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A few words from Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is one of the best global hosting providers due to its resilient infrastructure. It efficiently manages the most demanding web hosting situations, ensures high uptime and maximum availability at affordable prices. It's the same infrastructure which powers the biggest e-commerce marketplace - Taobao. Sign up for our referral program to earn free credits and leverage the most robust cloud infrastructure.
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Cloud Hosting $8.00 - $15.00

Data Centers

Антон Жорин

Pinned Review

Антон Жорин,
Пользуюсь эхолокатором для рыбалки LUCKY FF718Li-W. Вещь очень полезная, пользуясь уже 3 недели. Очень помогла тех. поддержка с выбором товара и подобрать по цене.


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WTP TW from United States,

Do Not Use Them

Their Tech support is horrible. If you don't know anything about web design or cpanel usage, this company is Not for you.

Pretend that there is no support. You are on your own.

They remove services at a whim.

Worse yet ...Read Moreis that my website is down almost every other day for whatever reason and all they say is, "Try it now."

They never answer why it went down, just try it now. With no urgency to get your website up. You have to wait at times for days.

You have been warned.
Rex terians
Rex terians from Malaysia,

i got scammed by alicloud

decided to try free trial after their ad popped, created an instance, gave it a run for 30 mins, stopped instance. the next month got charged 60usd for usage on "disk" and "bandwith" on a stopped instance. scammers
Me too. I created one instance and played for only 5 minutes, they charged me 4 USD. The worst is you can’t remove your payment method or remove your account from their system. Their service team is also useless you won’t get any solution from them.
Agris Malnačs
Agris Malnačs from Latvia,

fraudsters fraud

don't buy alibaba. they pass on your data to fraudsters. alibaba platform does not respect data protection. i grew 3000usd and they don't care. they are only worried about profits, they are not worried about customer losses. still...Read More the same fraudsters continue to offer their product. there are other platforms where you can buy goods and keep your data safe. Don't risk your money and your private dataLess
Lily Liang
Lily Liang from United States,

Bad hosting customer service

Alibaba cloud hosts my editing service website. This morning I found the website is no longer there. Message says "500 server error". I called Alibaba customer service. Have been listening music for hours on the phone. I opened a ticket for service in my Alibabab account, but received no reply
dense tan
dense tan from Japan,

AliBabaCloud is the greatest scam

most unreliable domain hosting company i ever encountered in 20 years. I bought a dozen domain names. I was unable to change the dns. If I cant change the dns, i cant make the domains work with Shopify.
I tried to transfer out an...Read Mored even though their system shows the domain change is unlocked, the new domain company told me AliBaba still has my domain locked. I did a Whois and true enough, the domain is still locked and no transfer is allowed. I contacted the help desk over two days, and well done, nothing is done.Less
Haruka chan
Haruka chan from Malaysia,

Worst Network ever unreliable delivery

ICMP ping seems to be ok, these scums try to put their ICMP ping to be normal and TCP traffic to go through bad nodes to save bucks. These people are just scumbags, a big giant company that try to earn quick bucks with their fake ...Read More"reliable network", hiding behind a good ICMP ping route and route TCP traffic through cheaper routes to save costs. It really DISGUSTS me.Less
Sam M
Sam M from Indonesia,

Worst Cloud Service

The site feels like a scam, in which they don't really care about the account. I tried their service because of their free tier credit promo to try. Turns out, it's a scam. The credit didn't even deducted the usage, and in the end...Read More had to pay ~$60 for something I didn't really use.
The help I get from the support, is basically a copy pasted response.
David Allen
David Allen from Australia,

Do not put yourself through this! GO ELSE WHERE

Honestly do not even think about it. Look at the reviews on Trustpilot (I did but thought it may be different with me - oh how wrong I was)
They are completely inept. Once you sign up, closing your account is near impossible.
Th...Read Moree account manager I was given and who assured me he would make my experience easy - doesn't even respond to my messages or phone calls (I can see he has read them).
If you do decide to sign up - please remember to come and post your experience on here as I would hate to see others go through the pain and anguish I have suffered whilst trying to save a few bucks!
If I could punch that twat in the head I would enjoy it more than words can say. I will point out that I am not a violent person but right now it would be worth every second to see him in pain.

Alibaba Cloud Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Starter Package 40 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 1 GB 2 TB $8.00 4.0 Details
Starter Package 2 40 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB 2 TB $15.00 2.0 Details

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