HostAdvice Speaks to HostArmada – An Interview with Bodgan Toshev on Web Hosting Challenges and Adapting to the Changes in the Industry

HostAdvice Speaks to HostArmada – An Interview with Bodgan Toshev on Web Hosting Challenges and Adapting to the Changes in the Industry

HostAdvice had an opportunity to speak with Bodgan Toshev, Sales Manager for HostArmada.
In the interview, he discusses the web hosting challenges and the ways of adapting to changes
in the industry. He also discusses the challenges

faces during the pandemic.

HostAdvice: Hi Bodgan, thanks for joining us. Tell us a bit about HostArmada. How did you get started?

Bodgan: We started HostArmada in November 2019. So, we are going to celebrate our first birthday really soon. Initially, we noticed that there were some opportunities that were not capitalized on in our former companies. So, we decided to find an investor and start HostArmada.
HostArmada is a product of highly experienced and visionary professionals in the web hosting industry. The goal of the company is to provide a fast, secure, and reliable web hosting service.
By offering premium features at an affordable price, we deliver the best solution to businesses of all budgets around the globe.
Right now, we have three types of services:


 hosting and

All of them are fully managed. So, you don’t have to worry about handling setup,
administration, and management. We deal with everything.

HostAdvice: The web hosting industry is very competitive. There are a lot of competitors. What makes your company stand out from the crowd?

Bodgan: We have decided not to be greedy with our plans. Instead, we focus on offering a highly reliable service at a significantly lower starting price than our competitors. Our sign up and renewal prices are really low.
Maintaining transparency is really important in the market of web hosting. We are very transparent with the user resources. Unlike other hosting providers, we are staying away from advertising unlimited resources. Ensuring moral practice is really significant for growing a business. That’s why we make sure that the resources are distributed fairly across the shared servers, so all the users enjoy an equally fast performance. We never want our customers to suffer from sluggish performance.
We are offering LiteSpeed without taking extra charge from our customers. On the other hand,
most of the hosting providers are not offering the solution. The companies supporting the technology always take additional charges from their customers. But we are not following the same way. Instead, we have made LiteSpeed free on our shared hosting plan.
Also, we offer secure shell access with our shared hosting solution. You will not find it in the same plan of most of the other providers.
We are offering a free Hosting Backup Service. The backup is not saved on the same server where your website is hosted. Instead, it is kept separately. So, if you face any emergency situation,
you can restore the data easily.

HostAdvice: VPS hosting solution has achieved massive popularity by offering each of the users with virtual dedicated resources at a relatively low price. With more hosting providers focusing on VPS, there is high competition. How do you stand out in this area?

Bodgan: We offer KVM virtualized

. Also, we provide the users with a WHM and 5
cPanels for free. The additional payment is applicable for more cPanels. Nonetheless, we believe that offering 5 cPanels for free will be very helpful for all the users. Also, the solution is fully managed. So, once we get the order, we optimize the VPS server based on the customer’s requirement.


The most important thing about HostArmada’s fully managed VPS solution is offering the service at half of the cost of the other companies, like GoDaddy and HostPapa. Despite the low cost, there is no compromise with the performance. We focus on delivering the best solution for our customers, rather than charging high and making profit for ourselves. We really want everyone to be benefited from our solution.

HostAdvice: Some of the things that matter most when it comes to web hosting is reliability and performance. What should the customers of HostArmada expect in terms of uptime and speed?

Bodgan: HostArmada offers a variety of tools and services to accelerate site performance. We offer

 platform for optimal read/write speeds and LiteSpeed cache for delivering lightning-fast connections. Also, we provide the latest AMD CPUs and cPanel. All these things enable your website to load at outstanding speed.
Also, we have 99.9% uptime guarantee. There are a lot of competitors who are claiming to offer the same uptime rate. But in reality, they can’t deliver. However, we are fulfilling our promise. Since HostArmada started in November 2019, customers have experienced almost no downtime.

HostAdvice: Quality customer support is another important factor that people seriously consider while choosing a web hosting provider. What kind of support should your customers expect?

Bodgan: HostArmada provides you with solid technical support like no other hosting company. We offer premium customer support for all of our users that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All the representatives of the team are highly responsive. They reply to your issues instantly over the live chat. There is no queue. Also, the average response time over a ticket is around
10-15 minutes. Moreover, phone support is available.
Our customer support team consists of highly experienced individuals. They have years of experience addressing the issues effectively and promptly. So, if you face any issue, you will always find a helping hand quickly.

HostAdvice: Moving from a web host to another can be pretty painful. How does HostArmada help customers who wish to migrate from another provider?

Bodgan: HostArmada is committed to making the website migration from other providers absolutely hassle-free. For every web hosting package, we have included the free website transfer option. So, you can migrate without any hassle.
Also, we go the extra mile by optimizing websites without taking any additional charge from the customers. Once it’s done, you will experience a noticeable difference in the overall performance. To prove the enhancement, we will provide you with a comparison between how
the website was performing with the previous provider and how it is performing with
HostArmada’s server.

HostAdvice: The web hosting industry changes constantly. The companies need to be very adaptive. What is your plan for adapting to the change and survive the intense competition in the future?

Bodgan: We know that the industry is very reactive, which is driven by developers and the applications of CMS. We always try to be among the first providers to react to the changes.
Implementing the latest technology in the web hosting solution is really important to survive the competition. So, updating everything to the newest version and delivering them to the customers quickly is our top priority.
In the future, we have a plan for creating an in-house development team, which will help our customers by taking care of their websites. There are only a few companies that offer the same solution. We want to join the same league.
You will see more companies entering into the web hosting industry in the future. So, the competition is going to be really tough. The only way to survive will be to adapt to the changes quickly, test everything, and deliver the updated solution timely while maintaining high reliability. This is our plan to grow the business.

HostAdvice: With the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses around the world are required to go online. Did you see a rise in the number of customers? What are the challenges that you face during the pandemic?

Bodgan: Yes, we saw the number of new customers rising in the first few weeks of the pandemic. We started receiving a significantly higher number of orders. I really don’t like the uncertainty and problems that the pandemic has created in our lives. However, I am keen to help the business around the globe to go online and survive during this tough time. I am really fortunate to get the opportunity to help them with our hosting solution.
HostArmada faces a number of challenges during the pandemic. The biggest one is working from home. Initially, improving the communication while not being physically present together was really difficult. Unlike normal times at the office, there is no whiteboard for brainstorming ideas and discussing things together. So, taking collective decisions is really challenging.
However, we are able to overcome it gradually by utilizing various tools and technologies.

HostAdvice: Finally, what advice would you give to the people looking for hosting solutions for their websites and web applications? What are the elements of a great hosting service?

Bodgan: Reliability and support are the most important elements of a great hosting service. You should always choose a hosting provider with professionals having years of experience in the industry. They can provide you with the necessary support quickly. It will make your life a lot easier. Also, make sure that the provider is offering the same uptime rate as promised in the

About HostArmada

HostArmada is an independently funded and privately owned web hosting company headquartered in Delaware, USA. It delivers a fast, secure and reliable hosting service at a relatively lower price. Right now, it offers three solutions: shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. The

starts at $2.69/month and


start at $41.21 and $149 respectively.

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