Dedicated Server Pricing: Comparison of Top 20 Dedicated Server Providers for July 2022

Dedicated hosting is a web hosting package that provides a dedicated server to a single client. Compared to other web hosting plan prices, dedicated server prices are the most expensive with an average of $75/month to acquire an entire server for your business. A dedicated server price is not cheap but it is a necessary premium price to pay to ensure your website visitors get a hitch-free experience.

Final Revision: Dedicated Server Price

Hosting your website is like renting a virtual space on the internet. One of the cheapest is shared hosting, comparable to renting a room in a shared apartment. It might look affordable but there is little privacy. As time goes on, you will crave your own apartment and that’s where dedicated hosting comes in – an apartment to call your own without compromising your space. Although it will cost you a bit more, you will get the space and resources you need. receives website visitors like you every week. We decided to acquire a dedicated server to give you a site that responds with speed, and quality performance. As a small business, you can start with shared hosting to cut costs. As your business grows you might need to have your own space. That will require you to find an affordable dedicated server plan to pay for the space you need.

Our experts have done the hard work to help you compare the best and most affordable dedicated hosting prices by creating a table of the top dedicated hosting providers and their offers.

Dedicated Server Price Table – Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in 2022

Our RankingHostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingPay Monthly PriceMoney Back GuaranteeWebsite
#1Interserver$55MonthlyX$5530 DaysInterserver
#2Kamatera$19MonthlyX$1930 DaysKamatera
#3Dreamhost$149Monthly11%$16997 DaysDreamhost
#4Verpex$39.50Monthly50%$7960 DaysVerpex
#5InMotion$139.99MonthlyX$139.9990 DaysInMotion
#6HostArmada$111.75Monthly25%$14945 DaysHostArmada
#7HostGator$89.98Monthly52%$189.9830 DaysHostGator
#8Bluehost$79.99Monthly33%$119.9930 DaysBluehost
#9Hostwinds$122MonthlyX$12230 DaysHostwinds
#10LiquidWeb$99Monthly50%$19930 DaysLiquidWeb
#12Knownhost$49MonthlyX$4930 DaysKnownhost
#13FastComet$90.35Monthly35%$13545 DaysFastComet
#14HyperHost$33Monthly16%$39.530 DaysHyperHost
#15GoDaddy$99.9Monthly23%$129.9930 DaysGoDaddy
#16Ionos$65MonthlyX$6530 DaysIonos
#17TMDhosting$79.97Monthly50%$159.9530 DaysTMDhosting
#18AccuWeb$105MonthlyX$10530 DaysAccuWeb
#19Namecheap$41.88Monthly22%$53.887 DaysNamecheap
#20GreenGeeks$169MonthlyX$16930 DaysGreenGeeks

You can also examine the parameter that determined our overall ranking on the best dedicated server hosting.

Unique fact: Whenever you pay for a dedicated hosting plan, you have access to rent a server that is available to you only. You have full control over the server and can choose between managed or unmanaged servers.

Factors affecting the Price of Dedicated Server

The price you pay to rent a dedicated server is affected by a number of factors such as managed or unmanaged servers, your operating system, data center location, memory, bandwidth, number of CPUs, and security. The good news is that most dedicated server providers allow you to compare the features of each plan and their prices. This will prevent you from overspending on a plan that you might not necessarily need.

Memory, Bandwidth, and the number of CPUs

RAM is your server’s short-term memory, where data is stored as it needs it. The more applications and resources deployed on your server and site, the more RAM it will need for efficient running. Therefore to avoid slowing down your website, knowing your preferred operating system recommended RAM and how much traffic your site is getting will help you decide the RAM your site needs.

In general, most dedicated hosting providers cap their RAM range between 16 to 64 gigabytes. But that is not the case for some providers like Namecheap, with their cheapest plan offering 8GB of RAM. Compared to others, InMotion offers 16GB of RAM while GoDaddy starts theirs with 32GB of RAM.

The above information is likewise related to your bandwidth and number of CPUs, as they also have a part to play in your website hosting. In general, it’s best to get more than what you need so that your server can keep up with the demands of your website over time.

Unique Fact: Don’t be swayed by low prices; the lower the dedicated server price, the fewer resources you will be allocated. As the dedicated server price increases, so does the bandwidth, RAM, and CPUs.

Managed or unmanaged dedicated servers

Managed dedicated servers means that the hosting provider has full responsibility to manage the server, including the technical aspect. Unmanaged dedicated servers are taken care of by the company that is using the server. Managed dedicated servers are more expensive than unmanaged dedicated servers.

You should only go for an unmanaged dedicated server plan if you have the technical knowledge to manage the server on your own. But, if you are not available or too busy to take on additional tasks such as creating backups, maintaining your server, or doing other administrative work, you might need to go for managed dedicated servers.

Location of servers

Does the location of a dedicated server matter? Yes, the physical location of your dedicated server is important. Most hosting providers have different locations for their servers, which can impact your website’s speed. If your dedicated server is located close to your proximity, data transfer will be fast, and your users will not experience site latency. Therefore, check if your hosting provider has a server located in your preferred area before renting their dedicated server.

Your operating system

While some dedicated server providers include windows as an operating system for your dedicated server plan, the majority offer only Linux-based servers. Linux is open-source software, making Linux-based servers so popular. On the other hand, providers of Windows-based servers pay licensing fees to use the Windows operating system.

Choosing the right one for your website is an important decision you need to make. A challenge with choosing Linux is that you need to understand Linux OS and the distribution you want to install. Some of the most popular Linux distributions for dedicated servers are Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, and CloudLinux.

Unique Facts: A Linux distribution like CloudLinux is an OS built on the Linux Kernel and consists of other software tools for user management, software package installation and management, and file-related operations.

Extra Dedicated Hosting Costs to Consider

Your dedicated hosting allows you to benefit from an unmatched level of security, flexibility, and server control. However, you will need to pay extra costs to add some premium functionalities.

Premium SSL certificates

Typically cost $102.97/year

A premium SSL certificate is a competitively-priced and enhanced form of standard SSL certificate used by entities to secure the online transaction on their website. These certificates are acquired by organizations that want the highest level of trust and authentication on their website.

Microsoft 365

Typically costs $69.99/year

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based business productivity tool designed to help businesses become more productive. It has tools for scheduling, file sharing, and document creation, as well as Microsoft teams to chat, meet and collaborate with team members.

Domain Name Registration

Typically costs $2 – $20/year

A domain name is a valuable and necessary asset for your business website. It plays an important part in the marketing of business services or products to customers online. It allows people to remember a brand and represents the company in the minds of the customers.

To register your domain name, you need the following to complete the registration:

  • Domain name extension: To check the availability of your domain name, you need to choose a domain registrar and search for your domain name. The search results will show the domain extensions in which your domain name is available with their prices. There are more than 1200 TLDs under 3 different types to choose from.
  • Domain Name Privacy: Most domain registrars offer domain privacy protection as an extra free ad-on when you register a new domain name. Other registrars require you to pay a small amount to enable it. Since your data is always available online whenever you register a new domain, domain privacy protection will prevent unwanted spam and illegal access to your personal data. While domain name privacy can be free for certain TLDs, the cost to enable them is reasonable when you think about the risk it prevents.


We hope you know the price you need to pay to rent a dedicated server at this point. If you don’t, evaluate the specifications you want in your dedicated hosting plan and cross-reference with our table.

Kamatera offers the cheapest dedicated hosting price, although it comes with fewer resources. You can gain access to more resources, but you will need to pay more.

All the dedicated hosting providers listed in our table of dedicated server price comparisons are worthy of your choice.