HostAdvice Speaks to Anthony C. Okoro of NexxyHost

HostAdvice Speaks to Anthony C. Okoro of NexxyHost

NexxyHost is a company that offers Shared, VPS, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, and many other services, including website security.

We had the chance to talk to the company’s founder, Anthony C. Okoro, who helped us learn more about their services, the idea behind their company, and the web hosting industry in general.

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How did everything start with NexxyHost?

NexxyHost Services is a Nigerian-based Internet Domain Registrar and web hosting Services Company. We are a web hosting company set to compete in the highly competitive web hosting services industry, not only in the Nigerian market but also in the global market.

NexxyHost was birthed by the desire to have a Webhosting company in Nigeria that can boast 99.9% uptime. This drive was initiated when almost all Webhosting companies in Nigeria were experiencing a serious downtime which business owners and developers to suffer a serious loss.

With this experience, I thought about how a Webhosting company can stand tall amidst all challenges and serve small, medium, and large businesses also developers with 99% uptime alongside the best responsive customer support channels.

This was how NexxyHost was founded, and since then, We can strongly boost what we promised our customers – a 99% uptime and a responsive customer support team.


From where did you get the idea to offer web hosting services?

In Nigeria today, with the increasing numbers of Small and Medium Enterprises, Every business now strives to own a cyber identity and spread their reach with a functional website, These SMEs search for affordable, effective, and efficient client support with an uptime speed of 99.9% web hosting services.

Without successful clients, we wouldn’t be around, which is what pushes us to provide the best service possible without compromising on quality or features.

At NexxyHost, Our main goal has been to provide high-quality web hosting and Virtual Managed Servers at an affordable price to every client, BeginnBeginnerand large business. These Webhosting services come with a top-notch client support system.


What are the core values of your company?

Service Delivery with a touch of customer satisfaction spiced with an efficient and solution-driven customer support system.


Where are your data centers based?

Our major partner in Colocation is CentrioHost (HostSEO Networks) they have some of their centres at; Chicago & KansasCity (US), Tuusula (Finland), Montreal, Quebec (Canada). All clients’ websites are hosted on our co-located servers in random datacentres. This datacentre’s network is linked to important upstream suppliers that connect to hundreds of exchange partners which assures a constant Internet connection and superior routing. Along with its strategic location it has protection against variety of intrusions – redundant power supply, modern air conditioning system, fire protection system and round-the-clock network monitoring.


Can you tell us more about your products and services?

We currently have Four (4) webhosting plans, each of these plans have features that are tailored to suit projects… from Beginners, Small Businesses, Large Businesses and Developers each of them are Reliable, Secured & Affordable. For webhosting, We have the WordPress Starter Plan which is the least, Starter Plan, Business Plan and the PRO Plan.

Our Starter Plan which comes with 6GB Webhosting space is absolutely Free for 6 months.

While our PRO Plan is Unlimited.

And for our Domain names; We have the cheapest names in the Nigerian Domain name Registration Market which is for NGN600.00.

Also, for Webhosting Reseller Plans, We have the Starter, Business and PRO Plan, these products are for developers who want to manage all their clients without any link to NexxyHost at a very affordable price.


What about your Virtual Servers? We want to learn more.

Our Virtual servers are managed for you… These virtual servers make it easy to reallocate resources and adapt to dynamic workloads and allow you to save money while owning it. Our servers also improve scalability, reduce downtime, and enables faster deployments. You should check them out for yourself…


When it comes to customer satisfaction, what is your approach?

We have one of the best effective approaches to customer satisfaction in the business; Our technical team maintains a good relationship with each client. We follow up on clients even when there are no issues, we make sure all our support channels are actively open for 24 hours every day.

We try as much as possible to give our customers technical support to its maximum, so most times, as a customer, you really do not have to be savvy in Webhosting. We do the job for you while you take the back seat chilling with a glass of your favourite wine and watching your business grow.


What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all Nigerian debit and credit cards, USD Dollar cards, and Bank Transfers.


What do you think is the most important thing that one hosting provider needs to have?

Very efficient and always available Customer support


What are your plans for 2023?

Strive to eliminate, to its minimum, mail spamming and fraudulent domain name registrations; these affect the reputation and integrity of Webhosting companies.

We generate confidence and security in each customer, offering them top-notch web services.


Is there anything else you would like to add to our readers about NexxyHost that we missed?

I would love to use this medium to ask website designers and developers to check our server uptime and expand their businesses by delivering top-notch web services using NexxyHost.

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