HostAdvice Speaks to Vasile Precup of NAMEBOX Hosting

In this following interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Vasile Precup, from NameBox, a hosting company from Romania.

If you are interested to hear about a success story in the hosting industry, taking a few minutes to read this interview would be the best thing you did today.

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We did a little research ahead of the interview, and we noticed that your company is on the market for more than 12 years. Can you tell us the story behind the founding of the company and how it progressed over the years?

Vasile: Our story starts in 2009, as you mention is more than 12 years since

is one of the most appreciated web hosting providers in Romania. It all started with our wish to bring the best solutions for web hosting, speed, and security in one place. We focus a lot on the relationship we have with each client and trying always to offer the best support solutions available.


What are the main products and services that you are offering to customers?

Vasile: The main services are

and in the last period, all our focus is on  so that we can provide a dedicated environment for our clients. We try to focus on all the services our clients need, we always try to learn something from their requests and improve our services based on our client’s needs.


Many companies have the same approach to customers who understand hosting and don’t understand hosting. What is your approach to both kinds of customers?

Vasile: We made a FAQ section on our site to explain all essential questions for the users who don’t know to use cPanel. Also, our technical team has a lot of experience in talking and explaining to our clients about how hosting works, what is the difference between web hosting and a domain, what are the SSL roles for a website and basically this is how we manage to offer the best services for people who do not have the technical knowledge or have not used such services. We also provide technical support on different ways of communication like LiveChat or WhatsApp.


Customers also are looking for a couple of main things: security, speed, stability, and backup. How your company manages its customer’s data?

Vasile: Our client security is one of our main priority tasks. All our servers are equipped with DDoS protection, firewall, and antivirus systems, so we can prevent any type of infection or hacking. For speed and stability, we use an intelligent LiteSpeed cache system. For backup, we store all data in 2 external locations other than our main data center.


What are the newest trends that all hosting companies need to have in order to be successful?

Vasile: We are currently focusing on providing NVMe hosting solutions that guarantee extremely fast loading times and a higher SEO ranking, while also ensuring robust and comprehensive protection against ever-increasing cyber-attacks. NVMe hosting solutions are new on the Romanian hosting market, currently, we do not know other Romanian companies who offer these services, making us one of the first companies to offer these services here.


Where do you see NameBox in the next 10 years

Vasile: We have big plans for NameBox, but we plan in the next 10 years to bring our company worldwide and provide hosting services all over the world.


Covid-19 changed our lives. It also changed whole industries. How do you think this crisis influenced the hosting industry?

Vasile: Yes, Covid-19 changed our lives and influenced all industry, but we try to keep our prices low, and we don’t make any changes to our old hosting plans. For our old clients who were affected by Covid, we try to find a way to keep their online business still floating by giving them payment plans or splitting their bills, so they can make their payments easier.


NameBox is ranked as one of the top hosting providers, which is a great success. What do you believe is the reason behind this success?

Vasile: Our success is based on our connection between clients and technical support. We try to provide the best solution in the shortest time possible.


We are almost in the middle of 2021. What are the changes that we can expect from NameBox in the following months?

Vasile: Our plan for next months is to extend our NVMe hosting services, so we can provide a good quality

, , and solutions with the newest technology and strongest security services, so we can prevent any cyber-attacks.


Finally, what advice would you give to our readers in the hosting community?

Vasile: We recommend to the readers in the hosting community to read the review sites as HostAdvice, so they can make sure they know what are the companies strong points and low points and test the technical support of the company they choose to work with, so they know how long it will take in the future to get a response when they will need one. After this, all is left is to choose the right services for their business.


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