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HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Maciej Czajkowski of WebWave

Today, we had a chance to learn more about a very interesting company. We were speaking with Mr. Maciej, from  WebWave, which is not only a  design tool but also allows users to build and host websites for free.

We are eager to hear their exciting story and learn more about their products and services.

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Before the interview, we did a little research about  WebWave and we found out that you are on the market since 2013. What is the story behind it?

Back in 2011, I realized, that creating websites is creative work that should be done by marketers or graphic designers. But available website builders are very basic tools, that only let you put a predefined element into a fixed position. Like dropping elements in table’s cells. That’s why if you wanted to create a great-looking website, you had to code it yourself or hire a developer. Right from the start, we imagined WebWave to be a next-level website builder. A tool, that lets you create a website with any graphics design. Where you can adjust every aspect of your website down to a 1px precision. Notables and no predefined position. It was supposed to give you the design freedom of graphic design tools. A Photoshop of website builders. A tool that will let you create any website with any graphic design.Before the interview, we did a little research about  WebWave and we found out that you are on the market since 2013. What is the story behind it?

As we know, you started working on this in 2011 but, as you say, the website builder had its “D-Day” in 2013. Can you tell us more about this period, and what were the challenges that you had to face at the beginning of your business?

The beginning was very hard. We’ve set ourselves a very ambitious goal. And when we launched in November of 2013

was not exactly what we wanted it to be. But luckily, we didn’t wait to create a perfect product. Instead, we’ve launched early. Demand was there and customers gave us lots and lots of feedback, that we’ve learned from. Ever since we’re developing our product based on customers’ needs. Right now, we’re launching new features twice every week. Last year we’ve introduced over 277 new features. It took a while, but only now do we see, that this is the right moment to scale. Firstly, because people have realized, that website builders are not those super basic tools they used to be, and that with a website builder you can create a really great looking website. Users, who have higher expectations have given up on developers and are finally looking for more advanced tools that will let them create their website themselves. Those are the users that value WebWave most. Secondly, after all these years, thousands of upgrades and new features, and 3 major rebrandings we have finally made our tool to be what we’ve always wanted it to be. A tool that lets you create an outstanding website, where you can change every detail of your graphic design just as you want. And right now, we’ve got more than 400 000 users all over the world, and last year we’ve launched our first offshore office in Brisbane, Australia.

What are the main products and services that you are offering?

We are offering a website builder, that lets you create and host a website or an online store without coding or configuring any servers. With

you can publish your website online, register and connect a domain name, SSL, create mailboxes, and optimize for SEO all without any technical knowledge.

What are the additional products that you are offering?

We are also offering Agency accounts for professional web designers and agencies, who create websites for their clients.

How did you allocate the need for this kind of service on the market?

I studied computer science. Back then I was often asked to create a website for someone. People assumed that I knew how to write code, so I can create websites. That was right. I knew how to write code, and I know how to configure a server. But I was a terrible web designer and created awful websites. That’s when I realized, that creating websites is not a job for developers. It’s a job for marketers and graphic designers.

We noticed that you are operating in Poland. Are there any other markets that you are present with now?

We have a strong presence in Romania. We are also operating on a global, English-speaking market. Last year we’ve opened our first office abroad, in Brisbane Australia. Right now, we’ve got over 400 000 users all over the world.

We have to mention customer satisfaction. How are you handling that part? What is your approach?

The customer is always right. And even if he’s not right, he has to be happy. This is our approach. And it seems to be working. We are regularly doing NPS surveys and we’re getting a score of 70 and above on a scale between -100 to 100. In an NPS survey, everything above 0 is considered a success, and 70 is a world-class result. We’ve also got great customer opinions. 9,3/10 on, 4,9/5 on, 4,7/5 on those numbers speak for themselves.

Talking about web hosting, what do you think is the most important thing for a hosting provider?

Reliability and support. If you’re running a hosting company your customers must be 100% sure, that whatever happens, you will handle it. And even if something goes wrong, and the server goes down for whatever reason, customers must be confident enough not to get out of bed and be sure, that you are taking care of their website.

What new features, technology are you planning to introduce in the next period?

We are launching new features twice a week. Shortly we’ll be introducing sections, advanced contact forms, sending bills to your customers, automated commissions and new eCommerce features are all on our roadmap. You can always see it here:

Where do you see this niche market going in the next 10 years? Do you see expansion in your business?

I strongly believe, that in 10 years augmented reality will become a thing. People will start browsing websites on something like smart glasses. And websites themselves will be more and more business and eCommerce oriented.

Where do you see this niche market going in the next 10 years? Do you see expansion in your business?

Finally, would you like to share anything else with the hosting community?

If you think, that website builders are tools for amateurs. If you think, that real pro websites can only be hand-coded. If you think, that a website created with a website builder will never into the top 10 of Google results. Go ahead and check You’ll be shocked.

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