Domain Hosting Price: Comparison of Top 20 Domain Hosting Providers

Some web hosting providers offer domain hosting at a specific price while others add it to their web hosting plans for free. Those that offer it as a separate service require you to pay an average price of $12 per year to subscribe to your domain name.

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Domain hosting refers to hosting services that allow you to register and transfer domain names to host your website. Buying a domain name and hosting your website work together to make the website creation process possible. Without domain hosting, you will not be able to direct people to your website; without web hosting, you cannot build a website.

The price you pay for domain hosting depends on the hosting provider, the domain extension you choose, and the type of website you want to build.

In this post, we will compare the domain hosting prices based on the cheapest price to pay to host your domain name. Our experts have reviewed, tested and curated a list of the best and cheap domain hosting providers.

Domain Hosting Price Table – Top 20 Domain Hosting Price Comparison

Our RankingHostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingPay Monthly PriceMoney-back GuaranteeWebsite
#1Stable host$12.99Yearly13%$14.9945 DaysStablehost
#2Miss hosting$12.99Yearly13%$14.9945 DaysMiss hosting
#3KnownHost$14.50YearlyX$14.5030 DaysKnownhost
#4Chemicloud$2.98Monthly70%$9.9545 DaysChemicloud
#5Dreamhost$7.99Yearly55%$17.9997 DaysDreamhost
#6FastComet$2.49Monthly75%$9.9545 DaysFastComet
#7Hostinger$2.99Monthly57%$6.9930 DaysHostinger
#8GreenGeeks$2.95Monthly73%$10.9530 DaysGreenGeeks
#9TMDhosting$2.95Monthly40%$4.9560 DaysTMDhosting
#10InMotion$2.29Monthly67%$8.9990 DaysInMotion
#11Interserver$12MonthlyX$1230 DaysInterserver
#12Scala hosting$3.95Monthly43%$6.9530 DaysScala hosting
#13000webhost$2.99Monthly75%$11.9930 Days000webhost
#14SmarterASP$12.9YearlyX$12.960 DaysSmarterASP
#15A2hosting$2.99Monthly72%$10.9930 DaysA2hosting
#16O2switch$5.09MonthlyX`$5.0930 DaysO2switch
#17LWS$1.49Monthly25%$1.9930 DaysLWS
#18Prohoster$2.5MonthlyX$2.530 DaysProhoster
#19Milesweb$3Monthly68%$9.5030 DaysMilesWeb
#20Sered$3.57MonthlyX$3.5730 DaysSered
Unique Facts: Domain hosts help you to register and acquire the ownership of your domain name. If you use a domain name provided by a web hosting provider like FastComet or Dreamhost, they are your domain host, and you can get it for free.

Factors that affect the cost of domain hosting

Domain hosting is the first step in the website creation process, and behind domain hosting is a web hosting service to host your website. Domain hosting has become cheaper because some hosting providers offer free 1-year domain registration. However, the prices you pay can vary across different hosting providers, and other factors like the domain extension you choose can also affect the cost. Before choosing your domain hosting provider, consider the following factors:

The type of domain hosting package

A domain hosting package can be purchased separately with hosting providers like Stable host and Miss hosting. Some web hosting providers also offer a free domain when you purchase their web hosting plan. While the latter looks cheaper and offers you more free resources like free privacy protection, it is up to you to decide if you want to pay an extra fee to transfer your domain name. While you can get it for free in the first year, you do not own the domain name permanently and will need to pay to claim ownership for some years.

Domain name registration

A domain name is like an address that people can visit, and hosting the domain name with a web hosting provider will allow you to store files that visitors can view when they visit your website. To register a domain name, you need to choose a brandable domain name or company name, choose a domain registrar or hosting provider, check the availability of your domain name in your preferred extension, and complete and verify the domain name ownership.

  • Choosing a domain name: You need to brainstorm and ensure your domain name is easy to pronounce and clearly describes what your company does. Also, include the right keywords and use domain name generators to filter your choice.
  • Domain name registrar: A domain hosting provider is your domain name registrar. You can register and pay to own your domain name between 1 to 10 years.
  • Domain name extensions: Whenever you search for the availability of your domain name, you will get a filter result showing you the extensions available for your chosen name. Domain name extension will affect the cost of your domain hosting. Top level domains such as a .net extension will cost less than those with a .com extension.

Renewal fees

Most hosting providers will tell you outrightly that you can get your domain name for free, but it will cost a fee to own it for a period of time. You should take note of the renewal cost, so you don’t get billed unexpectedly. It is also important to note when you need to renew your domain name subscription or web host package. This is very important as you risk losing your domain name if you don’t renew it when it is due. The same applies to your web hosting; your website visitors will not be able to visit or see any content on your website and will be greeted with an error message.

Unique Facts: If your domain hosting expires, your domain name will no longer be able to connect with the stored files on your website, and your site will be like a disconnected phone line.

Domain demand and length of plan

The demand for a domain name can also affect the cost of domain hosting as every domain name carries a specific value. Factors such as the Top level domain (.com, .org or .uk), keyword popularity and the length of the domain name affect the specific market value.

The length of your domain package will also affect the total cost. If you pay upfront for a domain name for like 10 years, it can reduce the cost of renewing every year with some domain hosting providers.


SEO improves the quality of traffic to your website. The cost of domain hosting is often influenced by its SEO impact on search engines. If your chosen domain name contains popular keywords in your niche, it will increase the cost of your domain hosting. When users inquire about a specific topic, SEO affects how a website’s content is accessible.

Unique Facts: Moving from one web hosting company to another can impact your website’s SEO success and long-term strategy.

Extra costs to consider

Domain Name Privacy

Typically costs $2 to $20/year

Domain name privacy is what you need to protect your WHOIS registration details such as your phone number, email, name and address from the public. Some domain hosting providers offer this service for free and others charge you a fee to anonymise and protect you from being spammed.

Web hosting

Typically costs $1.45 to $500/month

Without web hosting, you can’t build your website or direct people to your domain address. Both work together, and many hosting providers include domain hosting as part of their standard web hosting package to fast-track the website creation process.

The types of web hosting include Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting, and the prices vary across hosting providers. You need to know the type of web hosting your website needs and the resources required for optimum performance.

 Unique Facts: Web hosting allocates space on a server to store your website files. These servers are in different locations and are accessible through the internet whenever someone enters your domain name.


Microsoft 365

Typically costs $6 to $22/month

Microsoft 365 offers cloud-based tools on the go for home and business use. The price you need to buy a plan depends on the number of users, the apps and services included in each package, and the resources you need.

Microsoft 365 is available in Personal, Family, Business basic and Business standard packages. You can reimagine your productivity and that of your team with a Microsoft 365 package.

SSL certificate

Typically costs $5 to $1000/year

An SSL certificate protects users’ sensitive information like card details, enables HTTPS and displays a padlock beside your website address to convey trust to your customers. It allows you to safeguard your website users’ activities and to encrypt the connection between a web server and browsers.


You need to pay for domain hosting if you run a virtual store, eCommerce brand, or any type of website. These will ensure your services and products are available and accessible online with improved user engagements.

The total costs of domain hosting depend on your preferred domain extension, the domain hosting provider, the type of package, the renewal costs, and the type of website you want to build. The cost to own a domain name is between $10 to $20 a year, which can skyrocket depending on the promo and renewal prices.

Choosing a domain hosting provider depends on whether you only want a domain registrar or a web hosting provider included.


Can I transfer my domain name to another domain hosting provider?

Yes, you can. Domain hosting providers allow you to transfer your domain name from a previous registrar.

Can I change my domain hosting provider without changing the domain?

You can always maintain your domain name across different domain hosting providers.

Can I buy a domain hosting and web hosting separately?

Yes, you can buy your domain name from a registrar like GoDaddy and host your website on FastComet.