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Top 10 Plugins For GDPR Compliance In 2024

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Honesty and clarity are essential components of every company. Fast forward, GDPR assists you in staying on the right track when it comes to handling user data. But what is GDPR? It’s the fundamental rule governing how businesses secure personal info. This regulation entered into force on the 25th of May, 2018. And even though it’s pretty new, it has already built immense popularity.

GDPR applies to you if you process the personal data of EU citizens and residents, even if you’re not in the EU. In addition, GDPR specifies a wide range of legal words in great detail, such as Personal Data, Data Subjects, and Data Processors and Processing.

Refusal to comply with GDPR can result in up to 20 million euros fines.

The thing is, a GDPR compliance plugin doesn’t guarantee 100% compliance. And that’s because each website is distinct and processes data differently. It is, however, a tool that can really help you in your compliance process. So, the only question left at this point is, how can you determine which tools are the best? You’ve been lucky; the answer is right here.

Best GDPR Compliance Plugins To Keep You Out Of Legal Trouble

The following ten tools should keep you safe from penalties and keep you in the frame of GDPR regulation. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. CookieYes – The Most Popular GDPR Plugin

The GDPR Cookie Consent and Compliance Notice plugin makes it simple to comply with GDPR. At the moment, there are over a million active users of the plugin.

It is one of the most excellent methods for achieving the highest level of EU-compliant compliance while being simple to use. CookieYes will ensure that your webpage is GDPR compliant in only a few minutes, with just three clicks.

Note: This plugin also complies with the CNIL in France, the LGPD in Brazil, and the CCPA in the United States.

screenshot of CookieYes banner


  • Customers can remove and re-visit their cookies at any time
  • Preferences of the user are recorded and saved
  • With a single click, you can identify and categorize cookies
  • Cookie Banner that is easily customizable and responsive


CookieYes is a plugin that is available for free. It does, however, offer paid options if you want to upgrade to a premium version with more features.

The following are its paid plans:

  • $49 per year for a single location
  • $149 per year for up to 5 locations
  • $249 per year for up to 25 locations
Note: You’ll need to make a list of the cookies that the plugin disables. It is not possible to disable all cookies automatically. Otherwise, your website may be harmed.

2. Cookie Notice – A Simple WordPress Plugin For Free

Cookie Notice is a comprehensive Consent Management Platform that enables you to deliver precise and easy-to-access online information to your clients while also ensuring compliance with the most recent version of cookie legislation.

With Cookie Notice, you can easily design a visually beautiful and understandable banner for your website. Cookie Notice can be integrated with all major brand websites, making compliance with privacy and cookie settings more manageable than ever.

Important: With Cookie Notice, every step is automated.

screenshot of Cookie Notice banner


  • Consent when you click, scroll or close your browser
  • Compatible with WPML and Polylang
  • Synchronization of the WordPress Privacy Policy page
  • There are several cookie expiration settings available
  • Page with information about their privacy policies
Note: Besides the features listed above, if you have a bilingual website, this plugin is also compliant with WPML.

Pricing: This plugin is available for free. There isn’t a premium version.

3. Complianz – Plugin For Cookies Consent

Complianz is a little plugin that adds GDPR compliance to your site. It’s the first GDPR plugin that searches your site and automatically adds an explanation to every cookie it finds, making it more human-readable.

The plugin customizes a cookie notice for your specific location, such as the EU, United States, or utilizes a global Cookie Notice.

Periodic cookie scans are performed, and third-party cookies are blocked. The plugin also allows you to build a cookie policy from the start using a simple wizard created by a legal firm specializing in IT.

screenshot of Complianz banner


  • Correctly create your legally approved legal documents
  • Complianz is one of the few native WordPress solutions, with support for an extensive range of plugins and services
  • Recordings of permission
  • Synchronizations with Tag Management and Analytics


  • 45$ a year/ for one site
  • 165$ a year/for five sites
  • 355$ a year/ for 25 sites

4. WP GDPR Compliance – Plugin For WordPress Sites Assist

The WP GDPR Compliance plugin helps all WordPress sites and WooCommerce web stores comply with EU GDPR. It also allows you to manage your website’s cookies under GDPR requirements properly.

screenshot of WordPress category on HostAdvice

While most websites are still unaware of GDPR compliance, WP GDPR Compliance is ready to equip you with all of the tools you need to ensure your site is GDPR compliant.

This plugin includes fifteen distinct modules to help you comply with GDPR. This plugin is compatible with the majority of commonly used resources.

screenshot of WP GDPR Compliance banner


  • Popups that can be customized
  • More than 30 languages are supported
  • Cookie Scanner With A Lot Of Power For Tracking Webpages Illegally
  • GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA compliance are all satisfied

Pricing: WP GDPR Compliance is entirely free of charge.

5. MonsterInsights - Plugin From Google Analytics

MonsterInsights is a WordPress Google Analytics plugin that makes adding Google Analytics monitoring code to your site simple. You’ll be able to see real-time reports in your WordPress admin using the code.

Note: Your privacy is prioritized above all other concerns.

If your website’s Google Analytics settings do not comply with privacy standards, the MonsterInsights EU Compliance add-on is required. It will help you save both energy and costs to be saved. The EU Compliance add-on for MonsterInsights makes it simple to check that your website conforms with European legislation automatically.

screenshot of MonsterInsights website


  • WooCommerce now has improved e-commerce tracking
  • Cookie notifications at the page level
  • Tracking of affiliate links and advertisements
  • Stats that are updated in real-time
  • The site is mobile-friendly


  • Plus: it’s only $79, ideal for small enterprises (on one website)
  • Pro: It’s $159 and is a reasonable price for an eCommerce website (can be used on five websites)
  • Agency:  $319 for a specializing in marketing and web development (can be used on 25 websites)
The plugin works with the cookie opt-out system and the Chrome browser opt-out extension.

6. iubenda - You Can Control Access To The Cookies

You can regulate who has access to each cookie using the iubenda plugin. Companies that have not complied with ePrivacy standards may now examine the entire compliance procedure in one place. This can help them improve their websites’ speed, security, and efficiency while lowering expenses.

Its functionality includes privacy, website speed, and performance, among other aspects of site optimization.

screenshot of iubenda website


  • It is capable of detecting spiders and bots
  • For each user, keep a separate set of preferences
  • Automatically detect cookie consent requests
  • Provides auto-detection, prior-blocking, and just presenting cookie consent requests to EU users.


  • Basic: Free version
  • Personal: $29 per year
  • Business: $108 per year
  • Pro: $29 per year
  • Ultra: $129 per year

7. GDPR Framework - Gives A Simple And Elegant Interface

Using The GDPR Framework, users may access the personal data that your website collects on a page and export or delete it as needed for transparency. You may also set the plugin to anonymize data or automatically tell administrators to do so.

Note: The GDPR law is a significant and complicated piece of legislation.

It’s also a developer-friendly plugin with a GDPR-compliant privacy policy template for fast implementation.

screenshot of GDPR Framework banner


  • Allow even individuals without an account to see instantly, export, and delete their data by enabling DSAR on a single page
  • Consent is tracked, managed, and withdrawn
  • Allow consumers to give their consent over some time that they want
  • Allow your more significant business to integrate and summarize DSAR work
  • Solution based on cookies

Pricing: This tool is free of charge.

The GDPR Framework does not ensure GDPR compliance. This plugin provides general information and tools, but it is not comprehensive compliance.

8. OptinMonster Plugin – For Popups And Email Sign-Ups

Another excellent plugin for GDPR-compliant cookie notification popups and email sign-ups is OptinMonster.

From its built-in templates, the OptinMonster plugin allows you to construct a variety of newsletter registration forms and opt-ins. It’s simple to include a privacy policy page and a customizable checkbox.

To assist you with GDPR auditing, OptinMonster offers a dedicated GDPR Audit Concierge team place. This way, you can ensure that your visitors are seeing GDPR-compliant opt-ins.

screenshot of optinmoster website


  • A drag-and-drop interface is available
  • Targeting based on your location
  • Exit-intent technology displays personalized messages to people when they leave
  • Mobile-friendly popups
  • Insights and triggers for campaigns


  • Basic: $9 per month (single site)
  • Plus: $19 per month (to 2 sites)
  • Pro: $29 per month (to 3 sites)
  • Growth: $49 per month (to 5 sites)

9. GDPR Cookie Compliance - For Enable Or Disable The Cookies On The User’s Website

The Moove GDPR plugin is a helpful tool for enabling or disabling cookies on your website.

You can fully personalize the cookie consent notice with your colors, logos, and fonts. A cookie wall or full-screen layout is included in the premium edition of this plugin, which prohibits people from viewing your website unless they accept or reject cookies.

This attribute is also accompanied by language-specific scripts, geographical location, iFrame obstructor, etc.

screenshot of GDPR Cookie Compliance banner


  • You have complete control over the cookies, including the opportunity to cancel your consent at any time
  • Responsive is a word that describes how responsive a website is
  • You may change where the cookie consent banner appears
  • Settings for consent expiry


  • Single License: £49 or $67.13 (for a single site)
  • Developer License: £99 or $135.64 ( up to 5 sites)
  • Agency License: £199 or $271.65 (up to 25 sites)

There is a free version, but it has limited options and features.

If you don’t add scripts that utilize cookies to the plugin’s settings, it won’t be able to disable them.

10. EU Cookie Law for GDPR/CCPA - Lightweight plugin

EU Cookie Law is a little plugin that allows you to quickly generate a customizable cookie notice banner with your site’s cookie policy. You may also use shortcodes to block your site’s parts and messages from appearing if the user refuses to accept cookies.

The plugin is both mobile and SEO friendly, with a design that seems to be adaptable at all. Furthermore, if you operate a multilingual website, the plugin is compatible with the WPML plugin.

screenshot of EU Cookie Law banner


  • Set a cookie expiration date
  • Compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Library)
  • To revoke cookie consent, use the shortcode
  • By clicking, scrolling, or navigating, you provide your consent

Pricing: This tool is entirely free for everyone to use it.

The Importance Of GDPR – Why Does It Matter?

GDPR is necessary because:

  • It strengthens European data subjects’ rights and explains what organizations processing personal data must do to protect these rights.
  • The new GDPR applies to all firms and organizations dealing with EU people data.
  • The majority of businesses process some form of personal data daily.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation applies to every web page and business that gathers data from EU citizens
  • Depending on the sort of website you have, the data it contains, and how you use that data, the GDPR rules may differ.
  • GDPR is essential due to its seven principles of working:
    • Lawfulness, Fairness, and Transparency: Information can be gathered in a way that is legal, reasonable, and accessible
    • Purpose Limitation: Personal data should only be gathered and used for a specified, stated, and lawful reason
    • Data Minimisation: Personal data must be appropriate, restricted, and sufficient exclusively for stated purposes
    • Data Accuracy: Private information must be accurate and updated
    • Data Storage Limitation: Personal data should be stored in an identifiable form for as little time as practicable
    • Integrity and Confidentiality: Personal information must be processed while maintaining data security
    • Accountability: The controller is solely accountable for showing that these standards have been followed

Understanding and implementing GDPR compliance can be complex. Leveraging a website builder that prioritizes GDPR compliance can streamline this process, ensuring your online presence adheres to these principles with ease. Explore the best website builders featured in our list, designed to help you navigate GDPR requirements efficiently, making compliance a seamless part of your digital strategy.

The Best Website Builders To Try For Your New Project

ProviderUser RatingBest ForExpert & User Reviews 
4.6AI ToolsHostinger ReviewVisit Hostinger
4.5DesignSquarespace ReviewVisit Squarespace
4.0PricingIONOS ReviewVisit IONOS

Final Thought: Which GDPR WordPress Plugin Should You Choose?

Numerous plugins are offered, but many were difficult to use since they either did not operate as intended or had security flaws that left you vulnerable online. So far, most of these plugins have proven helpful for various organizations.

We recommend MonsterInsights if you require a plugin to display cookie consent popups or banners. It’s a great option to consider if you want to see real-time Google Analytics information on your admin page, as well as anonymize or stop personal data monitoring. Also, the price is nothing compared to what you get, especially for one website.

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