Internet Usage Facts and Figures 2017

Internet Usage Facts


By the end of 2016, nearly 47% of people worldwide will use the internet—either through a desktop/laptop computer or a mobile device. But how are we using the internet? What sites are the most popular? How often do we immediately leave sites?  How much of our web usage is influenced by Google?

We have gathered the answers to these and other Internet usage questions for you, such as:

  • How much of the Internet traffic is only “bots?”
  • How many websites are built with WordPress?
  • How important is it to be found on the first page of Google?
  • How much time do we spend on social media?
  • What are the most popular sites? How many visitors do they get?
  • Who is the top hosting company?
  • What do the next 2-4 years have in store for us?


Internet Traffic is Growing  Both Humans and Bots

Internet traffic continues to grow at an astounding pace.  The total global traffic is expected to surpass one Zettabyte late in 2016, which is incredible.  As more and more people are getting online, and the amount of bandwidth per person skyrockets, there is really no doubt that the Internet is going to have a tremendous impact on every area of our lives in the future.



WordPress is Powering the Internet

Many people are worried about making a website for themselves or their business, but there is really no need to be. WordPress has made creating a website extremely easy.  There is no need to know any programming language, and anyone can learn to make beautiful websites in just minutes.  WordPress is the most popular way to make websites today, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon.


Google is the Place to Search – Page 1 is the Place to Be

Using search engines to find information online is something that virtually everyone today does.  The phrase, ‘Google it’ would have been meaningless even just a couple decades ago, but today it is understood by everyone.  To be successful online, you absolutely must know how to optimize your website so that it ranks well with Google and other search engines that drive most of the traffic online.



Time Spent on Social Media – Lunch Hour is Not Enough

Search engines revolutionized the way people use the Internet some time ago.  More recently, but no less significantly, another huge revolution has begun. People are spending tons of time on social media sites, and more importantly, they are putting virtually all their personal information out there.  This information can help marketers to display extremely targeted ads to the specific audiences they are trying to reach.



How Many Visits per Minute for That Site?

While there are millions of websites available, and thousands of new ones created each day, the busiest sites tend to get the vast majority of traffic.  Businesses can take advantage of this by trying to become one of the most popular Internet destinations in a given niche. However, with billions of people spending trillions of hours online each day, you don’t need to be the biggest fish on the Internet to be a success online.  Just be a big fish in the small niche that you’re in.



A Site’s First Page Must Be Compelling

People do not have patience when it comes to finding what they are looking for online.  While most websites have dozens, if not hundreds, of pages, most people will browse away from a site after looking at just one page.  Finding ways to optimize your site to encourage visitors to browse around to multiple pages is essential to the long term success of any online site.



Web Hosting Market Has Clear Leaders

Web hosting is an essential component of any site.  While there are thousands of hosting options to choose from, most people go with one of the largest options.  While these hosting companies can provide exceptional service, it is still a good idea to do some research to make sure the hosting company you choose can best meet your needs.



Future Forecasts and Trends

While the future is always going to be largely unknown, it is almost certain that the popularity of the Internet will continue to grow, and its influence on people around the world will be incredible.  As high speed internet connections quickly enter more and more parts of the globe, the phrase ‘it’s a small world’ will really take on new meaning.

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