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A few words from BlazingFast

BlazingFast is one of the most popular and leading companys that provide DDoS protection, every service has our 980GBPS DDoS protection included for free.
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Money Back: 7 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $5.46 - $21.82
VPS $5.46 - $174.59
Dedicated Server $92.75 - $1,090.12
Resellers $16.37 - $43.65
SSL $27.28 - $425.57
DDoS Protection Services $27.28 - $272.80

Data Centers

Dominik Jarke

Pinned Review

Dominik Jarke,
I really enjoy their fast support and the ddos protection
Rudi Mentär
Rudi Mentär from United States,

One of the worst companies in terms of abuse

No answer to abuse emails
When trying to contact them via support@blazingfast.io the ticket will be closed and there will be forwarded to the abuse adress which is a black hole

Avoid this hoster only if you are a scammer you w...Read Moreould like it !

Here is the evidence :

Hello, This is not the right place for this, always send it to abuse@blazingfast.io and not here. _________________________ Skype: rodolfo@blazingfast.io Best Regards, BlazingFast.io ---------------------------------------------- Ticket ID: 730626 Subject: Fakeshop " levonis.de " IP: Status: Closed Ticket URL: https://my.blazingfast.io/?cmd=tickets&action=view&num=730626&hash=ia358cir0088qjo688k1lgt9az3zzfhs ----

Closing is easier then solving?

As we stated in the ticket you cannot spam us with abuse related problems in our customer area when you know that the abuse reports should always be forward to abuse@blazingfast.io
About your report it is being handled by our abuse team.
Rudi Mentär
Rudi Mentär,
One Email which was wrong is considered as " SPAM " ?

However it would be nice that the abuse team has some kind of ticketing system or at least responding.

Email to the abuse team was sent 9 of July.
Today is the 29th and...Read More ?

No answer no solution/resolution?

Communication looks different e.g. with other hosters.

Unfortunately I can not provide a ticket for the abuse as there is none and the other seems just for support reasons.

What a pitty ....

Aron Potti
Aron Potti from Russia,

Nice protection

It's a bit expensive and there are short-term downtimes, but their protection is really awesome and support engineers respond quickly. The attackers terrorized me for a month and demanded money, I had experience using ddos-guard,c...Read Moreloudflare,stormwall-all of them sooner or later became unavailable, but blazingfast was able to mitigate their attack during the dayLess
Mitch Mokken
Mitch Mokken from Poland,

Garbage Host

Garbage host has no protection at all. Their uplinks = cogent. Before they was protected by Voxility. Support never answer now my website is down for 8th hour because their shared cpanel hosting is being ddosed.

Please always make a ticket if you have problems with your website, we can always adjust our protection to stop any attacks.
Efdal Sancak
Efdal Sancak from United States,
Moved from Namecheap

Amazing DDoS protections and hosting

Hey I'm Efdal and i've used BlazingFast hosting of 5 euro p/month it includes an DDoS protection.

The DDoS protection of them is verry strong. I recommend buying reverse proxy from them, your site will be un down able. Their ho...Read Moresting is also amazing super fast servers for just an 5 euro hosting. I used much other hostings like Namecheap, DDOS GUARD (HOST) and OVH servers but this one was the best. I really like the support team. They are helping verry fast.

I recommend it!
Joshua Parker
Joshua Parker from United States,

Amazing Customer Service

This is probably the fastest web hosting and cheapest company ever.
They offer amazing prices and outstanding customer support team.
I totally recommend this hosting for any starting a website. I mean the loading speeds are insanely fast!
100% recommended!
Frank Digicock
Frank Digicock from Germany,

Awful hosting

Ordered 3 month of dedicated server - after one month of usage server gone offline because they are "performing a maintenance of our services" and support didn't tell me when server will be online. Request for refund was refused. I think there are scammers

This was an urgent maintenance that had to be done at the moment, we also compensate customers with free service extension when this happens.
Please read our TOS before you buy any service. "Products/Services NOT eligible For Refunds: Dedicated Servers"
Dieter Mueller
Dieter Mueller from Switzerland,

Total nightmare

It's run by criminals for criminals. They wiped my server out 2 times and stole my deposited money. No reason given. Support does not care.

We are sorry that this has happen but we would need you account email to check this situation and act accordingly.

BlazingFast Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Professional 30 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $5.46 3.6 Details
Business 60 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $10.91 4.6 Details
Enterprise 120 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $21.82 3.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
1GB - EPYC 30 GB 1 x 2.00GHz 1 GB $5.46 1.0 Details
2GB - EPYC 60 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 2 GB $10.91 2.8 Details
4GB - EPYC 100 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 4 GB $21.82 2.5 Details
8GB - EPYC 200 GB 4 x 2.00GHz 8 GB $43.65 2.5 Details
16GB - EPYC 300 GB 6 x 2.00GHz 16 GB $87.30 2.5 Details
32GB - EPYC 450 GB 8 x 2.00GHz 32 GB $174.59 2.5 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Falcon 250 GB 8 x 2.40GHz 16 GB $92.75 1.0 Details
FOX 240 GB 16 x 2.60GHz 32 GB $218.24 2.5 Details
FOX v3 - 10G 240 GB 48 x 2.50GHz 64 GB $1,090.12 2.5 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
cPanel Cloud Admin Unlimited Unlimited cPanel $16.37 2.5 Details
cPanel Cloud Pro Unlimited Unlimited cPanel $27.28 2.5 Details
cPanel Cloud Premier Unlimited Unlimited cPanel $43.65 2.5 Details
cPanel Metal Premier Unlimited Unlimited cPanel $43.65 2.5 Details

SSL Plans

Plan Name Features Warranty Price Score
Advanced (1 Year)
An Advanced domain validation SSL certificate is available for all individuals, businesses, sole traders and private customers. There is no paperwork involved; you just have to provide validation by email. You will get an automatic message that you will have to respond to in order to get issued the SSL certificate. It happens extremely quickly, since everything is working completely automatic and no staff is involved in the process. We recommend to use Advanced SSL certificates (Domain validation) for small websites and systems, when end-user\'s trust is not a high priority task for you. Domain validation SSL certificate provide static SiteSeal logo and are powered by Comodo. This will give you the best browser compatibility.
$25.00 $27.28 2.5 Details
Wildcard SSL
This is the cheapest wildcard SSL certificate that you can buy and it is good quality and fast to get. Within three minutes you will have a 256-bit certificate ready to use, with perfect browser compatibility.
This is a Comodo SSL Wildcard certificate will allow you to get a certificate quickly and easily for all your subdomains, making sure that your whole website is secure. You will only need the one IP address and so it will save you time and money to use this certificate. By just using the one wildcard certificate you will secure unlimited subdomains and therefore get great value for money.
As this is a domain validation certificate, there is no need to send any paperwork or documents and this speeds up the process. You just need to validate by email and that is very quick. You will get a free IdAuthority registration with your SSL certificate.
$99.00 $108.03 2.5 Details
Premium IP SSL
This SSL protects your IP address, even if you don\'t own a domain name. Leading enterprise networks and web sites use InstantSSL Premium certificate with 128/256 bit encryption. It is a professional solution to secure web servers with 99%+ browser support and trust. It comes with quite great warranty level of 250,000$, so end-customers will have no doubts to trust it. InstantSSL Premium (IP) is a unique SSL as it secures both FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) and IP address. InstantSSL Premium comes with priority installation support by email and telephone, instead of InstantSSL/InstantSSL products. Comodo requires passing business validation for every InstantSSL premium order, as well as callback process verification. Validation process takes 1-3 business days. Get unlimited re-issuances and unlimited server licensing for Free. Every SSL equipped with Dynamic Site Seal Logo to attract visitors and to boost sales and trust to the brand, products, and services.
$99.00 $108.03 2.5 Details
Business Validation SSL
You will make more sales as more people will be willing to share their financial information with you. A business validation certificate requires more paperwork. You need to validate domain by email as well as supplying company documentation for authentication. This process is done manually and therefore can take up to three business days to complete.
This will give you a higher security level and much more trust than a simple Domain Validation SSL certificate. Business SSL Certificate is recommended for eCommerce sites that are registered businesses. You will need to provide specific business documents in order to get this certificate.
This certificate is powered by Comodo and includes Dynamic site seal to make your customers know they are browsing an website protected by Comodo.
$145.00 $158.23 2.5 Details
Premium EV (Green Address Bar)
An extended validation SSL certificate requires a longer checking process before it can be authorised. Because of this, it means that your website will be highly trusted and protected by anyone that uses it. These are the highest security certificates because they link company information with the domain name. They provide protection form phishing attacks and that is why customers feel safe when they can see that one is being used.
EV certificates guarantee protection when doing online transactions and provide warranty for up to $250,000. This allows customers to feel safe when using your website, even if they are transferring money. Most of the Extended Validation SSL certificates are compatible with the main browsers; Mozilla 3+, Google Chrome, IE 7.0+. Safari 3.2+ and Opera 9.5+. It also works with browsers for mobile handsets; Netfront 3.0+, Safari for iOS (IPhone 3GS and later), Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Blackberry and Palm / Handspring Blazer 2.0+.
Comodo Extended Validation SSL certificates are the most popular type in their field. The user will see the green address bar when they enter their site, which will fill them with confidence. They will also see the name of the company that has issued the SSL certification. This means that they can be confident that they are on a site that offers them security when they are entering their personal data.
You will need to send EV SSL Subscriber Agreement and Certificate Request Form to complete EV Validation. Certificate is issued within 1-7days.
$0.00 $425.57 2.5 Details

DDoS Protection Plans

Plan Name Features Number of Sites Price Score
Anti-DDoS Tunnel
Description: Standard tunnel end-points to a nearby BlazingFast Security Cloud to connect your Anti-DDoS equipment. Through an encapsulated BGP session you will advertise end-user attacked subnet whenever downstream or equipment capacity is overwhelmed by an attack. Security Cloud will “hijack” the affected subnet\\\'s incoming traffic, mitigated for DDoS with a 700Gbps capacity and sent to you through the tunnel. Traffic exiting your network is never rerouted.
Purpose: Protect against edge-network bandwidth overrun. Have the choice to use in-house Anti-DDoS equipment or to choose a full mitigation, up to Layer7.
Internet Bandwidth: 10Gbps Connection on our End.
Traffic Included: Unlimited Clean Traffic in 100Mbps increments.
Anti-DDoS Specs: 700Gbps UDP, TCP and GRE line-rate transparent filtering and mitigation for any known type of attack. Layer7 filtering through reverse-proxy technology.
Unlimited $272.80 2.5 Details
Reverse Proxy for Websites
980 Gbps Firewall
Unlimited Websites
Protection on ALL Attack Layers
1x Backend Server
Unlimited $27.28 2.5 Details
Protected TCP
980Gbps Firewall
up to 3 tcp ports
Protection on ALL Attack Layers
1x Backend Server
Unlimited $32.74 2.5 Details
Custom ACL rules
ACL rules across all our network
Unlimited $76.39 2.5 Details
Website Protection L7 Unlimited $27.28 2.5 Details

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