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Shared Hosting $2.43 - $30.81
Cloud Hosting $19.23 - $87.69

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T Nzama
T Nzama from South Africa,

No help at all

They are the worst ISP in history! They are no help at all but when it comes to getting money, they are always hounding us. I don’t recommend them at all.
Daniel Du Plessis
Daniel Du Plessis from South Africa,

Terrible sercvice!!!!

I want internet installed.
They said 1 to 30 days!
They dont call back even after four requests. Dont want to put me through to supervisors. Useless staff?!!!
I have not even started my service with them and almo...Read Morest got a heart attack off frustrations. Incompetent people at the call center.Less
Melissa Delport
Melissa Delport from South Africa,

Horrible service

Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! They are down more than they actually work. I constantly have to try to get someone on the phone to tell me why I can't access my emails, why hosting is down, why I can't connect, why I can't do ANY...Read MoreTHING. Then I have someone on the other line that's suppose to be "customer service" asking me what my rooter looks like - then argues with me that my rooter has to have more lights and I'm wrong etc. They are rude and useless, but still expect you to give them a review on how their customer support was after you have phoned them. I've had tickets waiting to be helped for weeks with NO response. Call them back and they just open another ticket. OR they close a ticket without contacting you due to it being left for so long.Less
Huzaifa Ahmed
Huzaifa Ahmed from Portugal,

Stay away

They have the worst service and support I have ever experienced in my life. You don't have any control over your domain and if you want to transfer they will make your suffer with wrong transfer code. Every time we ask about the auth code they with this one letter as the auth code. "!" Pathetic!
Jenesta Groom
Jenesta Groom from South Africa,

Beyond pathetic

Geez never in my life did I battle this much with incompetent staff and also a constant thank you for your email your ticket number is.... REALLY can they pick up the damn phones to fix their issues we experience after they have d...Read Moreebited your account? Does telkom realize that this is a product of theirs and this is bad for business?

Wow I will be sure to let Telkom know about who they are dealing with!!!
Amy T
Amy T from South Africa,

Stay far away from Axxess for web hosting

Stay far away from Axxess. If I could give zero stars I would. Terrible service, terrible (non-existent) support.

I transferred a number of domains to Axxess at the end of 2019, including my own business domain. I have had my w...Read Moreebsite for 5 years with no issues. While with Axxess my domain was irreparably hacked. It is so badly compromised that I have to begin building completely from scratch. My domain has been blacklisted by Google. Axxess refuses to take responsibility for this.

In fact, in retrospect all the signs were there that something odd was happening and a hack was in progress a full month before the hack took place. I have correspondence with Axxess to prove this. However, nothing was done to resolve my issues and as a result, my domain was irreparably compromised and I have lost hours of work and thousands of rands (in terms of potential business and time).

In addition to this, other smaller but still frustrating issues:

1. A month after I signed up with Axxess, they switched from using Cpanel to another cheap and glitchy web control panel system. No notice was sent out.
2. Supposed 'full site backups' downloaded are actually incomplete, and cause issues when uploaded to a new server.
3. Their servers are extremely slow to upload or download files - mostly it just times out.
4. Sneaky hidden clause - you can't cancel your service unless you give one month notice, and you only discover this when you want to cancel. So right now, I am paying Axxess for a service I am not using, have no intention of using, and that leaves me fearful that my domains are open to hackers.

Lastly, support is TERRIBLE. Honestly, I have no words for how bad it is. Problems are not resolved. No one cares, no one apologises, no one takes any responsibility.
Good Day Amy, maybe we can help? Has you matter been resloved?
Safeeya Ebrahim
Safeeya Ebrahim from South Africa,

Misleading information

The axxess website stated that there was fibre in my area. After ordering and paying for delivery of the router I was told that they could not install the fibre as tt connect was not available in my area. I was not refunded despite the mistake being their's. Pathetic service
Bertus Kriel
Bertus Kriel from South Africa,

Really kak service

Never in my life have i seen a company that is so pathetic, and have incompetent people and engineers working for them
Donovan Carter
Donovan Carter,
Worst service, useless to non existing support.
escalation does not work.
Faults never get fixed and they just close to make there stats look better.
would not recommend them to anyone who values service and support and a working internet
I agree, every time I need to login it is not possible. FTP never worked "unable to connect to server" Password reset form doesn't work. email never arrives. I need to do some important covid19 updates on a medical website but it ...Read Moreis impossible.Finally they send an sms with new login details. It worked!!! But only for a couple of minutes, than back to the normal error messages. That company sucks. Website connection is slow. A complete disaster. Never use this company. I transferred the website to Afrihost.Less

Axxess Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
XS 2 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $2.43 2.0 Details
S 3 GB Unlimited cPanel 2 $3.05 2.0 Details
M 5 GB Unlimited cPanel 2 $3.67 2.0 Details
L 10 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 $6.78 2.0 Details
XL 25 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 $9.90 2.0 Details
XXL 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 10 $19.85 2.0 Details
XXXL 75 GB Unlimited cPanel 15 $22.97 2.0 Details
XXS W 1 GB Unlimited Plesk 1 $3.42 2.0 Details
XS W 2 GB Unlimited Plesk 1 $5.91 2.0 Details
S W 3 GB Unlimited Plesk 2 $6.54 2.0 Details
M W 5 GB Unlimited Plesk 2 $8.40 2.0 Details
L W 10 GB Unlimited Plesk 5 $10.89 2.0 Details
XL W 25 GB Unlimited Plesk 5 $15.25 2.0 Details
XXL W 50 GB Unlimited Plesk 10 $24.58 2.0 Details
XXXL W 75 GB Unlimited Plesk 15 $30.81 2.0 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
MINI 100 GB 1 core 2 GB 4 TB $19.23 2.0 Details
REGULAR 300 GB 3 cores 6 GB 8 TB $37.90 2.0 Details
BIG 1.95 TB 6 cores 12 GB 10 TB $56.58 2.0 Details
MEGA 3.91 TB 10 cores 24 GB 30 TB $87.69 2.0 Details

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