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CloudFlare Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

CDN $0.00 - $5,000.00
DDoS Protection Services $20.00 - $200.00

Data Centers

Nicholis du Toit

Pinned Review

Nicholis du Toit,
CloudFlare is a great CDN, only problem is that the SSL that comes with the free plan uses SNI.


Carter Lewis
Carter Lewis from United States,

Customer No Service

I tried to cancel my membership bc I no longer have the website and due to a glitch on their website, I was charged again instead of my subscription getting canceled. They have a red ribbon with a box next to it that looks like it...Read More should have text and you have to click it in order to proceed with canceling. But when you try to proceed, you are charged! This happened twice! I tried to reach them twice via “submit a request” and no one ever gets back to me. I’ve had no choice but to pursue action via PayPal.Less
Shawn Adamsson
Shawn Adamsson from Canada,

Literally the worst customer service I've experienced in 30 years.

The entire support department seems to be run using cut and paste from other documents. Customer support agents don't seem to have any agency whatsoever, to the point where I wonder if the whole thing is run by bots.
abdulrahma g
abdulrahma g from Yemen,

افشل خدمة دعم

نصيحة اذا تم اضافة الموقع واردت بمراسلة الدعم ستحتاج الى ايام الى الوصول الى رد من الشركة اذا كان الدعم خدمة العملاء مهمة لك انصحك بالابتعاد حتي بالمدفوع يتم تاخيرك وانت معك مشكلة كبيرة كما حدت لي موقعي سقط ولا هم مهتمين وكنت مشترك بخدمة برو ٢٠ دولار
karan jot
karan jot from Canada,

Best Free DDOS protection service in the world

I have 11 websites using their protection and most are on the free plan. Cloud flare is the best to protect against ddos attacks if you know how to add custom rules yourself, you can rate limit and add page rules so spammers canno...Read Moret ddos your website plus the bot fight mode tool they have is awesome!. Many people say they had bad support/late but you guys need to understand that they protect millions of websites for FREE and they take longer to reply for those reasons. The times I sent them a message they replied within 24 hours and they were helpful and professional at all times. I always recommend people cloud flare because its free to use and even the free plan will protect and stop DDOS attacks no matter how big they are.Less
Carl Hobday
Carl Hobday from United Kingdom,

Awful experience

Cloudflare is protecting financialresident.com which is ripping people off including my 240USD. Read trust pilot this is a scam company.Its operating as a broker whilst trying to take out loans to up there cryptocurrency and promising to double their money. They should be struck off.
Robert W
Robert W from United States,

Don't do business with Cloudflare

The CDN works decently but in doing business with this company you directly support their refusal to remove scammers, phishing websites and constant spammers from their network which enables these people to hide their website host...Read Mores, location and allows them to operate without much of a chance of shutting their operations down. Cloudflare states that 'we can't remove content from the internet' - however CF COULD CUT OFF THESE SITES from using their services which then allows us to find, locate and shut them down. You are basically aiding criminal activity when you do business or use CF for any reason.Less
Robert Winkelmann
Robert Winkelmann from United States,

Cloudflare is GARBAGE

Cloudflare is the #1 protection service for spammers, scammers and phishing. Cloudflare refuses to take action on spammers abusing it's services. I get the same spam every day and they refuse to cut off that persons account, will ...Read Morenot give us the name of the host provider and basically stands as protection for 90% of the spam I get every single day. Please do not do business with this company until they start taking real action against the constant abuse of it's services. If I could block anything tied to a cloudflare account I would.Less
i have experienced the same issue and the scamming website is hosted by Cloudfare who seemingly has no way to contact support unless you have an account with them. we need to file a compliant with the FBI or the ic3.gov and the BB...Read MoreB. Let me know what measures you have taken thus far as i will add my issues and complaints alongside.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Global Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare is one of the best-known content delivery networks in the world. As of this writing, they operate 102 data centers in locations around the world, and they are regularly adding to that number. They can handle 10Tbps in bandwidth for their customers, and do an excellent job at innovating and helping clients with a wide range of different requirements. It is important to note that this is not a traditional web-hosting service that is being offered from CloudFlare. Their service is to deliver content to websites that have special requirements.

For example, sites that have heavy traffic or very large files (music, movies, ect) can have the content stored and delivered from CloudFlare rather than their own web hosting server. This can cut down on the system requirements needed, while also increasing the speed and other benefits. This type of service requires very high end hardware and bandwidth, and CloudFlare is one of the best in the world at providing this service.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Reliability is Their Main Selling Point

The main benefit of a content delivery network is that you will have reliable, fast loading of your sites, files, and other content. Thanks to the many different data centers and extremely high quality connections, uptime will never be an issue. Most customers who use this service will never experience any type of outage at all. In addition, their DDoS and security features can do a lot to help prevent other types of outages caused by digital attackers.


Features Focused on Quality

When looking through the feature list from this company it is very easy to see that they don’t have the same type of options as other companies. Instead, their features are focused on serving up content, adding security, protecting from attacks, and more. Each of the features that they do offer are very high quality and will meet the needs of even the most demanding of customers.

The main service is the content delivery network, which allows customers to serve up almost limitless amounts of data to visitors without any trouble. They also provide web optimization services to speed things up. A service that is becoming more and more important to all sorts of customers is their Anti-DDoS efforts. When a site is being hit with a DDoS attack it becomes unusable. By routing traffic through CloudFlare they are able to scrub the bad traffic out so the site remains up and working the entire time. This is especially important for corporate clients that are often attacked in this manner.


Excellent Tech Support

It is very rare that you will run into any type of issue with this company. If, however, something does go wrong, they will be there to support you immediately. They are easy to reach through their website or back end, or via phone if necessary. In most cases, they respond to issues like DDoS attacks automatically so you don’t even have to do a thing.  If you ever need them, they will respond quickly and provide you with the answers to solve your issues. In addition, they do have a good section of documentation and resources that can help you learn more about their services.


Great Pricing Options

Many people are surprised at just how affordable the services are from this company. To start with, they have a free package that provides many of their great services for personal websites and blogs. For professional websites and small businesses, they have an option for $20 per month per domain that needs basic security, performance improvements, and other benefits. For $200 per month per domain businesses that run eCommerce sites or those who need more advanced security and performance can get their services. Large corporations can also have a customized quote on the price by contacting them.

User Friendly

Easy to Work with Services

The services provided by this company are very easy to work with. Even those who have never used a CDN in the past shouldn’t have any trouble getting their site up and running on it quickly and easily. Their documentation is top notch as well so you can get your site setup easily. Signing up for their service isn’t a problem either thanks to their easy to navigate website.


Top of the Line Services

If you’re looking for a content delivery network, security, optimization, or any of the other services provided by this company, they can definitely meet your needs. From small entry level websites to the world’s largest corporations, this company is able to help. They currently protect more than 5.5 million websites.


  • Great DDoS Protection
  • Very Affordable Services
  • Easy to Use


  • Not a Normal Hosting Provider
  • Lots of Features can be Confusing for New Customers

CloudFlare Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

CDN Plans

Plan Name Bandwidth Features Number of Sites Price Score
Free Unlimited
Limited DDoS protection
Global CDN
Shared SSL certificate
I'm Under Attack™ mode
3 Page Rules included
1 $0.00 4.3 Details
Pro Unlimited
Basic web application firewall (WAF) with Cloudflare rulesets
Image optimizations with Polish™
Mobile optimizations with Mirage™
20 Page Rules included
1 $20.00 2.5 Details
Business Unlimited
Advanced DDoS protection
Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with 25 custom rulesets
Custom SSL certificate upload
PCI compliance thanks to Modern TLS Only mode and WAF
Accelerate delivery of dynamic content with Railgun™
Prioritized support
50 Page Rules included
1 $200.00 2.0 Details
Enterprise Unlimited
24/7/365 enterprise-grade phone and email support
100% uptime guarantee with 25x reimbursement SLA
Advanced DDoS protection with prioritized IP ranges
Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with unlimited custom rulesets
Role-based account access
Multiple custom SSL certificate uploads
Access to raw logs
Named solution and customer success engineers
Access to China data centers (additional cost)
100 Page Rules included
1 $5,000.00 2.0 Details

DDoS Protection Plans

Plan Name Features Number of Sites Price Score
Pro Unlimited $20.00 2.8 Details
Business Unlimited $200.00 2.0 Details

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