HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Kirill of Virtual Systems

HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Kirill of Virtual Systems

In this Interview, I  had the pleasure to talk with Mr. Kiril, senior marketing manager in Virtual Systems, and listen to his exciting success story. 

I recommend you to take a few minutes and read it.


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Before the interview, we did a little research and we noticed that has been on the market since 2009 Can you tell us a bit more about the history of your company and how it came to exist?

Originally, our company was set up in 2009. Our first domain name was and we used to provide anti-DDoS protection service.

Only a few hosting companies provided worth-mentioning security against volumetric DDoS assaults in 2009-2010. That was because it required a large amount of bandwidth and the ability to filter out harmful data.

However, thanks to our client’s requests, protected servers were in high demand, which led us to the idea of protected hosting in 2010 ( By 2019 it was rebranded to


We’ve focused our efforts in Ukraine until the very end of 2019 but in 2020 successfully expanded further into continental Europe, the Netherlands, Amsterdam in particular. This was the very first step of international expansion as other locations, and new exciting products are on the way to our portfolio.


A lot of start-ups have challenges that are needed to be tackled. How was that for Virtual Systems? What were the challenges that you faced at the beginning?

Some learn by mistakes and experience, whereas our team shares experience with those interested in avoiding pitfalls, making life easier for our clients. In particular, we base our services upon the pros and cons of our own entrepreneurial experience, which was not easy. We had to start literally from scratch, using individual savings and having to work elsewhere in parallel. That was quite a challenge and significantly slowed down our development.

We have to admit that we didn’t know how to build the team and engage deeply in marketing correctly. It took a while and loads of effort to learn how to build processes. Yet, we’ve learned to scale and introduce new products.


Teamwork and the team are the most important force that drives all companies. What are the mission and the core values of Virtual Systems that drive your team members to success?

Our team is The Team. Our people are fully aware that the company recognizes their achievements and values success, which provides extra motivation, reflected by the end quality delivered to our customers.

A personal favorite is “under-promise & overdeliver.” In a way, we consider our mission to be promising less but providing more to all our clients and partners. Indeed, this may come as an after-sale surprise, but it certainly builds up our reputation and overall business approach. VSYS’s team also shares this vision at all levels, ensuring that everyone contributes as much as they can.

Talking of business strategy, we prefer following a somewhat special blend of different ones. First is searching for unique service proposals / adjusting our course to a blue ocean where is no competition. The second is following global trends in the hosting industry. 3rd is action-based on feedback from current clients. And we are always keeping ROI in mind / grounded in doing business.

Our daily office routine is not dull by any means; we always share lunch together, organize gaming tournaments at weekends, take an active part in sports events (yachting) and even share news and ideas in a specially dedicated channel. A chill pill is something we take on a regular basis.



Let’s talk about the products and services that your company is offering. Can you tell us in detail about them?

Customization is something we do the unique way – 100% client orientated. Custom solutions and inexpensive channels are available at both dedicated servers and VPS. Importantly, we are able to offer a high degree of customization throughout nearly all of our products and services, involving the profound expertise of our professional technical team.

Our fleet of offshore dedicated servers is genuinely diverse: servers in Ukraine, Netherlands Dedicated Servers, 10Gbps Servers, Streaming Servers, Data Storage Servers & GPU Servers. All our services are backed up by server monitoring & DDoS attack protection, which are available 24/7/365. Please bear in mind that we provide standard and customized dedicated servers with an option to manage them. The most demanded service is offshore VPS hosting: EPIC VPS configurations match the performance of bare metal servers & SSD VPS offers bargain prices. The bandwidth we provide is probably the cheapest on the market, whereas its caliber is there to impress.

Last but not least to mention is VSYS Private Cloud, aimed to provide our clients with highly reliable, exceptionally productive, and rock-solid secure IT infrastructure. Importantly, our Private Cloud is working in conjunction with Kubernetes. We strongly recommend you try a combination employing the flexibility of the cloud with the dedicated server’s performance and get complete isolation of your cloud infrastructure. The streaming platform is something also worth paying attention to.


Most of the customers are interested in the speed, security, and backup of data. How are you handling that part?

We’ve got a rather adequate market-sufficient 1,5 terabyte of external channels along with separate ones dedicated to DDOS protection (those are separated from the main channels). Our numerous engineers are working simultaneously literally 24/7, actively monitoring server soft & hardware, network equipment, providing professional customer and technical support, and anything else requiring their care.


Using the latest technology is very important to be on the top. What are the newest technologies that are speculated to enter the hosting market in the following period?

We use the highest possible degree of our workflow automatization – instant deployment of dedicated servers in stock, and automatic network routes optimization make us stand out from the crowd. In contrast, Cloud Solutions & Kubernetes, further extended by soon-coming CDN & existing Streaming solutions in our portfolio, really makes us highly competitive in the contemporary market, well ahead of our rivals.



When going through your website, we noticed that you are offering a “reseller partnership”. Can you tell us more about it?

We provide a straightforward opportunity to become our partner and resell our services: no hidden conditions or unpleasant surprises but a transparent, friendly working atmosphere.

In fact, many of our existing partners have already utilized this great opportunity. Whereas we are always open to new connections and mutually profitable relationships.


A company needs to be prepared for sudden spikes of traffic. How do you handle this part?

It is our policy that we do not allow for any surprises maintaining significant reserves at all times. Technically speaking, the last peak should be less than 75% of the most loaded uplink. In case it does, we expand those uplinks. Simple as that.


What are the main things that Virtual Systems is different from the competition?

  1. Customized solutions for dedicated servers, and VPS.
  2. The cheapest bandwidth in the niche.
  3. Top technical specialists are prepared to walk that extra mile for the customer.

Last but not least, our cloud solutions and products are more affordable and often cheaper, matching those in the market.

Offshore hosting remains the most potent attraction for customers. Numerous perks associated with hosting in offshore locations, such as anonymity, bitcoin, and other crypto payments acceptance, and a more permissive content policy, are pretty popular. With superior technical assistance, high-performance hardware, and network uptime, VSYS exceeds clients’ expectations for offshore hosting.


What are the plans for for the next 12 months?

Talking of aims and goals, we’ve got plenty to handle very shortly:

  1. New Data Center in the United States.
  2. CDN release within the nearest time.
  3. This is to be followed by a highly prospective release of a new open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.

Undoubtedly, new ideas should cross our minds regularly, whereas maintaining the highest possible level of quality and customer service remains our priority.

Indeed, we re-direct a portion of our profits to help our army and probably will maintain this way, after the war, helping those in need.


Would you like to share anything else with our readers that you seem important about your products and services, or the web hosting industry?

We are genuinely dedicated to business at all levels. Even though we are not as large as DO or Hetzner, this allows us to be more flexible and fulfill customized requests. Hence, our personalized approach and attitude motivate our customers to stay with us longer and happier.

There is no need to comment on recent events in Ukraine, but those turbulent times have not intervened in our work, whereas our specialists selflessly continued to work.

The fighting was accompanied by the digging of trenches and embankments, which constantly interrupted the optic cables. Despite this, our backup channels saved us. Please note that we have not experienced even a single shutdown during all that crazy time.

The great news is that now Kyiv and our servers are under the protection of one of the strongest armies in the world. 100% of our staff returned to work. Most fiber optics have already been fixed and connected with brand new ones. Therefore, there will be no even short-term derogations of the service when switching to backup!

In light of the above, we’d like to highlight that our specialists work under any conditions and in absolutely any circumstances. Our guarantee of failure-less server work is not just words but verified by extreme real-life experience.

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