HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Carlos of Servycompu Hosting

Hosting services and products have evolved over the years, and many web hosting companies have introduced new technologies to their customers.

This time we are speaking with Mr. Carlos from Servycompu.

Let’s tune in and see what new things we can learn today.

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Can you tell us about the foundation of Servycompu?

Servycompu International was born in June 2003 as a personal initiative, as a result of the many difficulties that people or small companies had at that time to be able to view themselves on the internet due to the high costs charged. The idea was that Serycompu would be able to provide the same services but at a better price.


Where are your offices situated, and how many employees do you have?

We are located in San José Costa Rica, we currently have around 10 employees


What are your main products and services?

The two main products are Domain Registration and Web Hosting.


Where are your data centers based?

Four years ago we moved to work with Google’s data centers.


Can you tell us more about Pop3 Email Hosting?

POP3 mail hosting allows a user to only contract the mail service without the need for hosting. It has access via client software such as Outlook, but also via webmail.

We have accounts with space of 10, 25 and 50 GB.

Business-grade email but don’t need the bells, whistles, and high price of solutions like Gsuite.

The service is continually updated to provide the latest protection against viruses and spam. It is a secure and sophisticated service that protects your reputation and that of your clients. Spam settings are static, but there are advanced filters you can add, such as allow/block sender lists.


What about your DNS hosting plans?

DNS storage ensures that a website opens quickly, is accessible 24/7, and remains secure. Our DNS hosting Helps you avoid lost sales or opportunities due to downtime.

The customer can Manage the A, CName, MX and TXT/SPF records, at no additional cost, as well as perform updates with just a few clicks.


What are the three things a startup should focus on when choosing web hosting?

First you should look at the ease of use, then the price and last but not least, having the total administration of the hosting and not giving it to a third party who will administer it, because at a certain point if the relationship is broken it can give you a headache. to be able to access it, since if you contract a hosting service through a third party, the hosting company cannot give you information because it is not the one with whom you contract the service.


How important are customer service and customer satisfaction to Servycompu?

Very important, it is what we strive for the most, we try to provide personalized, prompt, efficient and effective customer service. We follow up on all queries until we are sure that the client has obtained the answer or solution they were looking for.

A satisfied customer assures us of another customer.


Where do you see Servycompu as a company five years from now?

The current competition is tough, but we hope to continue providing an excellent service at the lowest cost to give opportunity to those small entrepreneurs, who as a freelance company or individual need a window to the internet.


Do you have anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Always take a good look at the quality of customer service and response by companies, I don’t know they are left only with the price, a very low price is useless if you need an answer there is no one to give it.

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