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Paul Snyder

Pinned Review

Paul Snyder,
We have used APlus since 1995. To date our five websites have never suffered an outage, response times have been above average, and customer service responsive. Five sites for $9.99 a month seems reasonable to us, plus domain registration fees are a bargain.
Sunil Lala
Sunil Lala from India,

If you value your sanity - STAY AWAY!

Probably the WORST host around. Stay away from these guys.

Their support team doesn't know. They don't learn. They don't care.

Every single time I have a support issue with them, the first thing I hear is - oh, your site isn...Read More't hosted with us! Why? Because I have SiteLock for my security (their partner, by the way) and so SiteLock's IP is in the A record. It's a redirection. But no - no one in their team has figured this out in the last two years.

So then we go through the same nonsense every time - back and forth emails, back and forth phone calls, manager, senior tech person whatever. This is before they can ever GET to the actual support issue!

If you value your sanity even slightly - STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!
Joz Mackin
Joz Mackin from United States,

A-.net (that's not a typo). A better name is A minus.net DO NOT SIGN UP!

After years of abysimal service I am done with this hosting so called service!
They just renewed my basic hosting plan for another year in April 2022
and I will happily quit & eat the $108 to be free of this nightmare company....Read More
They deleted all my contacts on my iPhone (tech support at an Apple store confirmed it was the
server & not Apple). Additionally confirmed because all contacts are gone using the mail client on my pc.
and they "will not & do not restore lost contacts". Great huh? They can loose my contacts but not restore
John Mernick
John Mernick from United States,

Aplus.net is garbage

For the past 5 years I have been working with aplus.net hosting a website for a client. Every single time I try to login (after a month or so) my credentials no longer work and it takes days of hastles to fix the issue yet they never resolve the real issue
Lyle Jones
Lyle Jones from United States,

Never again

I've been a professional in this business for 22 years, and have _never_ dealt with a worse registrar in terms of their online portal, product management, or technical support. I have been a paying customer for more than 10 years,...Read More and... I just can't do it anymore. As a professional systems administrator for a public /16 and more than 150 individual companies, I will not use aplus.net again, nor would I recommend it for any of my customers.

I have used nearly all north-american registrars and have consistently had a better experience with every single one. This is a low bar.

I made the decision more than 10 years ago to give aplus.net a try for my own personal accounts, as it was literally the least expensive at the time. Well as they say: "you get what you pay for." Never again.
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor from United States,

Go Elsewhere Horrible Company

Nothing but problems letting this company host my site and domains. The help page does not contain a phone number to call. Had to chat with tech support, which by the way is horrible, and was told there is no phone number to call ...Read Morefor tech support. Run from these hacks.

They also charged my card after I closed my account. They made it incredibly hard to transfer my sites and domains. My main site was down for weeks. Real tools they are.
Sunil Lala
Sunil Lala from United States,

Terrible service - stay away!

Customer service at Aplus is pretty much non-existent. Whether you have a minor issue OR your website is completely down, they have the same standard response over the phone - "we will get back to you in 24-48 hours". Which they n...Read Moreever ever do.

No one even bothers to look at a support issue with any level of seriousness. No matter how you respond to a wrongly closed ticket, different support people simply copy and paste the exact same resolution into the ticket and keep closing it. Manager? Forget about it. More promises of call-backs that never materialize.

Stay away from this company if you are running even a semi-serious company/business.

Expert Review

Craig Timmins
Craig Timmins
Hosting Expert


A User-Friendly Site With High Prices

APlus.net have a great homepage that clearly shows what services they offer with prices for each, there is no hiding behind fancy gimmicks here. Amongst the 3 web hosting options, they can also help you to build a site, provide SSL certificates, and buy domain names.

Basic web hosting at APlus.net starts at $9.99 which is a little more expensive than most hosting solutions, so if budget is an issue you may need to rethink.

Why Choose APlus.net Hosting?

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Unlimited Features on High Tier Plan
  • Simple Layout, Good Usability
  • Live chat is available

Want to know if APlus.net Hosting is right for you?

Let’s check it out.



Rated by Craig Timmins

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing


Just How Reliable Are They?

With a 99.9% uptime you can guarantee decent website uptime but that guarantee does appear to come with some strange clauses that almost helps APlus get out of any sticky situation. That 99.9% is also measured over 3 months as opposed to most hosting plan who do it over 1 month.

The data centre is housed in Phoenix Arizona, but we don’t get any more details on how reliable they are. Looking at online reviews to support this section doesn’t help APlus score points, with a lot of reviews complaining about poor Uptime.


Limited Features on the Cheaper Plans

All hosting plans comes with 1 free domain and then vary in features and limits depending on how high up the scale you decide to go. For the basic hosting solution you will find yourself with 100GB of storage, 500GB of data transfer, 2 hosted domain, 5 email addresses and 2GB of email space. A the top end of the scale you will find some unlimited options such as storage, transfer, and hosted domain, with 500 email addresses with a 5GB capped storage.


No Real Effort in The Support Channels

Support comes in several areas and you can expect to see live chat, US phone support, and FAQ area and social channels available.  No email address is provided, ticket system or telephone number for outside the US. The social channels all seem to be one-way traffic as well so you may not receive a reply here.

  • 24/7 support
  • Live chat
  • Ticket System
  • No Email
  • Social is One-Way Traffic
  • No Phone Number for Overseas
  • Slow Replies


Not as Competitive as They Could be

Pricing at APlus.net is as straightforward as it comes with 3 types of web hosting that is aimed at small to medium sized organisations. For $9.99 you can unlock the APlus.net basic plan which provides everything you need to get started in the online world, whilst the mid-tier package is yours for $10 more, and then for $29.99 per month you can get your hands on the Professional hosting option.

Now, the professional plan at $29.99 offers features that can be seen on other hosting websites for a fraction of the price, so in reality APLus.net is expensive when you do a like-for-like. There doesn’t seem to be any money back guarantee here either.


A Very Nice Looking Site

The Aplus.Net site is one of its best features as it lays everything out perfectly for the end-user. As soon as you hit the homepage you are greeted with a site that knows what the user wants, and that is simple menus, easy to see hosting plans and prices to accompany them. There really is no confusion or navigating around to try and find prices, it’s as straightforward as sites come.

APlus.net doesn’t state what control panel they use, they just reference a ‘powerful control panel’ so its hard to tell from the site what exactly that is. From review it seems to be a customised control panel built by APlus so don’t expect to see CPanel here.


A Host That Offers Good and Bad Points

APlus offer a good alternative to hosting your website with decent features and a website that has been well thought out and designed for the user in mind. It’s a shame that the service is let down by a unstable reliability guarantee, poor support and prices that are over your standard hosting plans that you find on other sites.


  • Great looking website
  • 3 main plans to select from
  • 99.95 Uptime
  • Good amount of features


  • Poor support
  • No CPanel
  • inability to scale
  • a lot of downtime and problems

aPlus.net Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Business 1.95 TB 200 TB Unlimited $9.95 1.6 Details
Professional 2.93 TB 300 TB Unlimited $19.95 1.3 Details
eCommerce Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $29.95 1.5 Details

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