HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Raman Kumar of Hostperl Hosting

In this interview, we are speaking with Mr. Raman Kumar, the CEO of Hostperl, a growing web hosting company based in India.

They offer Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, VPS Web Hosting, and Dedicated server packages, and their primary focus is providing world-class customer service.


Can you tell us about the beginnings of your company?

We started our company with the Hostolx name, which was quite old and registered in 2014 in India. Then we registered Hostperl in 2017. So we had different exposures to two different companies. In 2019, we merged both companies and registered our company as Hostperl in New Zealand.


How many people work for your company, and where are your offices?

To be quite frank, we have a small team of 5 employees. Currently, our offices are situated, and our company is registered in Punjab, India, and Auckland, New  Zealand, with a worldwide presence and networking.


What are your main products and services?

Our main products are shared/business web hosting, VPS, and managed servers, and currently, web designing is trending a lot and designing a lot of NZ business’s websites (restaurant, auto panel, transport, IT). We provide a good range of selection of web hosting and server requirements. Our web hosting includes shared, and reseller hosting, and servers include managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, low-cost dedicated, instant dedicated, VPS, Gaming, email, and GPU server. Also, our wide range of services includes domain search, SSL  certificate, web designing, web development, ecommerce solutions, mobile applications, and digital marketing.


Can you explain the benefits of Hostperl VPS Web hosting?

Our VPS is quite affordable, starting from $4, like shared web hosting starting from $1 each. That is one of the reasons we have a lot of web hosting and VPS  customers, as we have different locations and data centers worldwide. Also, we provide 24/7 customer support on any of our products and services.


What about the gaming servers?

You can easily choose a gaming server depending on your need starting from  $110 and having a strong configuration for the beginners, which they can change as per their requirements. Our stable servers help you to quickly deploy multi-player

gaming environment. They also offer the easiest way to deliver an effortless multiplayer gaming experience to your players globally.


We noticed that other than web hosting, you also offer and marketing services. Can you tell us more?

Well, we offer a responsive and unique website at affordable prices. Our websites  range from developing a simple stating page with all business details to multi  page websites. We recently designed restaurant, IT, transportation, auto panel  websites. Also, we do promotions and SEO for few companies using Google  Adwords, Facebook, marketing campaigns and helping our customers creating  and implementing successful marketing strategies to grow their business.


Do you have an uptime guarantee?

Our services are available and operational. It is really important metric for us  being a web based provider. Its mostly for shared and reseller hosting which we  need to focus more as our dedicated servers are generally covered by our  network and datacenter guarantee.


How is Hostperl tackling the needs of the customers on the daily basis?

We have a 24/7 chat support system along with having the option to email us at We have a client area login at for logging in to their control panel.

Also, customers can contact us through our contact us page at https:// and also by raising a ticket to concern  department from


What are the key challenges you have today?

Generally, web hosting thrives in a really unstable ecosystem so our main challenge to maintain our uptime high which we do it by installing required softwares and doing updates on a daily basis. We have a wide range of hosting plans as compared to other companies globally and an affordable prices to stay strong in hosting market.


Where do you see your company in the long run?

Very well question asked, as we are definitely thinking to increase our business having more collaboration with other countries datacenters which will enhance our products and services effectively and customers would be having a more wide selecting between different countries VPS and other servers. As of now, i  would like to keep it as a surprise by not disclosing other datacenters location.


What advice would you give to people searching for a web hosting provider?

We know finding a reliable and affordable web hosting provider can be challenging sometimes. A user needs to make sure for uptime guarantee, 24/7  customers support, and finding a user-friendly website access which Hostperl gives them along with guiding them the whole process of registering a domain till hosting their website. Also, having an option to raise a support ticket at https:// or contacting us at https://

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