SEO and Web Hosting — How Are They Connected?

SEO and Web Hosting — How Are They Connected?

Every person owning a web project wants it to be successful. It’s absolutely logical — the more visitors to your website, the more clients you’ll get. One of the best ways to become popular on the web is to rank high in search engines like Google. When many web technologies work together on these ranks, it’s known as Search Engine Optimization. Let’s have a closer look at how it can help your project grow.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or just SEO, is a combination of services that take into account search engine algorithms. After certain actions, search engines like Google consider a certain website more popular and reliable. Therefore, its rank grows and you get more visitors that can be converted into contacts, clients, purchases, loyalty, or whatever you need.

Usually SEO experts work on several directions at once. Normally they will include special keywords into texts, buy links redirecting users to your website, work with text uniqueness, and improve a number of ranks, among other tricks of the trade. Depending on how popular your search request niche is, making to to the top ten ranking in Google, which reflects the most visited sites, may take between one week and one year.

Along with expert services, you can do some SEO work yourself. It is particularly great if you have a small startup project with a limited budget. Be aware that many startups became popular because they started SEO right after registering a domain. You can take the first SEO steps yourself, but later you will need a SEO manager, sine holding top positions in the rankings can be difficult.

SEO-Friendly Web Hosts — What Are They Like?

If you want to understand how SEO works, you need to first look at the early stages of web hosting. If you get good web hosting, it will be much easier to manage SEO tasks from the very birth of your website. Likewise, if you work on your skills gradually, you will improve your understanding of how it all works.

What features need special attention when choosing a SEO-friendly hosting plan? The four easiest features that you need for a good start are below—check them out.

Free SEO bonus

Some web host companies offer a Free SEO Bonus. It differs, but usually in such case you’ll get 1 to 3 months of free SEO services. Later on, you can pay for renewed services. This option has a range of advantages. First, you get free SEO from the very beginning. Another bonus is if you decide to work with this SEO team later on, they will already know your project well. You also don’t lose anything — even if the paid services are too costly, you can refuse it after a couple of free months. Still, this SEO bonus is not that popular — only a small number of web hosts offer such a service.

Google Ads bonus

Unlike the previous option, Google Ads bonus is quite popular. Many companies award every hosting plan with $50 for clients to start the promotion campaign right away. Moreover, Google Ads is an efficient SEO tool. Remember — the more people visit your website, the higher it will rank in search engines.


If you are not planning to create a complicated website, make it with a CMS (Content Management System) — that will help you a great deal. For SEO you will need adequate amounts of content. A CMS will help you generate and manage that content with great ease.

Put special attention on WordPress. This content management system has a lot of advantages. The plugins you can install on WP are also very good for SEO. Indeed, some plugins will add many important features like meta descriptions and page name, which will automate many processes, making SEO as easy as pie.

SEO Support

It is a rare case that a webhost offers you SEO support. Still, it’s possible that the customer support of your web host will have good SEO skills and coordinate your SEO for a few months—just don’t bank on it.

More SEO Tips

We’d like to tell you about organic SEO and SMM. The main principle of organic SEO is to insert links into your texts so that your readers don’t think they were put there on purpose, which will add a number of loyalty points. Finally, SMM, or Social Media Management, is another set of tools and services that will help your website grow very fast, especially when combined with SEO.

Remember, you can check a lot of articles on the web that will share main SEO principles with you. However, if you start thinking of search engine optimization during the web hosting selection process, it will be more familiar to you. Better understanding always gives better results. Good luck!

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