all times.  This is a nice way to add stability and features, without having to bring on your own tech team to handle it.

One of their biggest features is their colocation services.  Colocation services allow you to have your site hosted at multiple locations to prevent outages.  This also helps your site to load quickly for customers no matter where they are.   Cogeco Peer 1 can help get this set up and in place for your company so you can better serve customers.


High quality Tech Support

You're essentially buying a great tech support team when you use this company.  They will be responsible for all the hardware and network support, of course.  In addition, depending on what services you select, they can also help you with managing your site and other services.


Custom Pricing Packages

As with any high end service, they will customize the price just for you.  They will work with you to determine just what you need and then put together a proposal.  This isn't a traditional hosting company where you just click a few buttons to get everything up and going. Cogeco Peer 1 Hosting is a business partner that you will want to develop a long term relationship with.

Of course, the prices are going to be higher than what you would expect for a traditional site, but so are the services.  If you're running a large corporation and need hosting support, reach out to Cogeco Peer 1 to see what they can offer you.


Nice Option for High End Hosting Needs

If you're looking for high end hosting for your mid to large sized business, this is a good option to consider.  They have been in the industry for years and have done a great job at keeping their business updated and innovative.


  • Extremely Stable
  • Focused on What You Need
  • Been in Business since 1999


  • Only right for a specific type of customer (larger businesses)

Cogeco Peer 1 Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Windows 2012 Standard 42 GB 1 core 4 GB Unlimited $218.75 2.8 Details
Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 1 TB 16 cores 128 GB Unlimited $5,541.62 3.8 Details

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