HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Ioritz Pernas of AtresHost

We have the honor to speak with Mr. Ioritz Pernas from AtresHost and learn more about their experience in the hosting industry.

Read this article and learn more about the products and services that AtresHost offers.

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What is the story behind AtresHost? Where did it all start?

The germ of AtresHost began in 2017.

At that time, I managed a small web design business, which also provided web hosting to customers through a reseller plan through a well-known hosting company.

Seeing the limitations that were imposed on the use of services, I considered offering a quality web hosting service directly to my customers and so, in 2018, I started working to develop and launch AtresHost.


What were the challenges that you were facing at the beginning? How did you overcome them? What was the best thing you learned from these challenges?

There have been many difficulties at the beginning (as in any other business).

I think the most complicated thing was to choose the right business model for AtresHost and to be able to transmit that model to the clients.

In the beginning, it was difficult to explain to customers that

did not limit resources and that they could grow their websites with peace of mind in a shared hosting without fear of seeing their accounts suspended. The clients always asked about the limits of the service.

Today everything works more naturally, we have created our own model that is well explained and easy to understand, which has taught us to communicate better with our clients.


What are the markets that you are present in at the moment?

AtresHost is currently present in practically all markets, the most important for us being America and Europe.


What are the top products and services that you are offering at the moment?

Our main products continue to be shared hosting and multi-tier reseller services. Over the years we have been adding more services, such as Radio Streaming service, VPS servers…


We noticed you are offering radio streaming. Can you tell us more about it?

Our streaming radio system is based on one of the best radio control panels available on the market.

We offer a quality service at very competitive prices.


For most customers, backup and security are very important factors when choosing a web hosting provider? How are you handling that part? Do you offer automatic backup and how often is it performed?

Our backup service works through cPanel’s own backups application and through Jetbackup.

With Jetbackup, we offer the customer a weekly full backup to external servers for added security.

Regarding the cPanel backup application, we offer our clients the possibility of performing backups at any time manually in case of any eventuality they may have.


Are there any products and technologies are you planning to introduce to your customers in the following period?

Of course. We have recently launched our own multi-level reseller plugin for WHM/cPanel called “OrbisReseller” to manage up to 5 reseller levels (of Reseller level to Mega Super Alpha Reseller level).

For the future we are working on launching a complete service of design and development of web pages, online stores… and later on, complement the VPS service with the launch of dedicated servers.


What is your opinion about cryptocurrencies and their influence on the hosting industry?  Do you have a plan to include crypto as a payment method in your company?

I believe that cryptocurrencies will be very important in the future for day-to-day payments, but for now, the cryptocurrency market is very unstable and still has a lot of maturing and stabilizing to do.

At AtresHost we are always studying new technologies and payment methods and we are studying the possibility of accepting payment with cryptocurrencies in the future.


What are your plans for 2022?

Consolidate the great growth that AtresHost has experienced in the last 2 years and continue offering our customers the best possible service.


What advice would you give to a customer about picking the right hosting company?

I would recommend not to look only at the price of the services and to avoid cheap or free services.

When choosing a hosting company, the important thing is to see what activity it has; its web page, social networks…, what services it offers, availability guarantee, if the price is in accordance with the advertised features, if it uses legal software to offer its services, what help guides or tutorials it has…

We live in a time in which pirates have massively entered the industry, offering illegal licenses of all kinds and not only that, now they are also dedicated to offer hosting and reseller services at ridiculously low prices with pirated cPanel licenses and this must be explained to customers.

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