HostAdvice Speaks to Olusola Adeoti of Rillahost

Rillahost is a web hosting company operating in Nigeria and Africa. They offer solutions that help our customers with domain registration and web hosting.

Today we have Olusola to share more details about the company and its products.

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What is the start of Rillahost? When was the company founded?

RillaHost was founded four years ago. February 2018.


Why the hosting industry? How could you see the need and the potential in this industry and business?

Web hosting is a serious business. We chose the web hosting industry because we wanted to help people to get their businesses and ideas online. There was a time when website owners dreamed of getting good support and a reliable web host. At a time, website owners are not getting value for their money; all these are what push us to come into the web hosting industry.


What are the products and services of Rillahost?

Domain Name Registration and Transfer, Web Hosting (Linux Shared hosting, VPS, and Dedicated servers), SSL certificate, Website backup, SEO Tools, Reseller Hosting (with fully white label option.)


Can you tell us more about the eCommerce hosting plans?

Our Ecommerce hosting is specifically designed for customers and website owners looking to host their ecommerce websites. Our ecommerce hosting comes with: Free online payment integration, daily and weekly backups, 3x superfast than normal hosting, and premium support.

What about the cloud hosting plans?

We just recently introduced the cloud hosting plans, which are still new. Our cloud hosting plan is bill pay as you go and per month. Customers can deploy instances in a matter of seconds with no hassle.


Many customers are looking for great service, availability at any time, and great pricing. How is Rillahost handling these things?

One of our greatest USP – unique selling point is our award-winning customer support. We offer 24/7 support to our customers via WhatsApp, live chat, phone calls, email, and tickets. You rarely find a hosting company that provides support via all those channels, but RillaHost does that.


What about the backup options?

One thing that makes us stand out is that we offer FREE daily and weekly backups on all our hosting plans and for all our customers. The backups are free and don’t use up the hosting disk space; The backups are stored in a separate drive and server. Our backup options allow customers to restore deleted files, directories, databases, emails, etc., from their cPanel.


In your opinion, what are the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a web hosting plan?

  • Choosing a Free hosting
  • Going for a low-priced option/choosing price over quality
  • Falling for the unlimited plan trick
  • Ignoring security
  • Going for web hosting with poor customer support


What are your plans for 2023 in terms of new technologies and new products?

The future is cloud. We have incorporated cloud hosting fully into our products; our server admins are also currently undergoing cloud computing training which will facilitate our customers to deploy any cloud instance in seconds.

Is there anything else we missed that you would like to share about your products and services with our readers?

If you are looking for a fantastic web host with great support, is the one to go for. Reliable, Affordable, superfast servers, friendly 24/7 customer support. We also offer free daily and weekly backups.

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