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HostAdvice Speaks to Orkhan Guliyev of OUR Technology

OUR Technology is a company that was established in 2007 in Azerbaijan.

Today, they work in various IT fields, including web hosting.

Let’s see what we can learn about this company in this interview with Mr. Orkhan Guliyev.

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Can you tell us more about the beginnings of the company? When did everything start?

I started thinking about starting a company when I was 15 years old. Of course, at that time, it was just a baseless childhood fantasy and romance. But already, at the age of 18, I created a purely open-source (*NIX) company. As you know, this happened in 2007. We were mainly engaged in web programming, but at the same time, we also worked on server and host solutions that are closely related to our field. And finally, since 2015, our company has become a fully licensed provider of Internet telecommunications solutions. We currently only operate as a telecom provider and are the first private hosting provider in the country.

OUR Host – Azerbaijan Hosting Provider is the brand of OUR Technology which presents hosting and related services and started work in October 2015. Our goal is to provide web hosting services, VPS/VDS, and dedicated servers for the best price in Azerbaijan qualitatively. By creating the brand, OUR Host has provided a professional and high-quality hosting service.

Since 2015, our goal has been to clarify the Azerbaijan hosting market with simple, exhaustive, easy-to-comprehend hosting products and back them with the best customer support we can provide.

We set a specific goal – to do only one thing and do it qualitatively.


Can you give us an overview of the products and services you offer?

Currently, our company provides all kinds of services that can be provided as a hosting provider, from shared hosting to VPS servers in Azerbaijan and abroad. Plus, of course, a domain, SSL, website builders, premium email services, as well as security services, and CDN solutions.


Can you tell us more about your web hosting plans?

Our web hosting rates, I think, are quite affordable not only in the market but also in the world as a whole. We have no limits on web hosting rates for comparison. All of them are unlimited and limited only by the number of domains; in comparison, the Platinum package does not have a domain limit. All packages are connected to the global Internet network with an Internet speed of 1 Gbps. Therefore, I believe that the tariffs we offer are very attractive.

With hosting from OUR Host, you’ll have unlimited disk space, free domain and unlimited number of email accounts. Daily backups, a variety of templates for websites with different themes, hundreds of scripts, anti-virus scanner, free protection from DDoS attacks which is active for all plans.

Our web hosting ideal choice for from the companies requiring high uptime and 24/7 technical service to individual bloggers who are interested in a simple platform for hosting management. It does not matter what you create, the first foundation of your website or looking for a hosting solution for your business – our packages are created so that they are good for any of your needs.

We are giving serious thought to the selection of the equipment and its good work. We use only the best components, which guarantees a stable and sustainable business activity for the work.


Where are your data centers based?

Our data center is located in Azerbaijan. Our data center is connected to the main trunk channels of the region and is the leading operator in this field.

Actual data transfer speed in the company’s backbone network exceeds the real needs of the segment.The actual data transfer rate of our data center network allows to download information equal to the total capacity of 33 DVD-media for a second.

It should be noted that, more than 10 seconds to 24 hours a day on traffic transmitted resistance is impossible


When it comes to backups, what backup options do you offer?

The web hosting packages we provide are booked daily and in stages. Every day during the week this backup is updated. Each client can at any time automatically restore not only the site as a whole, but also its elements or download it to the local environment. The situation is different with VPS packages, where backups are provided for a fee. In this case, we offer a CodeGuard solution that covers all the wishes of the client. Backup on dedicated servers is also not provided free of charge and is provided on a paid basis according to the current tariff scale, depending on the client’s request.


Customer satisfaction is very important. So how do you handle that part?

A professional approach is one of the most important aspects for us. Each request analyzes with special attention, and to solve the technical problems, professional staff is involved. We guarantee technical and related services.

Customer feedback is very important to us. In each section of our site, customer reviews are published openly and without editing. We openly and visually demonstrate the feedback system on all platforms, from Google Reviews to social networks and TrustPilot. Customer feedback is one of the most important areas of the provider’s strategy. I believe that the opinion of customers is very important for the proper development of the company, as well as the contribution of a healthy civil society to the state. Customer feedback determines our strategy, and our target audience.


What new products and technologies is OUR Technology interested in introducing to the customers soon?

Today, we offer service in almost all important segments. Currently, the main goal of the provider is to provide intuitiveness in the management of the site and services. We are working on it. In addition, we are working on various integration modules. These modules serve to facilitate the customer-provider-service line. And we are ready to cooperate with everyone in this direction.


What would you say are the most important things to consider when creating a website?

It is very important that the technical service respond as quickly as possible within 24 hours. I think every business or individual should seriously consider this. The platform may have certain flaws in one form or another. However, if there is no manager, operator, or other competent people capable of responding to a malfunction, problem, or misunderstanding, this already means a critical situation has arisen. I think this is one of the most important factors when choosing. Of course, each provider writes that they have high professionalism and durable equipment, but the most important thing in the background of all this is the prompt work of the customer support service. I recommend that our readers pay attention to this when choosing a hosting provider. This will keep their nerves calm, which is very important in today’s world.


What are the top five things your hosting company is different from the competition?

Firstly, we are an Azerbaijani host provider and provide hosting services in our country that are not inferior to our Western counterparts. Today we have clients on all continents of the green planet. And we understand the responsibility of these words. We love our work, and in many cases, I am personally aware of the operational situation. Today, the services provided by “OUR Host” fully comply with world standards and are constantly evolving. We are working to provide more understandable, simple, and meaningful services. And I think we are succeeding.

Many clients use our services: web developers and design studios, beginning Internet entrepreneurs, game server owners, and large companies. There is no requirement for placing internet projects, which we could not meet.

We sincerely believe that you will be among our customers!


Is there something we missed that you want to share with our readers?

I think the area we are all involved in is so specific and short-profile that it is embarrassing to advise someone here. Because many people in our field know exactly what they want, I wish each of our readers great success in their personal and business projects. Also grateful for reading the interview about the hosting provider from Azerbaijan.

I consider HostAdvice a very important platform. Today, HostAdvice is a torch for every user. This requires deep analytical skills and familiarity with the market. I think HostAdvice is doing a good job with this mission.

Thank you very much!

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