HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Olayemi of ListedHosting

This time, we had a chance to speak with Mr. Olayemi from ListedHosting, a web hosting provider based in Africa.

We recommend you read this interview and learn more about this web hosting company because it may be the right choice for your needs.

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Let’s start with the background of your company? Can you tell us more about the idea behind your company and how did everything start?

Listed Hosting started with the passion to solve the everyday challenges faced by users in the Nigeria market; Mr. Akinfaderin Adebowale and I have long waited for a change in the way the existing business offered web hosting to developers, we finally decided to start a true web hosting that offers peace of mind.

With customer support at the top of our mind, Listed Hosting started to be a truly dedicated and developer-friendly hosting company with a unique capacity to provide reliable hosting services and instant support in Africa.

As a hosting company in Nigeria, our major focus is on providing dedicated support to customers as this was one of the factors that foster the birth of the company.

We noticed that you are based in Africa. Are there other markets that you are operating at the moment, or maybe you have a plan to focus on other markets in the future?

Yes, we are focused on support, thus we want to ensure we have truly grown to the level of supporting other countries outside Nigeria; nevertheless, we have customers in over 8 countries at the moment, although we are not fully operational in those countries.

We are keen on steady expansion and yes, we will be having our footprint in other African nations in the next few years and the world at large.


What are the products and services that you are offering at the moment?

Our core products are listed below:

  • SSD Cloud Shared Hosting
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Domain registrations & transfer.
  • SSL Certificate
  • Training


Can you tell our readers some of the purposes of shared hosting?

When it comes to taking your business online, shared hosting is the first point of contact for SME and MSME’s businesses; as an entrepreneur you want to start your next big idea with little or no investments yet, going for VPS services may be an overkill for the new business and thus a shared hosting becomes a good way to enter and stay in business.

Share Hosting generally is a hosting plan that allows a certain number of users to share resources available on a server, thereby reducing the overhead cost of having a dedicated server with just an organization.

At Listed Hosting we offer SSD Shared Hosting, let me quickly touch on that, I have had people over the years ask me what is the difference between an ordinary hard drive (HDD) and an SSD (Solid State Drive); without going into the technical nitty-gritty;  HDDs are a legacy storage technology that use spinning disks to read/write data while SSDs are faster and more power-efficient than HDDs, the speed and time it takes to serve your website to an end-user is faster when a server running on HDD.

So, for us as a future forward-thinking organization, all our servers are running on SSD as this is a much newer technology with continuous improvement and with our cloud integration, your website is not just fast on our SSD servers but also server via cloud CDN (Content Delivery Networks) ensuring we server the pages from the closest server.

You can always reach out to our sales expert should you need further clarification on shared hosting or which of our services would be a great fit for your business.


We also noticed that you offer free website migration. Can you share some details about that?

Yes, we are proud to be not just the only web hosting company in Nigeria offering direct migration but also the fact that we offer the service for FREE.

As developers, we understand the stress it would cost a prospect when making a decision to migrate their websites, emails, and the rest, the worry of not losing files, having downtime for hours or even weeks, and so on, we have been there before and we totally understand such frustration; thus we decided to take that weight off them and allow them to focus on their business while we handle the entire migration process for them seamlessly without losing any data; website, emails, or other files from old cPanel to ours.

Because we are confident in our services, we also offer the free migration to users who are also on our ONE-month Free hosting plan

This is yet another first of its kind in Nigeria and we are proud that our customers enjoy the free web hosting migration service from Listed Hosting.


Many customers are worried about the speed and the backup when it comes to the website and the web hosting provider. So how do you handle that part?

As explained in the previous question on shared hosting, when it comes to speed we can confidently say that Listed Hosting is topping the table, with modern technologies such as the SSD storage on all our servers, light speed integration, cloud CDN and free backups on all our hosting plans to mention just a few.

Currently, we offer 2GB of dedicated RAM and 10mb/a of Input/Output; this is the highest so far in Nigeria and we are yet the only web hosting company offering such.

Also, our cPanel has the ability to backup each website every 1 hour and users can restore with one click. We also have a dedicated backup server, which means we run a backup server for each of our servers again, ensuring that we not just only meet the requirement but we offer a fast and secured restore process.


What technologies do you use to provide an excellent service to your customers?

Customer support goes beyond technology, it is an act for us, humans with a passion to ensure our customers are worry-free when hosting their business with us. Yes, technological solutions are deployed like our Live Chat, Ticketing module, Knowledge base, Telephone support, and the rest, nevertheless, for us, our biggest tech stack is our ever-ready and passionate Support Team.


As we could’ve seen, you also have an academy under Listed Hosting. What about that?

Yes, we do have a learning academy called; Listed Hosting Academy – it is an online digital skill acquisition platform developed to offer hands-on training to individuals and businesses who desire to learn and leverage technological advancement in this fast-paced digitalized world. As an organization, we understand that in a technology-driven world the acquisition of soft skills is just as critical as acquiring life skills; individuals and businesses cannot scale their innovative ideas without digital and technological input.

One of the key benefits of Listed Hosting Academy is that it is a self-phase platform, which means you can signup today and start learning immediately.


Where do you see the company in the long run? Do you have any plans that you want to share with us?

The future is great, I must say for Listed Hosting as we will keep improving on our core strengths while working on any known weaknesses.

We see ourselves as the leading developer-friendly support hosting company in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We take support seriously and that is why all our support partners are developers who will make sure your issues are solved either on live chat or a phone call.


In the end, what advice would you give to our readers about picking the right web hosting provider?

Honestly, it may sound like we are perfect but when it comes to having a true web hosting partner in Nigeria that will cater to your everyday needs, Listed Hosting should be your only choice, as we offer reliable services with a money-back guarantee.

With the continuous improvement of our tech stack, our team is always leading the website hosting solutions market with services that will give you peace.


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