Cloud Hosting Cost: 2022 Comparison Of Cloud Hosting Providers

The average cloud hosting cost is $4.55 per month for a small server with 1GB of RAM, 25GB SSD storage and 1 CPU core. Majority of cloud hosting providers in this article offer at least 30 days of free trial. This will help you decide if one service provider is worth the price or not after the free period expires.

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Before we go deep into what you need to pay to access cloud hosting services, it is important that we understand what we are talking about when we say cloud hosting. Cloud hosting services might be what your business needs. You can manage your resources across a network of servers in a cloud computing environment instead of one server.

In this post, we will compare the best cloud hosting providers so you can have an idea of what it will cost you to host in the cloud.

In most cases, the best cloud hosting provider is not the one with the best hosting price but the one that satisfies your website needs with server reliability and uptime guarantees.

Cloud Hosting Cost Table – Top 20 Cloud Hosting Services for July 2022

Our RankingHostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingMonthly Price CostMoney Back GuaranteeWebsite
#1Kamatera$4MonthlyX$430 daysKamatera
#2InMotion$19.99Monthly67%$29.9990 daysInMotion
#3DreamHost$4.50MonthlyX$4.5097 daysDreamhost
#5HostArmada$2.49Monthly75%$9.957 daysHostArmada
#7LiquidWeb$149MonthlyX$14930 daysLiquid Web
#8ScalaHosting$14.95Monthly53%$31.9530 daysScalahosting
#9FastComet$38.95Monthly35%$59.9545 daysFastcomet
#10ChemiCloud$59.96Monthly25%$79.9515 daysChemiCloud
#11Hostinger$9.99Monthly66%$2930 daysHostinger
#13MilesWeb$27Monthly10%$3030 daysMilesWeb
#14TMDhosting$5.95Monthly34%$8.9560 daysTMDhosting
#15Verpex$0.50Monthly90%$545 daysVerpex
#16Nexcess$49MonthlyX$4930 daysNexcess
#17Cloudways$12MonthlyX$1230 daysCloudways
#18HostGator$4.95Monthly45%$4.9545 daysHostGator
#19SiteGround$2.99Monthly80%$14.9930 daysSiteGround
#20Kinsta$35MonthlyX$3530 DaysKinsta

Unique Fact: Cloud hosting providers provide a clear relationship between cost and usage. This will enable you to perform accurate financial analysis and compare the different options, such as buy vs cloud or choosing among other cloud hosting providers.

Factors affecting the cost of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting pricing depends on a number of factors, including the resources you need to set up your cloud infrastructure and the type of cloud hosting you want to deploy your resources on. While some service providers allow you to enter in your preferred details, others have certain plans that you can choose from. Other factors include the size and scope of your project and the support you need, such as storage, bandwidth and CPU.

  • Bandwidth, Size and Storage

Since storage is the major reason why you need to move your workloads to the cloud, the size of your workload can determine the price you pay. To avoid additional costs on your profile, it is important that you know your bandwidth requirement and the amount of storage you will need in the long run. The good news is that some of the service providers offer unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, while others limit it to 1TB to 8TB, depending on the plan you buy.

Also, take note of the type of storage your service provider is offering, as it might have an impact on the cost of your plan. There are two types of storage; solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs are mostly preferred and used by service providers because they are fast, more reliable and can increase your website speed and performance. But the only limitation is that it is more expensive than HDDs, but HDDs are less reliable and slow. Therefore, pay what you need to pay to get the best service.

  • Plan type

Apart from cloud hosting providers that allow you to configure your plan and choose the resources you need on your cloud infrastructure; you should take note of the plan features incorporated by other service providers. This is to prevent you from paying for services you don’t need or services not included in your plan that you might need to pay later.

Before you choose a plan, you need to ensure that the plan has the features you need and doesn’t have any limitations that could incur additional charges in the future. Don’t be swayed into paying for a cheap cloud hosting plan, do your due diligence and always ensure they have the important features you need.

  • CPUs and Root access

One of the important features you need to look out for in the cloud hosting provider you want to choose is if they offer enough CPUs and root access. Having enough CPU can impact the speed of your website. Root access allows you to customize your server’s environment, install extra software such as extra security, and make changes to your hardware settings.

Unique Fact: Root access allows you to add an extra layer of scalability to your hosting and gives you better control.
  • Cloud server location

The server location has an impact on your website’s speed from the end-visitor standpoint. Therefore, it also influences your cloud hosting price. For example: if your website is hosted on a server located in areas like Canada, you will need to pay more than those in less populated areas.

Unique Fact: When a business specifies that their data is stored in the cloud, they mean that their information isn’t stored locally on their computer. Instead, it is stored on a network of servers that they can access through the internet.

Extra Hosting cost to consider

While some hosting providers offer extra free services, others require you to pay to access them. Therefore, it is important that you know what you need to completely host your website. These extra costs should be considered a top priority before choosing a cloud hosting plan for your website.

Domain Name Registration

Typically costs $0.99 – $25/year

Although you can get some domain names for as low as $0.99, the price range for registering a domain name for your website is between $6 and $25.

Your domain name is the first thing people see, which can greatly impact your website impressions and brand. The domain name you choose should be brandable, short and memorable.

Here are some factors that will determine the price of your domain name:

  • Domain registrar: Since 1998, the internet domains have been coordinated by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. You should consider domain registrars that are registered by ICANN. It is necessary as they allow you to check the availability of your domain name.
  • Domain extension: The rule of thumb here is to stick with TLDs like .com as they present your business as credible and reliable. For example, is an example of a domain name and a domain extension. The domain name is hostadvice, while the .com is the domain extension. TLDs like .com cost between $10 to $20 yearly. The price difference depends on the domain registrar you decide to buy from and the type of extension you choose.
  • Domain privacy extension: During the course of registering your domain name, it is necessary and mandatory that you provide registrars with up-to-date personal information about you and your business. This information will be shared publicly by default and is a vital resource if any issue arises regarding your domain rights.
    However, sharing that vital information has some limitations as someone can easily find the information and use it to spam you. This is where domain privacy comes in, as it makes sure your personal contact information is not available for illegal access. You can get it for free when you purchase a cloud hosting plan or add it as an extra feature which might cost between $2 and $20 a year.

SSL certificates

Typically cost $5 to $1000/year

Some cloud hosting providers like Webdock offer free SSL certificates when you purchase their cloud hosting plan. However, the average cost of an SSL certificate is about $60 per year and can range between $5 to $1000 yearly, depending on your website security needs.

Other server costs to host a website

While you might have covered your cloud hosting cost, you also need to consider other hosting costs depending on the website requirements. Below are other server costs to host a website:

  • WordPress Hosting: $2.99 – $230 per month
  • VPS Hosting: $20 – $80 per month
  • Dedicated Hosting: $70 – $500 per month
  • Shared Hosting: $2.49 – $89 per month

All of these hosting plans are available and can be accessed via your hosting providers. You can choose the best server solution that suits your needs. Out of the hosting services, cloud hosting is still a reliable option as it is a web hosting server that grants access to resources on demand.


This article is focused on helping you know the cost to host your website in the cloud from the best cloud hosting providers but we decided to help you dig out some important things you might miss out on. Hence, the above information was tailored to help you host your website without missing out on additional costs. The cloud hosting providers in this post are ranked from top to bottom; you can get more information about each hosting provider by checking our previous guide on cloud hosting as well as the best cloud hosting providers in 2022.


What is the difference between cloud hosting and VPS hosting?

Cloud hosting is hosted on multiple servers for maximum scalability, while VPS hosting is hosted on a single physical server. Likewise, cloud hosting is more expensive.

Is there a physical data center for cloud storage?

Yes, cloud data centers are located across the globe. 95 in the Asia & Pacific region, The United States and Canada have 79 between them.

Which cloud hosting provider is most affordable?

HostGator offers one of the cheapest cloud hosting plans.